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Tuesday April 7, 2020

Dear Community, Friends and Acquaintances,

First, let me Thank You for your patience in receiving this long-awaited report that I view as the most important document that I published so far, and the most consequential one toward bringing closure to this multi-families created catastrophe. A closure to be achieved through my initiative for peaceful resolution presented below, or through the less desirable option of social apocalypse, as also explained below.

But I will open with the announcement of a landmark achievement on the path of peaceful resolution that leaves a door open for all those involved in this drama to exit in a peaceful way. A positive achievement that was not of my doing, nor of the script writers of this drama. The credit for it goes to the community, and specifically to one of its members who took the initiative to lay down the first stone. A big one that also validates my decision to share my story, as this achievement would not have been possible if I had internalized my problems to suffocate me.

MOST IMPORTANT: It is essential that you read this report to the end. Or you will have missed the whole purpose of the presentation, as I will tactically walk you down the different stages that culminate to a climaxing ending. And along the way, you will be pleasantly surprised at what community insolvent can accomplish. Finally, once you've reached the end, you'll also understand why it took me 3 weeks to prepare this report for you, and why your complete attention from beginning to end is important to me. May I also suggest reading it on a larger screen than a cell phone.

Having said all that, let me start with this heart-warming good Samaritan story that will prove to everyone:

"If someone has the will to reach for peace, then there will be a good Samaritan from the community ready to help him/her find the way to that peace.

You can read report online at: www.theclaudes.com/peace


It all began with a phone call and a simple invitation for a drink


A few weeks ago, I had received a phone call and an invitation from a community acquaintance who became troubled at the new direction that this drama was heading So he decided swing into action, and got INVOLVED to become a Good Samaritan.

NOTE: I capitalized the word INVOLVED to show certain people that INVOLVEMENT is bad only when used to divide, as in the case of a marriage. But that INVOLVEMENT is positive when used to build and unite, as in the case of this heart-warming story.


Now, upon receiving his call, we engaged in a conversation during which he expressed everyone's feelings that it was about time that I rejoin the social scene to resume my activities, and not to let these issues push me into seclusion. With that he invited me to join him for a drink and to talk business at Brasserie Creole during its weekly Sunday evening of jazz, which had become a popular gathering time for friends in the community.


So I welcomed the invitation which we scheduled for the following Sunday March 8. But since I no longer have a car, with Marline still not telling me what happened to my Benz, he agreed to pick me up at home.



Early that Sunday afternoon, he called to confirm that we were still on for 6PM, the time he punctually arrived at my door. Now, as he drove around taking care of some errands before heading to Brasserie Creole, we got into some serious discussion on this drama that is now the talk of the town. At some point, I felt at ease to share with him information that I have never divulged to anyone else to show him that this campaign of hate, jealousy and division goes much deeper, and is even more sinister than my public writings have projected.


In the end, he asked me 'What outcome was I looking for, and what needs to happen to bring a resolution & closure to this drama?'. Well, the answer was not simple, as the issues are many, involving many people. So a resolution would require everyone's unwillingness to address the issues that cannot be left unanswered. For example:

  1. The issues of my own family engaging in a secret plot against my marriage, then making me enemy #1 with no justification. All leading to the downfall of this family, as my sister and family elder Liliane Claude, allowed her daughter Johanne Dupiton to run wild and drive our family into disgrace. These are loaded issues that must be addressed before peace can be achieved.

  2. Then the issue of a wife in denial who still can't face the fact that she was driven to break her marriage out of jealousy, then pushed into a life of lies that I am forced to refute, thus staining her image. Then as the central figure in this drama, it's time that he shakes off the brainwashing from her sister and my niece Johanne Dupiton to deal with the truth, the mess they created for her, and our remaining personal matters, like all my possessions, investments, car etc. they have her keep hostage in her home.

  3. There is also the matter of my Mith in-laws. A family with its own version of Doc Dupiton in Psychotherapist Joelle Mith-Joseph. And just like my family that refuses to be accountable for the damages done by Doc Dupiton, the Mith family won't take responsibility for Joelle igniting this drama with her cruel "Assault & Punch Tiffany" lie. And as the ones who exerted the most pressure on Marline with the help of girlfriend Rachel Berthoumieux, they are responsible for Marline falling into the Dupiton trap of ultra-feminist indoctrination.

  4. Then the most serious issue of my daughter whose mind they poisoned against me for use in their anti-marriage conspiracies. A daughter I never once had a problem with, and who I have not seen or spoken to in over 3 years. Something that I view as crossing the red line, and for which I will go to extreme measures to get answers and rectification.

Well by that time in the conversation, we had reached our destination, parked the car and entered Brasserie Creole to the sound of jazz by Eddy Brissaux & his band. After the initial round of handshakes, hugs and high-fives with people happy to see me, we took a seat across the bar with my back to the entrance.



So as we enjoyed the show, chatting with old friends, having a great time, this lady walked by and started to talk to my friend whose name is Jacques. As I looked up at her, I said to myself "This face looks familiar to me".
Then I looked again and said "She looks just like my daughter who I have not seen in years".
Then as I kept looking, I said in shock "Darn, this is Tanisha".


Upon that shocking realization, I got a hold of myself and said:

"Oh well, if she thinks that after all these years that I am going jump up and start talking to her just because she happened to stumble on me at Brasserie Creole, she don't know her father"


So I just put my head down, as I asked myself "Where the hell does she know Jacques anyway?". Then I watched her walk around our table, sat next to me, and wrapped her arms around my neck with a big smile, and said with a big kiss "Hi Dad".

So wondering what the heck is going on here, I looked at Jacques. And when I noticed a smile on his face, I realized that I was taken. So I told him: "You Mother F...r. Did you set up that whole thing?". So I looked back at my daughter still smiling, looking prettier than ever.


At that moment I got overcome with emotion, put my hand over my face, as I felt tears ready to come out. Then we got into a long big hug, after which I turned to Jacques and told him

 "Mr. Jacques Ceran, as of today, I pronounce you an honorary brother of mine. You just did what my family members could have done long ago. You are a true brother. Thank You."


For the rest of the evening, we ate, drank, laughed and danced. Oh BTW: Jacques picked up the tab also.


After a couple of hours reunited, it was time for her to go home and get ready to start her work week as an I.T. Program Manager. So I again thanked Jacques and told him:

"Thanks again Jacques. You don't have to worry about the ride back, my daughter will take me home".


Arriving home, I invited her inside for a quick tour of Dad's new apartment. The first and only person in my family to know where I live, and who has been inside my new home located within a decent walking distance of Brasserie Creole, sister Roselyne Balmir's house and, oh well, Camkids Pediatrics. So I can no longer get arrested for walking down Camkids Blvd. OOPS, I meant Linden Blvd.


So, as far I was I am concerned, all was forgiven with my daughter. She was back, closing the most important chapter of this drama for me. But what's most significant is the fact that, as the youngest person caught in this drama, she has set the example for all her elders to follow, and sow them how family issues are resolved, and the police is not included.



Well, there is more for me to say about this surprise reunion, and where we go from there. But before that, let me share with you some important messages I sent to my family and Marline's family to share the great news



Hello Families


I am sharing with you this text that I just sent to a friend and community member Jacques Ceran. The significance of which, will be obvious to you after you read the what I wrote and sent to him.


 I followed up with 2 more text messages to the families

Good Day Families  6


Today I want to follow up with some positively motivated text messages that will also serve as the framework for my next publication, reporting good news to the community for a change, and proving the saying that often, “THE END JUSTIFIES THE MEANS”.

Below is a picture of the reply I received from my friend to my 'Thank You' message for his initiative that gave me back my daughter. So, please read what he wrote first, and I will comment after.


I must stress that beside a personal gratification, this reconciliation has removed one leg from this 4-legged drama, thus eliminating a major obstacle to full resolution.


In that light, you have observed in Jacque's reply the use of positive keywords of RESPECT, PEACE, FAMILY, BROTHERLY LOVE, Etc.’ All positive words that I have promoted in my writings, but that did not produce any positive effect with the families.


However, those words did touch and motivated many in the community who reacted with encouraging words, moral support, payers, all the way to the full involvement that reunited me with my daughter. Therefore discrediting those in the families who referred to my publications as “Sh*t, BS, or Harassment to be reported to the police’.


And as I carried my heavy cross of adversities with dignity, I still continued to write to you about truth, respect, family values, and communication. Because if I had given to the instinct of returning hate with hate, an eye for an eye, and insults with more insults, it would not have resulted in this positive outcome with my daughter. That is why I always live according to Michelle Obama's words, "When they go LOW, Jean Claude stay HIGH"


Now with this positive end result, positive community support, positive feedback on my writings, the positive reply above from a non-family member, I hope that all this positivity will somehow rub-off on those family naysayers.

So with that, stand by for my next message: "WORDS TO MY DAUGHTER"



Hi Tanisha,

While we have not yet spoken since your fantastic surprise the other day, I have been joyfully reflecting on the significance of that moment.


I always had faith that you’d come to realize how precious a daughter is to a father, and that the unique bond formed in creating a new life is unbreakable. Therefore any threat from anyone, specifically from women viewing the male father bond as inferior, will be met with extreme measures. And in our case, my extreme measure was in reaching out for community support through my writings, that in turn motivated another father to stand up and answer the call. So here we are today reunified.


However, while my friend hopes that our success will carry over to families, we also know that it takes two to Tango. And that dance would get even more challenging when it’s to the song titled ‘Truth & Honesty’.


But what made our dance go so smoothly, was your decision to stand up and take the lead. Then with me being a dance partner who was predisposition to tango, it all went smoothly.


In fact, it went so smooth that the answers to my questions on ‘Who, Why & What was done to my daughter ' are no longer relevant, and are now past history.


Even the 30+ years old skeleton that I was forced to revive in my defense, is now back in its coffin & on the way to final cremation. with the hope that it will also reconcile the 30+ years of peaceful rapport with your mother who was also tricked into this drama with the false promise of a delayed Karma. One that went along with Marline being tricked into the false promise of an ex-wives club with your mom.


Now, as I previously stated, our reunification eliminated one leg of this 4-legged multi-families and outsiders drama. So it is hard to envision any smooth dance with those avoiding communication, and who had rejected prior peace initiatives.


And as to the flexibility of the other 3 problem legs to join the dance, I will say that:

- One leg is bendable,

- One leg is hardwood.

- The last leg is cast iron rigid.


But as you opened the door to resolution, we’ll see who will attempt to bend to walk through that door, and who will let it close behind you. Thus forcing me into extreme measures to deal with the family disgrace and the stain on your grandmother’s legacy.


But I hope that your decision, as the youngest to take a leadership role, will motivate your elders to leave hate and divisiveness behind.


Talk to you soon.





 Let me start this section by first expressing my dismay at the reaction received from family members to the above message on this great news of father/daughter reconciliation on the initiative of a good Samaritan from the community. Not one person said one word, or even acknowledged seeing the above messages. Something that I view as a confirmation that their joy comes from division, not reunification.


In fact, it is standard reaction that I have long observed in this family whenever faced with something good and positive. And it's due to a condition that I previously diagnosed as an infection by the dreaded virus called "The Good-Stuff Allergy". A rare virus that has an affinity for haters, and is based on a scientific formula that says of those infected:

"Anything Good, Humane or Godly", is to them, "What a Cross is to a Vampire".


So my messages of reconciliation had that exact effect on them. In fact, they had also injected my daughter with that bug. But Thanks to God, she developed the antibody, and cured herself. Maybe there is hope for others with a Tanisha vaccine. So let's see:



Now, with my daughter's successful elimination of her leg of issues, she also created the opportunity for a greater peace by leaving a door open for others to walk through and bring closure to their legs of issues on this conflict that stood on 4 legs, that I described as:

The instigators legs made of those who started, executed, and continued to keep the drama alive. Then the victims legs of those coerced into siding with the instigators to become their victims.




As you've already learned from the good Samaritan story above, this problem leg has resolved itself in a happy ending.

After being subjected to mind poisoning against her father, and dragged into the Claude/Dupiton anti-marriage conspiracies, she cured herself, got her father back, and snapped off her leg of issues.


So that's 1 leg down, 3 legs to go. The legs that I had referred to as 'Bendable, Hardwood and Cast Iron', based on their level of flexibility to join he dance of peace


Therefore, let's go to Problem Leg #2




A victim who was forced into ruining her marriage, then brainwashed to view her husband as the enemy, and the worst husband a woman can have. However, it is a leg that I view as 'Bendable', because it is the next easy one that can be resolved if Marline can find the will to be flexible and follow Tanisha's example. Specially since the 2 of them have many things in common as victims of this drama. Such as:

  • BOTH are/were similarly coerced, used and victimized in this campaign to create division.

  • BOTH are/were forced into becoming big losers. One lost a husband, the other had lost a father.

  • BOTH are the ONLY women from both families in this drama who are unmarried and not a "Mrs."

  • BOTH used to say "I Love You" o the same Elie man.

  • BOTH carried the Elie name that was targeted for eradication. An eradication plan that will be fully presented in the most crucial presentation section at the end. (So be sure to keep reading to that climaxing end)

  • BOTH consequently still like each other.

Now, if my daughter who is decades younger can stand up and decide to remove herself as a problem leg, then there is nothing keeping Marline from standing up and do the same without the influence of a controlling sister, daughter, girlfriend, or a Mad Doc from my family. And most important, this is not for a return to the marriage, but simply for the benefit of peace.

Answer to the Picture Quiz:

now if you had received the 'picture quiz' with 3 faces to identify, here come the answers.


Since it is physically impossible for any structure, table, or chair to stand on 2 legs, If Marline follows Tanisha's lead, and also removes herself as a victim leg, not only will there be no more Elie victims to fuel anyone's animosities, but the conflict, unable to stand on 2 legs, will start to crumble of its own weight.


In that light let me address Marline to give her an even more powerful reason for her to resolve her leg, using her own words relating to my daughter.

So Marline,

If you remember the comment below you wrote to me about my daughter, it was one that I complained about many times. But ironically today, some of your same words (circled in yellow) should motivate you to do what Tanisha did. You wrote:


Well, now that Tanisha is back, she is no longer a 'wrong lady'. And just as you wrote, she did "what she wants when she wants". Except that she also applied the values she was taught, by doing "What was right, when the time was right". She made peace at a time of war. Furthermore, and just as you said/ "No one forced her to do it". It was her own decision, and that makes me proud.


 So the question to you is: "CAN YOU DO THE SAME?

 The answer is: "YES, YOU CAN!.


All it takes is the will. And once you have the will to find peace, there may be another Good Samaritan from the community ready to help you find the way. Then you and Tanisha will no longer be "the wrong ladies that I got".


So prove yourself right.


So, let's wish for Marline to find the will to do what is right. And on that, I have another massage for her further down.


Now, let's go to the 2 instigator legs




This is the leg that I view as 'Hardwood'. Because it is harder to flex in the direction of peace under the grip of Marline's sister Joelle Mith-Joseph, and with the men letting their overblown egos take over commonsense.

In addition, while not a member of that family, I associate my wife's girlfriend Rachel Berthoumieux with that leg as an outside instigator


Now, the Mith have a lot more to gain by encouraging Marline to follow the path of peace, rather than for them continue focusing on disliking Jean-Claude who did nothing to them. Because n the end, they mostly succeeded in victimizing their own Marline by pressuring her to break her marriage. A pressure that Marline fought against for years as her family ignored her pleas that she was happy and that her husband did nothing to her or anyone. Something that is evident in the way that her family totally ignored what she wrote to them in a poignant letter in which she told them.

I Married Jean Claude because I love him.... He is a good man, a caring husband, giving, and lots of fun... a proud man, worked hard for what he has... When we marry we become one.. Etc. Etc.

So let me directly ask the Mith family these questions that I've asked before.

- Why were these honest and pleading words from your sister and niece ignored?

- Why were Joelle's divisive & untrue words blindly taken as the bible over Marline's?

- Why were Marline's daughter Tiffany's words given more weight than her mother's?

- Putting aside Joelle's fibs, Can you point to ONE (1) thing that you personally know that Jean Claude Elie did to his wife, her children or anyone in her family?


Now I don't need the answers. These questions are for you to answer among yourselves. But I can tell now that you will have no answers, because none exist. .And if you can find ONE, send it to me and I will publish it.


But I can also tell you that the reason no answers exist is because:

  •  Just as my family has its troublemaker Johanne, yours has its troublemaker Joelle.

  • Just as my Johanne victimized me, your Joelle victimized your Marline.

  • Just as my Johanne used my daughter, your Joelle used Marline's daughter.

  • Thus explaining why both our families have exhibited abnormal behaviors with no answers.

But the big difference between us, is that I stood up as the man of my family against our divisive Doc Dupiton, while the Mith men bow to Joelle's control..


But since it's never too late to do right, the Mith should redirect their focus from me to what's best for Marline and become a positive force contributing to the cause of peace by removing themselves and Marline as problem legs. Therefore leaving the Claude & Dupiton alone, trying to support this heavy load of drama standing one leg, and looking for a way out.

So I wish the Mith family a successful resolution of its leg of issues.


And now, let's move to the most challenging 4th leg in the resolution on this drama. The Claude/Dupiton cast iron leg.




Now, this is the point where I planned to present my Major Proposal that is centered around my family, as this Claude/Dupiton will most likely present the biggest roadblock to the peaceful closure of this drama.


 But before I do, it is important that I first share some information about me, for you to understand why I do what I do, and take the stand that I take against injustice & and the immorality infused into this family, and against outsiders leveling disrespect and vulgarities on a member of my family, as was leveled on me. Because I also view these act , as insults to my late mother's and to her legacy. A mother who built this family through sacrifices, and who molded me into the person I am through discipline, respect and education. All values I've witnessed drag through the mud by her own family members.


Even more important, this short presentation before the Major one, will give you an understanding as to why it is, that in spite of all the ugliness, cruelties and disrespect I was subjected to, I can still stand as the Bigger Man to offer a peace proposal to those who did me so much wrong in order to avoid the 'Nuclear Option''


So let's go into this personal story which is a shot version of a prior publication, but with new info necessary to appreciate the important & climaxing and Major Proposal that follows,



You may have observed that I often make reference to my late mother in my reports, and specially when addressing members of my family. And there are many significant reasons for that. A few of which I will mention here to give you a greater appreciation for this report, and realize the deeper meaning of this catastrophe that goes way beyond the marriage break up, contrary to what many still think.


As the saying goes, 'one must know your history, where you came from, and how you came to be who you are', or you will deviate on the wrong path and commit major errors in life. And unfortunately, this is the case of my family engaging in morally self-destructive behaviors, and adopting mentalities that are totally uncharacteristic and disgraceful of the family that used to be.


 A family that has forgotten the sacrifices made by our matriarch in building her family on a solid foundation of discipline, respect and character. A family that, in my 6 decades on the planet, I had NEVER ONCE heard the words hate, eviction, police, crazy, mental etc. And hell would freeze before anyone thought of disrespecting an elder, whether a parent, an uncle, or even a stranger. A family that never threw anyone to the streets or called a member to court. And the evils of jealousy and greed never dared come close.

Then comes a baby niece whose diapers I used to change, thinking that an MD. is a badge of superiority that makes her a Queen Cleopatra who must be happier, have more, and live better than the rest, to the point that an uncle living in Jamaica Estates drove her up the wall. Well, I could go on and on, but you got the picture,


So, let me explain why all these are intolerable to me as the son my mother left behind



As a single mother in Haiti, she raised 2 daughters and a son working as a school teacher and a seamstress. And as her only son, she instilled in me at a very young age the values of character and education so that Claudy the boy would become Jean-Claude Elie, the man deserving the respect of all. Then with her mission accomplished, she left this world in peace, knowing that the respect he gains from others will be the fruit of her sacrifices.


So during my adult years, I committed myself to live by her values, teachings and to earn that respect in my personal, professional and social life. However, upon my marriage to Marline Mith, this earned respect that I enjoyed for decades and my marriage became under assault by ill-motivated and jealousy-driven women within, and outside the family. Assaults that I overcame thanks to my mother who had prepared me with the right tools for battle against the haters of the world.

So let me present you a quick summary of how my mother molded me into this person.


As a Toddler:

For my early education in Haiti, she stretched herself to give me the best start with private Catholic school education at 'Seminaire', in company of the children of upper class families. Often, I'd come home with a note about unpaid tuition. So she'd work late into the nights, sewing one more dress to catch up on the payments. With that, I successfully completed elementary, and started secondary studies at that school, before moving to the US.


As a teenager

Upon moving to NY to live with my sister Roselyne Balmir, her husband and my mother in in their Cambria Heights home, I remember our first conversation as if it was yesterday.

- She asked me "Now that you are here, what are your plans?".

 - My response was: "I hear how tough it is in the US. So I want to help the family".

- She firmly replied: "NO!, NO You are here to go to college and become an Engineer as you always said"


Now, with me being a shy teenager in the big city, and not speaking one word of English, my brother in law suggested that I was not yet material for the tough US college studies. So he recommended that I attend a trade school and consider college later. That sounded fine to me, so I said OK.


Soon after, my mother called me on the side and said firmly: "Gadé Claudy, pa kité moun diw'w ou paka al nan college. Se nan college ou pralé pou ou vin ingenyè. Mwen fin palé".
(Don't let anyone tell you that you are not smart enough for college. You are going to college to become an engineer. That's final)


Mom had spoken. So while doing one required semester in HS, I caught the attention of an older lady teacher who got in contact with my mother & sister Roselyne to help me apply for college with my still limited English. And upon HS graduation, 6 months after entering he US, I was admitted to 2 colleges, and opted for the Pre-Engineering program at Queensboro College. Then transferred to City College for a Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering, with my mother making sure I stayed on track, and financial support from my sister Roselyne Balmir.


Upon graduating, I had a hard time finding employment in the field. Then Bridgeport University contacted me with an offer as an Engineering Tutor in exchange of free tuition, room & board toward my Masters Degree.


Well/ after all these years studying, I wanted to make some money & have some fun, not go back in the books. So I told mom that "I was going to take a break, get a temporary job until something comes up in engineering & later consider going for my masters."


My mother quickly jumped on me and said . "Ou pa byen nan tèt ou? (Are you crazy?)/ You get a chance to get your masters for free, and you want get some job? Over my dead body. You're going to Bridgeport Univ. to get your Masters.


Well, I was mad as hell. I wanted to have some money & have fun. But getting mad was my business. As Haitians would say, 'Ou faché nan kanson'w'. Mom had spoken.


But soon after, I received a letter and an offer from E. I. DuPont Co. for a great Engineering position in NJ, with a tuition reimbursement plan toward a Masters degree after 1 year of employment. My mother, sister and I celebrated the great news. Then on to NJ to start my career with a great job.


As a young adult

Now with money in my pocket, my large apartment in Wayne, NJ, no mom watching over me, and no more books. Life was good


 That was until I got a phone call from mother who asked me: "Claudy, It's been one year on the job., and now eligible for tuition reimbursement. So did you register for your Masters Degree yet?.

Wow, I said! Obviously I had not even thought about it. So I said "I am working on it". The next day I got on the ball and 6 months later, I was driving 3 nights a week after work to New Jersey Institute of Technology in Newark to pick up on my studies. Then a few years later, I graduated with a Mechanical Engineering Masters Degree in Machine Design.


Then I started to go up the ladder from project Engineer, to senior Engineer to management as Engineering Department Manager, all the way to Director of Operations & Engineering at 2 other companies.


That is when I took my sister Roselyne's son Frantz Balmir under my wings from a bank teller Job where he was wasting his new engineering degree, and into 2 consecutive lifetime career positions in Engineering. Something he will thank me for decades later in 2018 when he got hired by Doc Dupiton to evict me from his mother/my sister Roselyne's house who is afflicted by Alzheimer with no clue of the disgrace her sons were bringing to her house where our mother had taken her last breath years before. So lets jump to that year.


Then in 2005,we said good bye to her, as our maker concluded that her responsibilities on the planet were successfully achieved; and called on her to come home. So she left her son as the elder male and official patriarch of her family, who then took responsibility to look after her legacy.


Then came the time for my last big decision in life. The decision to settle down for my old age. B but after 2 prior divorcés when I invested a lot, and lost everything, I became very skeptical and untrusting of women. And while I met many good candidates, I would always find signs of trouble. Because making one more bad choice at that stage of my life would be devastating.


Then came Marline back in the picture to make the decision easy for me. After all, who else could be a more perfect choice for wife than the woman I've known for 18 years, previously dated for 5 years, never saw a flaw in her, and who I believed back then would make a perfect wife. The Marline I called her 'My Queen' and who called me 'My honey', as we were soul mates. But the only worrisome sign that made me decline her wish to be married the first time, was the unruliness of her young children, specially her daughter Tiffany, who I knew would conflict with the discipline and respect I was raised with, and would expect in any Elie home. So based on that, marriage was not an option at the time and we parted ways in totally friendly terms.


But now that the children had grown from adolescents to grown adults and college graduates, Marline truly became the perfect choice, as the only potential children problems of had dissipated with maturity. Or were they?


And I remembered that my late mother did like Marline, and would have approved. So much so that when I told sister Liliane Claude that Marline and I had reunited, sister Liliane went down on her knees, raised her arms toward heaven, and said these exact words. "Mom, your son is in good hands now". So what then happened with sister Liliane?


So without hesitation or looking back, I made Marline Mith into my better half as Marline Elie until death do us part..


By the time we got married, my RockMasters Marketing Business was going great and I had become a well-known and respected member of my community, receiving many recognition awards for community service, with few examples pictured below as evidence.

A level of achievement reached because of that last phone call from my mother demanding that I go for my Masters Degree. And because, even as a young adult, I took her advice and respected her commands.




And let's see why....

Please continue reading to Major Proposal at end 



So after reaching the above level of achievement, education from a solid upbringing that earned me maximum respect in my life, do you think I am going to stand for the level of disrespect and insults that I was about to receive from people who do not know me?. Nope!. And as evidence, let me give you a sample of those insults coming from sister in law Joelle referring to me as "Trash", then Rachel calling me 'Disturbed', and Tiffany referring to me as 'Insane' .


Now, once you're done with the shock of reading what I call "Insults of steroids", you will understand why I credit my mother for making me the BIGGER MAN' who can still extend the peace proposal that follows to those I should despise.


So, let me start with Marline's sister Joelle who gets top honors in the disrespect department as she blows off the top of the insult scale in letters to Marline and me. So here are some passages from these letters. The more you read them, the more shocking they get. So here we go with 'Joelle to Marline'.


This is in a reply to a letter from Marline

From: Joelle Mith-Joseph
To: Marline Elie


Hi Marline,

  • I was not going to respond to your e-mail , however when I noticed the time you sent it so early in the morning (AT 5:02AM) I realized you must have been in great distress.

  • Marline I suspect your dear husband Jean Claude probably influenced you in writing this "defend Jean Claude e-mail"

  • .Reading your e-mail provoked the feelings of reading the e-mail of an abused, brainwashed woman.

  • Jean Claude must feel in heaven for feeling he has succeeded in alienating you from our family so that he can have "better control" over you

  • Marline you said you are a strong woman. however I am not so sure anymore... you are perhaps unaware of the damages done to you by your dear husband.
    you said "he is a good man and a caring person", and that you are happy with him, you have fun with him and love him...good for you. However Jean Claude may have succeeded in fooling you but he knows he cannot fool others. 

  • This "good man" assaulted your daughter and you described it as an "accident". Jean Claude knew very well it was not, .just as his suspected abuses to you are not accidents.

  • Marline it may make you feel good to defend your husband, fine with me, but you do know "your real husband".

  • I know there is a "grandiose feeling" of having "RockMasters" as your husband as you parade in the Haitian community

  • Jean Claude may feel good about getting a desirable woman like you that other men wanted

  • he cannot "push himself on us" and telling us he has control over you and would not let you go anywhere without him. . this we cannot accept and you should not also.

  •  By the way, with regards to reportedly the job Jean Claude was assisting Tiffany to get; I agree with Tiffany... why should she trust him with her transcript.

  • By the way Marline, I did not open the attachment with Jean Claude's resume. In the psychiatric clinic where I work we have many patients with Ivy League education, graduates from Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Princeton, etc. with Law, medical and engineer degrees, and currently mentally ill and unable to work.
    Marline, we respect your decision to be with the man you said you love.. However, "
    we are all concerned about you" and praying for you.
    Love, Joelle

Obviously, these are the words of someone suffering from occupational hazards working with mental patients in that Queens hospital psychiatric clinic. In fact I think that she must be sitting on the wrong side of the mental examination desk at work.


But that ain't nothing yet. She decided to point her machine gun of insults at me. Check this out. Even if you read this before, it always makes for great reading. BTW: Note that she copied it to Marline's daughter, and not to Marline. How devious can one be? But enjoy!



From: Joelle Mith
To: jeanelie@aol.com <jean Claude Elie>
c: richardmith@aol.com; RDamally@aol.com; Tiffanyrose.charles@gmail.com
Jean Claude,

  • My family and I are all wondering "what did our Marline get herself into by marrying a psychotic alcoholic". You need help ASAP.

  • I and the others have put up with your insane behaviors for Marline's sake however you crossed the line recently WHEN YOU PUNCHED MY NIECE TIFFANY ON THE FACE AND TRIED TO CHOKE MY SISTER MARLINE…

  • You feel so inadequate that you cannot offer Marline much that you try to find someone to blame for your problems.

  •  You are delusional if you really want others to think your marriage is "great and solid". It is so great that you have been verbally and physically abusive to Marline

  • .Since you have nothing better to do you have made it your focus to try to destroy the good relationship Nicholas and Tiffany have with their mother. Everything was just fine until you came!


  • You are RockMasters with a VERY BAD reputation in the Haitian community. you know it. It is even true with the people who laugh with you!

  • One day Marline will wake up and evaluate your comment that "you are the best husband for her". Personally I think the evaluation already took place

  • Unlike your delusions "that Jean Claude is a nice guy", Nicholas and Tiffany are so fearful for the safety of their mother in the home with a psychotic alcoholic like you who offers Nothing to their mother

  • Get it to your thick alcoholic head I do not want you to use our mother's car. MY mother's car is MY business, It does not belong to your wife..

  • You are so used to dealing with trash that you wanted my sister to elevate you...

  • you try to live a lie to pretend that you have when you do not...others even people who are suppose to be your friends know the lie you are living....

  • You feel so inferior, nothing to offer except hiding under your RockMaster.

  • my family are very concerned for our beloved, MY sister marline. She needs lots of prayers living with you

  • Poor Marline. May God protect her and give her strength and bless her with the happiness she so deserves.

Good Luck and Get Help!

Now if anyone had any doubt when I said that Joelle is an obsessive-possessive sister controlling Marline, you just got the solid evidence in her own irrational handwriting.



Now as you can see, this is the level of disrespect that cannot give a free pass to. As that would be a betrayal of the sacrifices made by my mother to make me an educated man deserving of respect. So I have to hit her back on this one with my own taste of disrespect. THE ONLY DIFFERENCES IS THAT WHAT I HIT BACK WITH IS 100% THE TRUTH. SO IT'S REALLY HOT NEWS, NOT DISRESPECT.


HITTING BACK: A case of Extreme Audacity:
Well, let me show you why it takes extreme audacity for Joelle to present herself as an expert in good/bad husband, when her own husband Stan Joseph is a certified bigamist with a 2nd woman, 2nd home and a child out of wedlock when Joelle, as the legal wife, could not conceive for him. A discovery that Joelle made when the other woman came knocking at her door, and asked her:

"Who the hell are you? And what is my man and father of my child doing at this house?".

That full story and the history of her brainwashing letters was published in the Mith Archives report

Here is another case where I hit her back. Again 100% the truth.

The Case of Extreme Jealousy

This extreme jealousy was clearly reflected in her first letter above to Marline when she wrote:

"Marline, I know there is a 'Grandiose feeling' of having 'RockMasters' as your husband as you parade in the Haitian community... Likewise, Jean Claude may feel good about getting a desirable woman that other men wanted.."


Well, here is what I say to that. 100% true

here is what triggered this extreme jealousy. And she can't blame it on me, she should blame God.


Because, it is not my fault if 'Her husband Stan was not born to be a RockMaster'. And she can't blame Marline if God did not choose to make her that 'Desirable woman other men wanted'. So jealous Joelle is mad at me and Marline that she is stuck with her bigamist husband. Jealousy is such a terrible & dangerous thing.



Now we have Joelle's teammates Rachel & student Tiffany, showing that they learned the teacher's lesson on "Insulting JC",. Check their homework below. as shown in their homework.
ON THE LEFT: In an insulting message from Rachel to me after she was caught red handed booking secret vacations for herself and my 'Single' wife.

ON THE RIGHT: A disturbing email from Tiffany to teacher Joelle, using her teacher's own lines.




Now for reference, you need to read what Marline wrote in her initial letter that flipped sister Joelle into insanity. HERE IT IS:


From: Marline Elie
TO; MY family

Dear All,

I can not begin to tell you how I felt on Sat. when I was treated like an outcast by my family. I was chased away like a homeless dog or maybe worse. I was Humiliated and disgraced. On the day of my dear Mom's birthday celebration.
This was about my Mom, . That was her day . Not mine or Jean Claude or anyone else. You could have held our insults till the night was over just for her. You did not have to acknowledge us, that would have been fine with us. I did not deserve that treatment.

Ricky you left me a letter on Sunday explaining your position toward Jean Claude .... Then I came to this phase telling me that everyone felt the same way about me leaving with my ( low life) husband. You did not say low life, but it was assumed.

Well that was it for me. Let's let everyone read all the emails that have been circulating, we are all adults.


then I say, if you can dish it you should be able to take it. When people write about someone you have to expect the person to write you back. You might not like what the person said but that is the risk you take. 

For some of you who do not know the story, this situation started with a accident. Like every married couple argue. Tiffany heard and she came in the room to see what was going on (with video camera running at 2AM) and in the heat of the moment she got hurt... Tiffany was not satisfied with my action she decided to call Joelle, Ricky and the entire family. That was her decision. 

The next day Ricky came to my house, went up to my room and started to talk to JC, Jean Claude stayed calm and even shook his hands. Then Joelle came and made Nicholas call the Police The police could not do anything because the incident was over. There was no domestic violence. . 

To make a long story short. This incident was over. It was an accident. Tiffany decided she didn't want to be in the house anymore and moved. Recently Jean Claude reached out to her but she was not ready to communicate. Hopefully one day she will.

No one is perfect, we all did things we are not proud of. I will not mentioned names your know who you are. Jean Claude is not worst than any other husband out there. 

I'm not going to defend JC he can do that himself. But what I'm not going to tolerate is everyone thinking that they are better than him.

He is not a low life, he is a educated man. I do not marry low life, all the men in my life have been professional. They may not be your cup of tea, but they are not stupid. In occasion, they might say stupid things or do stupid things. But that is another story.


Yes, Jean Claude may have said some insulting things but he is only reacting to what they have said about him. He is a proud man, worked hard for what he has. Like every man, he will defend his position.

I never got involved in any other family members married or relationships. We all had moments we wish we can take back. We all have family issues, I will not get into everyone personal issue, but we all have them. Some more than others.

No one can love my kids like I do. People who have more than me wouldn't sign loans for their kids to go to college. I have not asked anyone for help. The times that I've ask, Joelle was there and I would always pay her back within 2 weeks, plus I always signed her promissory notes.

I Married Jean Claude because I love him. He is not perfect and neither is anyone else. His a good man , a little old fashion. A caring husband, giving and lots of fun. Yes he has his moments like we all do. He is not the monster you guys make him to be. He is always there to help everyone but he is not going to let anyone walk all over him.

I would not have married him if he was any other way. When we marry we become one.

I've gone alone many family functions, but realized everyone has their spouse, or girl friend except me. Why? I'm married, I love to go out with my husband we have fun together. ,

So If you do not want us in your home or your event just say so. We do not want to be where we are not wanted. We do not want to make any one feel uncomfortable.

In closing, I was hurt by your action but as a catholic you have to forgive, and I did. But I will never forget. I will never put myself in that position to get humiliated again by the people I love the most. I love everyone. I'm not going to let anyone treat me any less.
 With these qualities I'm able to make it.


Again I say thank you to mom for my education & upbringing that demands respect




Well, you have finally arrived at the heart of the matter with my family, and the presentation of my proposal to bring closure. Because if there is going to be a peaceful resolution of this 4 year old conflict that was created out of my marriage to Marline, this is the time. Because, short of a peaceful resolution, the other option that I am left with, is not a pleasant one.


Now with my daughter's leg of issues eliminated, and with the assumption that Marline and the Mith family take my advices above and in the proposal below, we will be left with only the Claude/Dupiton trying to keep the drama alive on one leg, which is the focus of this coming proposal

So, let's get to it..




Let me start by saying that, while a peaceful closure of this last leg is not impossible, it will be a more challenging venture for the members of this family, including the Claude, Dupiton, Colimond and Balmir. In addition, I will mention Marline Elie who was the one used as justification, since the families have admitted through their own words that their actions were done on Marline's behalf


Let me open my proposal by answering 2 key questions.



Well, as you have arrived at the most important point of this report, there is a critical question that must be asked.


In light of the successful reunification with my daughter which brought closure to a most personal issue to me, it is time to look at the big picture of this conflict to see how to build on that success with the volume of unresolved issues that divided this family. So I wondered to myself:



Because, while I have been sharing my story with this select community group for the past 2 years, I've been dealing with the this conflict for 4 years. Therefore at some point in the very near future, this matter must come to a close one way or another. And my first choice was always that it be through a peaceful resolution. But while I offered it more than once before, it was always ignored. However simply walking away was never going to be an acceptable form of closure. Because these outstanding issues are equally important as the issue of my daughter that was successfully resolved.


Another such central issue is the self-inflicted disgrace to the family that my mother sacrificed for, which I will never accept as a 'fait accompli. Because that would be a betrayal of my responsibilities as her only son, elder male of her family, and the inherited patriarch of her legacy.


Then, since she was such a messenger of peace, I made peace my priority over the option of launching the 'Nuclear Option' campaign toward social apocalypse of the remnant of her family. Thus the reason, I am giving peace one last chance.



Now, as far as the motivation to extend the offer at this time, the idea was not mine. The credit for that again goes to the community, and specifically to the honorary brother who gave me the advice in his message below, as circled in yellow.


Therefore, I must address brother Jacques personally to present my proposal in response to his advice.




Dear Brother Jacques,


In your message to me, you asked me to make 'peace, peace' with the family. Well, after what you've accomplished for me so unexpectedly with my daughter, it is obvious that you have a level of wisdom deserving of respect. Specially since respect is a word you emphasized in your text. A word that I was raised with, instilled in my daughter, , and a word that my fight is about after having been subjected to the barrage of insults you witnessed above.


So even though my prior peace requests to my family and Marline's family were ignored, I will take your advice and take the first step in the direction of peace. I also hope that with this peace initiative coming from you, it might be harder for the Claude & Dupiton to simply ignore it, as that would also be ignoring you. And if they do, they would have proven to the whole community that creating conflict and division is truly their objective in life, and that they were truly the script writers of the anti-marriage conspiracies that got us here today. Furthermore, whatever extreme measures I take to force closure, will be fully justified in he eyes of the community.


 Now, let me give you my thoughts about the feasibility of peace, the pros, the cons, and the requirements for success, keeping in mind that the members of the families, including Marline, are also reading this.



When we talk abut peace with my family, we are not just talking about peace, but the 2-steps process of peace and reconciliation. Because in this case, I view the initial peace as a ceasefire to allow communication and negotiation toward the more challenging step of reconciliation. Let's take the following cases for example:

  • In my daughter's case: Both peace and reconciliation were simultaneously achieved on the first try. That's the ideal situation when both parties have the same goal.

  • In the Mith family case: The end goal. and only thing that I hope to achieve is peace and mutual respect. Because there is no personal relationship between us to reconcile.

  • In Marline's case: I'm only requesting that we achieve peace and cordiality toward each other, as reconciliation would mean reconciling the marriage.

But in my family's case: Both peace and reconciliation are required for the simple fact that we are talking about lifelong family relationships. And while peace & reconciliation with my daughter was easy as she initiated it, and even peace with Marline should be feasible if she is not influenced by negative forces, when it comes to my family, reconciliation will be more challenging, and that is if they even allow the initial ceasefire to take place. So the gamble is that, while I am now asking only for peace with an eye at reconciliation, if either fails, we'll be right back where we are, and probably worse.


This peace process would involve many steps that include:



 This is where I take the initiative to start the process. So am ready to do it right now. Therefore as of Today Monday April 6, 2020:

  1. I am immediately and publicly calling for a ceasefire to open communication toward bringing this conflict to full closure & avoid further escalation.

  2. I am immediately suspending the public release of NEW information, with the only exception of sending updates on this peace process.

  3. I am immediately putting on hold the planned posting of these reports on social media, including Facebook, Twitter etc. Something that was to start within days.

  4. I am immediately putting on hold the work that I am currently doing in preparation for launching the "Nuclear Option" that was scheduled for this spring. And just for your information, here is what that Nuclear Option involves:

    • Publication of my reports to a global audience using RockMasters database engine of 25,000,emails, and Text Blasts to 2,500 cell phones. A huge expansion from the current select group of only 200 emails & 90 cell phones. (Put on Hold)

    • Launching of a new public Facebook page and new website that is now under construction. (Put on Hold)

    • The release of all the 'Classified Files' to the public, and appropriate damaging ones to authorities, and professional licensing agencies. Some of which I privately shared with the families to show them the gravity if I am forced to do so. (Put on Hold)


A response from the family is required within a week of this [proposal with their acceptance or rejection of the peaceful ceasefire. If accepted, we go to STEP 3. If rejected or ignored, the ceasefire is lifted and the 'Nuclear Option' is back on the schedule,



I suggest that the family assigns someone as its spokesperson to communicate with me, and open a dialog to asses if there is a serous commitment to peace, and determine on what needs to be addressed to accomplish full reconciliation. Hopefully this spokesperson will be someone who can stand up to any roadblock that may come from Doc Dupiton.


If that is accomplished we go to the next level of negotiating toward reconciliation.



Before going further, I mentioned above that I had previously extended peace offers to the family, but the last one did not go past STEP#1. And as the evidence man who does not say what he can't prove, here is a picture of the proposal letter that I had sent them last year in June of 2019


As I always say, 'Evidences don't lie'. That letter from June 2019 was simply ignored in disrespect to me. Now Doc Dupiton who knows you well, also knows that the advice for me to make this new offer came from you. So, if it is also ignored, I will take it as disrespecting your advice. But in reality, the shame will be on her. But I keep hope that it will not be the case, and we'll be moving on to STEP #4



Now, after peace, comes the attempt at reconciliation. One that requires addressing the issues and actions that led to the current situation.


Now to show you how challenging a task that will be, I am going to present you one set of issues that will need to be cleared up. And let me make it perfectly clear that my goal is not to get revenge or payback, but only for recognition that wrongs were done, mistakes were made, and accountability accepted.


So here is this example case that I view as a plan for the 'Eradication of the Elie Name'.



I have often claimed that one of the goals of he Dupiton conspiracies was the 'Eradication of the Elie name'. To me, the fact that all the victims of this drama are surnamed 'ELIE', as in Jean Claude ELIE, Marline ELIE and Tanisha ELIE, was not a coincidence, but the confirmation of a more sinister plan for an "Elie Mini-Holocaust" that included the following actions:

  1. The plan that targeted and ruptured the only ELIE marriage. (Succeeded)

  2. The coerced rupturing of the only ELIE father/daughter relationship. (Succeeded then Defeated)

  3. The staged Haiti Divorce for Marline to get rid her ELIE name within months of the breakup. (Succeeded)

  4. My eviction to the streets from the house of my Alzheimer stricken sister Roselyne Balmir. (Succeeded)

  5. The expectation that sending me to the streets would be a final solution, and that Jean Claude ELIE would never be seen again. Something confirmed in this message to Doc Dupiton following the eviction by the mission commander:

    (EVICTION succeeded, but hope fur DEAD BATTERIES Failed')

  6. A plan to severe my last connection to the family by disconnecting me with my sick sister Roselyne Balmir through the staged eviction from her house. (Succeeded)

  7. The criminally-intended life risking "Faking 230 High BP' diagnosis by Doc Dupiton to block my wife from rushing me to he ER. But fortunately (Failed).

  8. The frantic series of 6AM phone calls from Doc Dupiton to my wife after her "Faking 230BP' diagnosis that no one will talk about, as the calls were a post-diagnosis check to see if I was dead or alive (Details in Classified Files)

  9. The cruel Dupiton 'Hiding from Pharmacist' plot that denied me critical eye drop for weeks, and impacted my vision permanently. (50% succeeded)

  10. The multiple wrongful arrests with the expectation that I would get jail tine to disappear & disgrace the ELIE name. (Failed with all case dismissed in court)

  11. In that same light, there was the family forcing me into a week detention refusing to bring a lousy $100 to court. (Succeeded)
    Etc., Etc.

So if all 11 plots above, plus the ones I kept classified had succeeded, the result would be: NO ELIE household; NO ELIE couple; NO ELIE father/daughter bond. NO ELIE wife. And worst, NO Jean Claude ELIE alive, or a blind one at best.


But fortunately, with the success of your peace initiative with my daughter, the eradication of all Elie unions has been defeated. Plus Jean Claude Elie did not disappear, but alive, with my batteries fully charged, and back in the hood looking for answers, accountability and the PEACE that you suggested..


So I this one example shows how reconciliation is a major task, but still not an impossible one if there is a commitment to it. Because I fully understand that no act committed can be undone, nor words said taken back. But there can't be forgiveness and reconciliation without recognition that wrongs were done and regrets expressed. Because, just like it takes 2 to Tango, it takes 2 willing sides to achieve peace and reconciliation.


So As part of this peace initiative will call upon these family members:

  • I call on sister Liliane Claude, as the head of the Claude branch to take her position of family elder seriously and exert some leadership in this matter.

  • I call on Dominique Claude-Colimon, the older daughter of Liliane, and elder of her generation to put a check on her kid sister Johanne Dupiton history as a peace blocker. for this initiative to stand a chance.

  • I call on Eric Balmir Jr. the elder son of my sister Roselyne Balmir to finally stand up as a 'Big Man' among the cousins, and to Do The Right Thing.

  • I call on my daughter Tanisha Elie, the youngest of them all, that after you took a leadership role to initiate you own peace, maybe you can rub-off some of that positive mindset on your elders.

And I call upon involved non-family members:

  • I call on the Mith family once more to make Marline's wellbeing your priority instead of me. To let her free to make her own decision so hat she can remove herself as a problem leg in this drama, and be a contributor to the cause of peace.

  • I call on sister in law Joelle Mith-Joseph to recognize her mistakes in attacking her sister's husband and marriage, and to accept that Marline is only her sister and not her possession. Finally, for her to learn that her role as an aunt to Marline's children is to instill in them the values of truth & respect for elders, not to encourage them into acts disrespect for her self-serving agenda of division.

  • I call on Marline's girlfriend Rachel Berthoumieux to learn that 'Life is a school we wake up in each day". So I hope that this experience taught her these 3 lessons

    Lesson #1: The role of a maid of honor is to provide positive support to the couple toward a lifelong happy union. It is not to promote a single-wife lifestyle.

  • Lesson #2: A true girlfriend does not insult her friend's husband, as she did to me. Because the true and greater disrespect was shown to Marline, not to me.

  • Lesson #3: Never inject youselself in someone's marriage for the purpose of creating division. Because it creates the boomerang effect, and you just got a dose of that.

So if you learned these 3 lessons as my good student, you will not repeat the same mistakes.


And I call upon the central figure Marline Elie:

What I call upon Marline requires me to address her directly because of her significance and the positive impact she can have. So you can read that message below.


Therefore Jacques, I am ending my presentation of this proposal that I made in appreciation of to the advice you gave me, hoping that my initiative will be positively received by all as I await the family's feedback. I also hope that upon marline reading my request to her, bellow, she will also have the will to be a positive influence to the cause of peace, and that everyone will agree to leave hate behind.


A this point, I think that you will agree that I've done all I can toward that goal. That is why it took me some 3 weeks to put this report together and explained in great details why the option of a status quo is out of the question. Now, the ball is in their courts to decide what comes next.


 So in closing, let me say that I am sure you did not expect your simple initiative with my daughter to be such an important achievement that it would earn you the title of Peace Ambassador.


So, Thank You once more, and I nope for you and your family to be safe, healthy and may God keep the corona beast far away.


I will be calling you soon.


Brother Rock

(Below are my word to Marline)




Dear Marline,

I choose to end my presentation with you, because you are key to the success of this peace initiative for the following reason: Just as you were the central figure used to create this drama, you also have the power to significantly impact its closure today.


So my objective now is ask for your contribution by clearing up a confusion that is used as justification keep this conflict alive. So if we clear up that confusion, which in turn will invalidate the foundation of this drama, the last leg that's holding it will crumble, thus giving the peace initiative a greater chance of success.


That confusion can be cleared up now with the simple exercise below which I call 'The moment of truth'. One that we will run it openly in front of this group of reader to insure an honest outcome




THE GOAL: The goal is to validate or discredit the belief that the instigators have used to create this drama. then to keep it alive.


THE FOUNDATION: The need to protect Marline from a bad husband by removing her from a bad marriage.



Below is a series of 6 statements made from 2014-2016, plus one in 2019 listed in chronological order. These are all been published before and seen by the readers. So there are no surprises.


Simply read each statement, then answer the single question at the end. It's a multiple choice answer with only 2 choices.


So let's start



These are statements made between 2014 and 2016

  1. OCT. 2014: You wrote a letter to your family shown above, making positive statements to them about your husband & marriage, such as:

    "I Married JC because I love him. - He is a good man , a caring husband, giving, and lots of fun. - He is a proud man, worked hard for what he has. - I love to go out with my husband we have fun together - When we marry we become. - Etc. Etc.

  2. JUNE 2015: A year and half later, you sent me this touching text about your happiness and your fight.


  3. JULY 2015: A month later I get this happy text about planning 2-families peace meeting to end our problems with family


  4. AUG. 2015: You sent this message swearing to your love & commitment with a promise to never hurt me again.


  5. SEP. 2015: Comes another message with an honest apology for hurting my feelings.


  6. DEC 31, 2015: The end of the2015year of intense assault on us. But come New Year's eve, you confirmed you commitment in this powerful New Year resolution.


  7. JAN. 19, 2016: While in Haiti on a solo vacation, you sent me this message about missing me. (But I discovered that Doc Dupiton in NY communicated with you on WhatsApp).

Well, at this point in our eth year of marriage, I was 100% convinced that the marriage was on solid footing and that the instigators were defeated.


COMES JAN. 24, 2016: Just 3 weeks after your New Year Resolution, you returned home. And as I came down the stairs to welcome you back with open arms, I was met by a hurricane, the police, then forced out of our home. Then suddenly, Doc Dupiton and my family made me enemy #1 and celebrated by singing "You are 0-FOR-3' in wives, with 3 failed marriages''


SO THE INTRUDERS ACHIEVED THIS GOAL STATED ABOVE: The need to protect Marline from a bad husband by removing her from a bad marriage. Which takes us to Part 2 of the exercise.


EXERCISE PART 2 (Jumping to 2019)

 Then in 2019, I was receiving ugly & demeaning messages from a 'Miss Rose Mith' claiming to be my wife Marline. To me, that it was impossible for the Mrs. Elie who sent me the nice messages above in 2014-2016 to be now sending conflicting messages like these.

  • You were the worst husband a woman ever had.

  • You just wanted to control me and take me away from my family and friends. When a man marries a woman, he marries her family

  • You hated my kids, my family, my friends. I should have had Tiffany bring charge on you for hitting her.

  • You wanted to control all my moves. Once you couldn’t , you started blaming Johanne. Stop blaming Johanne for all your failed marriages

  • You think anyone can force me or Tanisha to do what you want

  •  . Look at the mirror & you will see who had 3 failed marriages

So the conflict is that:

  •  we have Miss Mith using words like "Control her moves, failed marriage, filing charges, hitting Tiffany, Hate Etc., when Mrs. Elie's was writing about love, happiness, commitment etc..

  • Then we have Miss Mith writing "When a man marries a woman, he marries her family". While Mrs. Elie wrote 'A woman will leave her family to go with her husband,

  • Miss Mith writes "You are the worst husband a woman ever had". while Mrs. Elie called her husband "The only man that make her happy". Well, you got the picture.


Since it is impossible for Mrs. Elie and Miss Mith to both be writing the truth, one of them has to be lying. So here is the single question to determine who will stand up as the real Marline and truth teller.


Who of the 2 Marline lied above. Was it Mrs. Elie who wrote in real time (2014-2016?. OR Miss Mith writing from memory of years ago who is lying?


ANSWER: Choose one

A [  ]  Mrs. Elie of 2014 - 2016 is the one lying

B [  ] Miss Mith in 2019 is the one lying




Now, here is the significance of your response. My guess is that 99.99% of readers will say that Miss Mith (B) is the one lying. But whether that is your response or not, here is the impact of each answer on the peace initiative.

Then you admit being a masterful liar, who fooled me for 5 years. That will make Miss Mith words being your words of truth, and you will have vindicated the instigators and throw a monkey wrench in the peace initiative.

 Then you were honest in saying that your husband was a good man, and you were happy with him. In this case the instigators goal of saving you from a bad husband, and Miss Mith ugly words will be discredited, leaving a peaceful exit their best option for the instigators.


so that is your importance to this peace initiative and why you must be 100% honest with yourself and with your answer



So at this point, you can see that this was not an exercise in futility, but a well thought out one that , shows the positive or negative impact that you will have. And realize that: If Tanisha Elie, who you seem to like very much, can stand up on her own, and show great maturity to make her own peace regardless of what others may think, then you should be able to rise to the occasion, and decide what image you want to present to the community. That of the "People-Pleaser" in denial who has lost her shine, or the honest Marline of the past who spoke the truth. And remember what I always told you:


--- This ends my report ---


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