Good Day Readers,


Today I present you a special edition of the 'Rock's Thriller Saga'  Series. While the first 4 Episodes followed a chronological order that took us from 2013 through early 2016, I have to pause the story clock, and jump to August 2020 to address a most urgent development.


As you might remember, the first pause of the timeline was to report on an outrage surrounding a death in the family. This one involves the sudden appearance of a new character simply known to me as Al. A non-Haitian male who audaciously & arrogantly presented himself to me as some new power player this Haitian family & marital drama.


A character also claiming to be acting on behalf of my separated wife Marline. Such an outrage, that it calls for me to address and dispose of it in a most expedited manner through this 2-parts presentation.


 The first and ugly part which I am presenting today, to be  followed by the positive closure in part 2  in a couple of days. One that features the positive words of an uninvolved Haitian Lady. Words that are representative of the values and greatness of the majority of Haitian women, in contrast to those characters featured in my episodes.
So without delay, let me present  you

Claiming relevancy & s\authority through audacity


It all started with me receiving a voicemail from Marline's home phone, and since this does not happen often, I was impatient to hear what she had to say. But unfortunately, it was a man's voice identifying himself simply as Al, delivering an unexpected and most ill-mannered message to me, someone he does not know. But a message from a character who has major issues with me being Marline's separated husband.


Well, before I continue, you need to listen to this first of 5 voicemails he would subsequently leave me with ultimatums and threats using Marline's home phone . Now, while I provided a transcript on the side, it is most important that you play the recorded audio to capture his threatening gangster tone and foul language.


 Hi Jean Claude Elie, this is Al. First thing I want to tell you is that I am dating your former wife. Really, you should get a life. Seriously...You should.. Really... Man.. YOU SHOULD GROW SOME FUCKING BALLS. Seriously you should be okay.. and you have one week to get your stuff from her garage until next Sunday the 19th otherwise I will personally throw those things out. Okay.. You... You... And I don't want any static with you OK. CLICK.


 Well, don't be shocked yet, because it's only the beginning of Mr. Al antics, as he definitively does not know that in the Haitian community, mannerism, and respectful communication are minimum expectations. That is why I questioned Marline's awareness of the lack of character of this this Al she is dating, as he rudely informed me of.


So after my initial shock, I felt sorry for the poor Al, and immediately baptized him as a 'Punk-Al'. Because It is obvious that Marline did not warn him that if he was looking for someone to pick on, the worst choice he could make would be Jean Claude Elie, the Rock. Just as Mad Doc Dupiton, Joelle Mith-Joseph, Rachel Berthoumieux and others have discovered the hard way for sticking their noses where they don't belong.



Now, let me first share with you some facts that Marline knows too well to have allowed Mr. Punk-Al to make such grave mistake.

FIRST: There were those fabricated restraining orders that the instigators had coerced Marline into getting that blocked my access to the residence for 2 years. Therefore my property was safely and legally where it belonged.

SECOND: Then as these vindictive Claude & Dupiton women coerced my nephews to evict me from my sick sister Roselyne Balmir's house, and into a shelter, my stuff was still safe where it belonged.

THIRD: Then when I got my new apartment last year, and inquired about my Benz to get my stuff, it had magically evaporated from the driveway, and Marline could not explain what happened under pressure from the instigators not to speak. Thus my stuff remained where it belonged.

FOURTH: Now just weeks ago, around July 2020, I asked Marline to help me get some of my belongings using the Lexus I got her when I upgraded her from Miss Mith in a Camry, to Mrs. Elie in a late model LS 430. Again she declined as big sister Joelle, the Mad Doc and Co would not approve. So my stuff remains today where it belongs.


So in the end, I decided that since there is no urgency, I will leave my stuff where Marline forced them to remain until there is a legal divorce and financial settlement of ,marital assets. At which point, I will take all that is due to me at one time.



An insecure character who sees me as a threat to whatever relationship he has with Marline, and who fears that my stuff in the garage is part of a plan for my eventual return.


But as he gives me ultimatums to come get my stuff, he forgot to include the following stuffs:

  • My still Benz that I had just spent $9,000 to refurbish like new, and that seems to have evaporated..

  • The $100k I invested in the house in improvements and financially saved from foreclosure for my new unemployed wife.

  • The thousands of dollar in college loans repayments for her son..

  • The funds I added to the 401k plan, and still sitting there.

  • And let's not forget the $3,000 I spent to empty the garage that was filled to the roof with left over stuff from her first husband. Something that also gives my stuff fully-paid rights to be there.

But, Mr. Punk-Al had another option that I would have agreed to. Had his ultimatums called for me to come get all of the above, including a certified bank check, I would have immediately done so. But it also seems that this. Punk-Al forgot that a man must put his money where his mouth is. Just as I did above when Miss Mith became Mrs. Elie. But obviously, he cannot do so, because all he's got is his big filthy mouth.



Now, after receiving that initial voicemail, I had ignored the Punk-Al and did reply to him, nor answered any of his calls. Then came a second voicemail with more threats to get rid of my properties from Marline's house. Please listen carefully.


Hey, how you doing? Just want to remind you to get your stuff out of her garage by Sunday. OK.  I am not going to get into an argument with you. You're not worth it...OK.  Don't worry I'll show you proof that I get rid of  your stuff . OK.  Have a good evening. Bye.

That is when I started to question if Marline really knew what kind of liberty and authority this seemingly unstable man was taking over her house.


But what would be more troubling, would be for a Marline, who I treated with maximum respect all these years to have allowed a punk to address me with such disrespect. So I decided to send her a message to ask "What the heck is going on?". Then shared it with her Mith family as shown below.

Good Day Mith Family,

Just for your information, I am sharing the message below that I just sent to Marline about some insecure punk named Al calling and harassing me at 2AM & 3AM using Marline's home phone.

I guess that since her sister Joelle did not want low-life me as husband for her ’MY-SISTER’, it seems like Marline picked up a real good Low-life.


So check my message below to Marline, and nave a nice day
Jean Claude

Hey Marline my dear,
Here is the list of crazy and harassing voicemails I got from this Punk Al guy calling me from YOUR HOME PHONE PAST 3AM.


I am going to combine them into one audio file, then blast it to the community to make this Punk Al the laughing stock in town. What is his real name & phone number anyway?


Talk to you later


Still with no reply from Marline, here comes this Punk-Al proving that he is also a gangster by sending me these pictures of 3 of my items on the grass, as proof that he is throwing out my belongings. Then adding the insult of calling me IMBECILE. Take a look.

As far as your property. You have had plenty of opportunity to retrieve them. (Four years). You are an imbecile and illiterate. I did not destroy your property, I got rid of them, as I alerted you and in the time I told you. LEARN HOW TO READ AND COMPREHEND. I'm sure you're too screwed up to understand. Have someone read my correspondences to you. Again, IMBECILE.

What these 3 pictures show is my desktop computer monitor, a sound system case, and what is supposedly the $2,000 Sealy Posturepedic mattress I bought for my wife months before the break up so that she would get a good night sleep before work. All pictured on the grass.


Now, for him to impose such authority over Marline, her house and over someone else's property there means that this guy's dominating personality and his extreme insecurity can be hazardous to Marline. Specially a Marline who was taught by her sister Joelle and ultra-feminist Doc Dupiton to "Never let any man or husband control her or her moves".


Now, here comes this Punk-Al nobody doing what I could not have ever done as Marline's husband. Acts for which she was brainwashed into belying I was doing to make her break her marriage.


How could that be? Well, you will soon learn more about that in communications to her family below



Then in the days that followed, I was bombarded by an assault of atrocious text messages and voicemails from Punk-Al, full of insults, name calling, threats, and profanities that truly exposed him as an unstable, insecure and dangerously jealous bum from the slums.


So what I am going to do now is to have you read and listen in shock the words of this character who Marline chose to date. However, I will not bother showing you all my replies. You will get my response and conclusion through the messages that I sent to Marline's family to warn them about this Punk-Al. Messages that I also shared with him as my response to what you are about to read.





Now bear in mind that this man is so consumed with jealousy and insecurity, that all he could see in reading the Episodes of my story, is an attempt on my part to take Marline back. Even as I was exposing the acts of her sister, girlfriend, including her daughter and members of my own family. Strange \ losing tactics to win back a woman. With that here comes text #3


PUNK-TEXT #3: The Divorce obsession

In this one, we have Punk-Al obsessed in convincing me that Marline is legally divorced when she is not. Check this out.

You are truly delusional. The woman got rid of you years ago. She legally divorced your pathetic self. Yet you still consider her your wife. What kind of a MAN still chases a woman who wants nothing to do with him? The answer is: Not a MAN, but a pathetic loser, who can't seem to get his act together. Make sure you print that in your memoirs. LOSER.

Add this to your story. You imbecile.

Don' be shocked everyone, Just stand by as the true imbecile is about to stand up in Punk-Text #4


PUNK-TEXT #4: The Worst Bluffer Ever

Now he views the publications of the Episodes of my story as harassing Marline to take her from him. But as to the pictures he claims having, they must come from him having nightmares of me still married to Marline. Please Read:

Here's my next message to you. Stop harassing the woman. If it doesn't stop, I will personally embarrass you by making public those pictures of YOU drunk as hell and passed out, the pictures of how you trashed Marline’s house. Don't believe me? Try me. I am not threatening you, just making a promise. BTW, more of your stuff will be going to the trash. (FOUR YEARS)


Oh I almost forgot. Imbecile.

To Mr. Punk-Al:

Sir, since you are also reading this report on you, and since you just dared me to try you, this is just what I am about to do. THEREFORE:


Once you do, I am give you my words of honor that I will publish them myself to save you the trouble, since you do not know anyone, and no one knows you.


Now if you do not, which I know you can't, then the question everyone will have is:

"How did Marline go from the top being Mrs. Elie, to reach rock bottom by picking up a JOKER, LOSER, WORST BLUFFER, and the TRUE IMBECILE & MORON NAMED PUNK AL-.

So Mr. Al, you've been tried publicly. Show the pictures you got, or be forever labeled a FRAUD by Marline's friends, family and the community.


Until then, let's go to Punk-Text #5


PUNK-TEXT #5: Dangerous obsession & Chronic insecurity

Please read on people

You are such a loser, still living in the past. Stop wasting my time you pathetic ass. I'm guessing you're still chasing after Marline after four years of being divorced from and not living together because no other being, man or woman, want to have a normal relationship with you. Think about that. IMBECILE, LOSER, PATHETIC.

What your sorry self fails to understand is that MARLINE and her normal ex's have moved on. You're the only one who's stalking her

First Mr. Al,

Please be informed that 100%of my relationships have been with women. I don't know about you with this man or woman stuff. But if that was a slip on your part, it was a revealing one

Poor Marline, dating a stalker stalking her separated husband with a divorce fixation.


PUNK-TEXT #6: The imbecile fixation

This one is not worth commenting on. But it is a perfect example of "The cat calling the kettle black"

It's unfortunate, you have a problem with the English language. You certainly write like an imbecile.

As everyone can see, I write in full paragraphs, as the Punk-Al writes in words and broken sentences. So on to the next Punk-Text #7


PUNK-TEXT #7: From Insecurity to invasion of privacy
Now the Punk-Al decided to go through my desk and personal files looking for dirt on me. But all he could come up with is 2 meaningless 21 year old legal documents from a previous divorce. And this poor moron thinks he struck gold. Please read on and see what he came up with:

You are a respected member of the community? What a joke. Make sure you post this also.


Hello Imbecile.
I found those documents in the garage. You were too stupid, cheap and ignorant to retrieve them. (FOUR YEARS). Had you been a real man, you would have retrieved them and put them in storage, or at least away from the woman who was SMART enough to legally divorce your sorry self. (FOUR YEARS). By the way, ignorant, MF, they are not obsolete as you claim, they are part and parcel of YOU and your trail.

This is what I call a sad man with a sad case of insecurity, grabbing at 1999 straws to float above water. Poor Marline. I wonder where she was as this guy went in a psychopath rampage right in her house.


PUNK-TEXT #8: Claiming Self-granted power to stalk

 Now the moron admits that Marline does not know, nor gave him authorizations to stick his nose in her business.

In response to what you wrote to Marline, she doesn't intercede in what I communicate to you. Deal with it. CRACK ROCKMASTER.

Oh! So I see. Is the punk claiming that Marline gave him free reign to run amok in her house, to dispose of property that does not belong to him, and to disrespect anyone at will?


Well, well!. Where is big sister Joelle Mith-Joseph in all this mess? Did Punk-Al strip her of the power she yielded in the house when I was there to Marline's detriment?



Well, I think that this is the perfect time to release and have you listen to the full set of 5 shocking voicemails that this Al character left for me, as he claims that 'Marline's Business is his business'. Meaning that 'Marline is his business' to impose authority over.


Please fasten your seatbelts to hear what you will never again hear in your lifetime.


Now that you've read and read all that this unstable character had to say, let's go to the next stage of my presentation as I address Marline's family members on my concerns for her.


 - STAGE 2



Now, the best way to show you how I handled and disposed of the Punk-Al is through my communications to Marline and her family. Communications that I had also shared with my family and with the Punk-Al to finally dispose of him..


So here is my first communication and warning to the Mith family.


Dear Mith Family,

This is Jean Claude sharing with you a message that I sent to Marline about some concerns I have with this Al guy she is supposedly dating. Troubling concerns that grew from his own words and actions. But let me first say why I decided to share this info with you, her family.


As someone who lived a clean life, and never tried to hurt anyone, I also carry no ill-feelings or grudges against anyone, even people who have chosen to hurt me. But at the same time, I will not give a free ride to those who have chosen to do me wrong without demanding accountability even from members of my own family as you have been witnessing.


So as I had chosen to make Marline my wife because of all the goods I saw in her, I will always be concerned for her well-being in spite of everything. Thus the reason I am sharing my concerns with her family who is in a better position to look into the validity of my suspicions about this Al character. Because I'd rather have my suspicions be proven wrong now, than be sorry later for not having spoken.


And while I often question her family's commitment to her well being based on what was done in running her chance to spend her late years with a supportive husband, I still hope that you can take what I am going to show you seriously on her behalf.


As such, the question I still have for her family and children is the following.

"As her big sister Joelle coerced you into thinking that I was this bad husband for Marline by pushing erroneous allegations of abuse, do you now view this Al guy who presented himself to me as an unstable, insecure and jealous character to be your trusted partner for Marline over the husband she had chosen?".

Well, the answer will come from the concern you show with the information that follows .


Below is the message I had sent to Marline to express my concerns.

Hi Marline,
You know me as a very good judge of character, and regardless of our differences, I always have your best interest in mind. And this is the reason for what I am about to say.

Your friend Al sent me a text yesterday that, along with his previous ones, really troubled me. As you know, I’d often say something to trick someone into exposing his true face based on the reaction I get. So in that light, I had forwarded to your friend Al the story on Rachel (Episode #4) to show him that the purpose of publishing my story is not in an effort to take you back. Well, the reaction I got confirmed my suspicions about him.

Now, I don’t know how you met him or how well you know hm. But from his reaction, I concluded that he is a very unstable and insecure man in relationships with women. Because he ignored what I tried to show him, and jumped all over me about us being divorced for 4 years, and demanding that I go away with insults.

Now I know that you never showed him a divorce certificate, since none exists. But he is obsessed in believing that we are, while trying to convince me of the same. All because he sees me as a threat if we are not truly divorced.

Then there is his abnormal obsession with my stuff in the garage, which to him means that I intend to return. Now I never had an issue with your ex-husband’s stuff in the house and garage for over 15 years, even after we got married.


But this guy Al cannot just be happy dating you. He has to come after me in a way that exposes an insecure and unstable personality. Because no one has ever seen a man so obsessed with a woman’s past husband, especially one from 4 years ago. And that obsession was glaringly evident as he kept repeating "FOUR YEARS" over and over in is texts to me.

Now Marline, you and I have watched enough Lifetime True Story movies about relationships with insecure and obsessively jealous new boyfriends that end badly. And the things this guy writes and says perfectly fit one of these movies. I don't recall the title, but the behavioral similarities between the movie character and the real life Al, proves that he is dangerously jealous, and a sign of future trouble if you ever try to end the relationship.


So, all I am saying is to be careful. Maybe I am totally wrong about him. But I’d rather be wrong today than kick myself later for not having spoken my concerns. But I know that I am right, because his words and actions prove it.

So here is what he wrote me yesterday, and I ask you to study it well. Then along with his previous messages, you should discover a psycho.

You are such a loser, still living in the past. Stop wasting my time you pathetic ass. I'm guessing you're still chasing after Marline after four years of being divorced from and not living together because no other being, man or woman, want to have a normal relationship with you. Think about that. IMBECILE, LOSER, PATHETIC.


So I simply replied to him with no disrespect:

Jean Claude

Sir, I was just sharing information and not starting a conversation with you. But I guess you just can't learn. Have a nice evening.


Now Marline you should also remember that the reason I publish these stories is in response to you spending years falsely complaining that I broke the marriage. So I had to expose the truth and the people who actually acted against us, with the hope that you’d stop the denial and your complaining to me. And most important, you do remember that when I first started publishing, it was strictly to confront Johanne Dupiton and the Claudes of my family, as proven by the website being named theclaudes.com.


So it is through your constant talking to him about me and complaining about the broken marriage that you fed his insecurity to see me as a threat, and expose his true face. Because whether we are divorced or not, or me having stuff in the garage should be irrelevant to him.

In addition Marline, as the  transparent communicator I am, I did show Al the last message I sent you, along with these words from me challenging his legitimacy. Here it is:


Mr. Al
Here is what I sent to Marline and her family. Because you are a sick, unstable and dangerous man.


I don’t know how Marline ever connected with a bum like you. But if one hair comes out of her head, you will know me and you will answer to me. Take that to the bank. PSYCHO

BUT MOST IMPORTANT: You know my name as Jean-Claude Elie. So why can’t you identify yourself fully instead of just. Al? What are you hiding?

And why is this (786) Florida phone number you are writing me from, shows up as registered to a Florida woman named Zoila Blanco? Who is she? Is she your wife?

There is something fishy about you, and I am going to find out. You may have fooled Marline, but you ain’t fooling me. Because y
ou picked on the wrong man.



Well Marline, he has not replied to my request, proving that he is not legit, on top of being insecure and unstable


Have a good night





Well, soon after sending the  above message to Marline, a one-word reply came from him that simply said:

 Wow! I said. So Mr. Punk-Al who had questioned my literacy as an imbecile suddenly can no longer make a broken sentence with his vocabulary suddenly reduced to one word "Whatever". I guess that, giving his full identity, providing a phone number in his name, and explaining who is Zoila Blanco with the Florida phone number have rendered big mouth, trash taking Punk-Al speechless.


So he finally discovered what Joelle, Johanne, Rachel & Co. had discovered the hard way. Never pick on someone who is 100X smarter than you could ever be. Specially when your only identity is the shortest possible  2-letter word Al


With that accomplished, let me continue with my message to the Mith family.


Now Mith Family,
Here is more info to prove that this guy is unstable and obsessed with Marline. Check these messages with a threatening tone on his obsession about our divorce, giving me ultimatum to come get my stuff.

Now, I don’t know how this guy has so much authority over Marline’s house. Is that his legal residence? Or did he just take authority over the house?. Please read these 2 texts picturing a couple of my belongings including an expensive mattress I had bought for Marline. And tell me if this is a normal person


 Now, ask Marline how many times before and after our marriage that I went through her ex-husband's ’s papers and file cabinets in the house, and she’ll tell you NEVER. Because normal people do not do that, as it would be INVASION OF PRIVACY. Well, here is this unstable guy sending me obsolete 2 decades old documents from my prior divorce after rampaging through my personal papers

Hello Imbecile. I found those documents in the garage. You were too stupid, cheap and ignorant to retrieve them. (FOUR YEARS). Had you been a real man, you would have retrieved them and put them in storage, or at least away from the woman who was SMART enough to legally divorce your sorry self. (FOUR YEARS). By the way, ignorant, MF, they are not obsolete as you claim, they are part and parcel of YOU and your trail.

What these papers should have taught him, is that divorce is done in the courts and with lawyers, not by him saying so.


Finally, Mith family, here again is the ‘Evidence that does not lie’ directly from Punk-Al in these 5 outrageous voicemails he left me, sounding like a bum & gangster from the hoods, claiming Marline as 'his business'.


Finally, here are 3 more mysteries questions you should ask of this Punk-Al: Hopefully you will have better success than me in getting the answers

  1. FIRST: Why does he refuse to share his full identity with me?

  2. SECOND: Why is he texting me from a Florida phone number registered to a woman named Zoila Blanco?

  3. THIRD: Why the 5 arrogant voicemails you just heard came from Marline’s (718) house phone which had not been active in over a decade, instead of his own cell phone?.

Then  to Joelle,
Since you claimed that I was trying to CONTROL Marline, and wanted her Jamaica Estates house, I want to see what you are going to do about this unstable guy. Or will you show that your power only works on a peaceful Haitian brother like me. Because in the end, it is you and Doc Dupiton who put Marline in the situation of picking up an unstable Punk-Al.

Have a Nice Day




Like I always say: “God works in mysterious ways for me”. Because by throwing this Punk-Al character at us, both families will finally have to admit their mistakes in costing Marline a supportive & loyal husband, as the consequences of promoting Hate, jealousy and division has brought us this Punk-Al character.



  1. IT STARTED WITH: Joelle Mith-Joseph, using a private family incident with Marline's daughter to ignite the fuse, as presented in the "Rock Horrific Saga" Series.

  2. THEN EXPLODED BY: Mad Doc Dupiton with her 'Master Plan' that was executed through an undercover destabilization operation as presented in and

  3. AND AGGRAVATED BY: Rachel Berthoumieux and others who negatively influenced and coerced my wife into the single-wife lifestyle, as presented in

  4. TO TODAY'S GLOBAL BLASTS : Imposed on everyone by  Mad Doc Dupiton from Blocking my last peace offer to my family, and opted for the Global Nuclear campaign.



Now, there is a powerful reason why I decided to close this report with a critical PART II to follow instead of doing it right now. And it is simply because you do not put Dirt & Clean in the same basket, nor mix Good with Bad, Love with  Hate, God with  Evil, or Punk with  Class. And this is just what I'd be doing by including the positive, spiritual and powerful words of this lady with the trash you just read above. The words of a lady of  our community who I will refer to as Sandra.


In fact, her words came in such perfect timing to provide me the ideal closure for this Punk-Al report  that I feel  the timing was not coincidental, but another instance of 'God working in mysterious ways for me.' Because to me, these words represented the Anti-Punk or vaccine to this virus-like Punk-Al affair.


However, since these were private communications, I took the proper step of requesting Lady Sandra's authorization to publish them. Authorization which I show proof of below before publishing PART II of the Punk-Al outrage.




Welcome back Readers


 Now that you've read the first & Ugly Part 1 of this Episode #5, I am ready to present you with the awaited Good Part 2 featuring the positive feedback from a recognized lady of our community.


This part concludes with a critical milestone statement from me to the families, followed by a short 3 minutes video by former First Lady Michelle Obama delivering selected words of wisdom to the families. So you do not want to miss the climaxing ending


Now if you have not yet read Part 1 of this 2-Parts report, I recommend that you do it now at [Episode #5 - Part 1]. But it is OK to first read this part 2, then catch up on the previous one at the end.


So without delay, let me take you to Part 2 of this Episode #5 of the "Rock's Thriller Series".


- PART 2 -


As previously done in Part 1, I will present this part of the episode through communications I had with to the families, Marline, and Mr. Punk-Al.


So I begin with this communication I sent to the families, sharing a positive message I received from this lady who I will refer to simply as Sandra.


NOTE: These personal family communications have been slightly edited & expanded for clarity and grammatical correctness.




Dear Mith, Claude, Dupiton, Balmir, Colimon, and Elie Families
I had received a communication from an old lady acquaintance who had not heard from in years, and who upon reading my story on Facebook felt obliged to send me her thoughts on what she read. So just as I had shared her words with Marline, I am also sharing them with you as our families. However, there is this question that I must ask both families directly::

"If this lady who is not family could make all these positive observations from my writings now, how come our families who lived the drama in real time, and who should have cared the most for us, did not see what Lady Sandra saw years later?.


So let me show you her first message through my communication to Marline below. Then after you finish reading all of her subsequent comments, you can attempt to answer the above question to yourselves.


Hello Marline,
Below is a message I received from a lady I knew long ago, and who read our story on Facebook. While I do receive a lot of positive feedbacks from my readers, I decided to share this one because it shows how a true woman can see things, and recognize True Love. So when you keep repeating that ‘People do not care’, you will see that "People do care a lot".


In addition,, what this lady saw through my writings is what this Al guy you are dating also, which explains why he sees me as a threat.


So Marline, here are the words of a lady who recognized the 'True Love' that all women dream of. But stupid you who had it, let Joelle, Johanne and other jealous women blow it for you.


So read and observe how she opened with an expression of 'Empathy’ about the death in my family that was turned into another hate-mongering opportunity by the family. Then she goes on to comment about us.

Hi Jean Claude,

How are you? I am sorry for the death in the family.


I hope you get her back. It is obvious how much you love your wife. It is very very painful. I pray and hope that your Queen comes home. I hope that she has nostalgia and misses you as much as you miss her. Hopefully she sees the love message and understands how much you want her back. God bless and I hope it works out.

If you need to talk I will listen. A man doesn't wear his heart on his sleeve. This message is open heart surgery. May love come back to both of you.


I wanted romantic plants for my garden. There is a flower that is called love lies bleeding. The name reminds me of both of you. It needs to heal.


Now. let me point that her use of the term "Your Queen" was a direct quote to the way you had signed your 2016 New Year resolution to me below.

That resolution was just 3 weeks before they made you break it to break the marriage. As I always say, "Evidences do not lie". Everyone, has seen the evidences, and that is why your avoidance of the truth, and denial of facts to protect the culprits, have fallen into deaf ears.


So, after my pleasant surprise at receiving her message, I sent her the following reply:


WOW. Thank you Sandra for these very powerful words, obviously from a woman who can recognize True Love by reading between my lines.


 Unfortunately though, the Queen could not see that this is what the jealous women of our families also saw in driving her to self-destruct her marriage.


However, your wish for reunification is no longer in the cards, as the Queen of the past now resides in a world of denial to co-exist with those families instigators & girlfriend, and because she knows deep inside that she lost out.


But your touching words will be a motivator in my mission for accountability, as I continue to publish my story so that other marriages can avoid “IHE DANGERS OF JEALOUSY FROM WITHIN FAMILY”.


BTW: I noticed that I missed your call also. But we’ll talk soon.

Jean Claude


So Marline, as you can see, my story is HOT on Facebook baby…


So, how about that families? How come you could  not see long ago  what Lady Sandra saw?


Good night

Jean Claude



Then upon receiving a follow up message from Lady Sandra, I sent this second message to the families.


Hello Again Families

Obviously this next message from her also  reveals a spiritual woman quoting words from the bible about love. Just as Marline had quoted the bible years before in a letter to her family saying:



Words that Marline seems to have forgotten. But here is Lady Sandra's Bible reference in her second message:


There is a passage in the Bible about love Corinthians 13 [1] of men and of angels….
If I have the gift of prophecy & can fathom all mysteries & all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but have not loved, I am nothing.


If I give all I possess to the poor & surrender my body to the flames, [2] but have not loved, I gain nothing.


Love is patient and kind. It does not envy and does not boast. It is not proud. Love does not delight in evil, but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres & never fails.


But where there are prophecies, they will cease; Where there are tongues, they will be stilled; Where there is knowledge, it will pass away. Now we see but a poor reflection as in a mirror; Then we shall see face to face.


Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known. And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.



And while Sandra can hope for the "QUEEN TO RETURN HOME’', and quote passages from the bible about 'True Love', it raises more questions for the families, and most notably:

- Why did the families chose to promote hate and division,  over Love & Unity?

- Why as families, you did not hope the same for the Queen?

- Why have you then blocked any chance at reconciliation?

- Why are you still blocking her from communicating & preventing her from achieving at least a simple peace .


So the question you will get from the community is: "Don't you value Marline's words, and don't you believe in the Bible?". If not, then "What drives you"

Then she followed up her Bible reference with this:

Jean Claude,
I still have hope for you. Love like that should not be lost. Even during the wedding dance the way you held her spoke volumes. And each time you said my wife. It was deep. Even when you guys were fighting you didn't curse her.


But in your voice it sounded scared, that you were about to lose something precious. And you wanted to make it better although it was not said. I don't know you guys as a couple. The few times I saw you together it was good times .


Finally closing with this statement:

If a couple can put aside pride, all is possible. Because the weakness is love, acceptance and forgiveness.
Again Jean Claude I still have hope for you guys.


So families,

Having now read all of Sandra's comments, you are now ready to answer to yourselves the question that I asked you on top. which was:

"If this lady who is not family could make all these positive observations from my writings now, how come our families who lived the drama in real time, and who should have cared the most for us, did not see what Lady Sandra saw years later?.


If you do not know the answer, check your conscience and it will tell you the truth you've been avoiding.


Thank You,

Jean Claude


As to be expected, and as it was not requested, no one shared the answer they came up with to the above question. Most likely because they are avoiding the answer by trying to shut down their conscience. Unfortunately, their conscience would not shut down, forcing them into 'The conscience Hell' that no one can escape from, and where "Only The Truth can set you Free".


So to help our families of Claude, Dupiton, Mith, Colimon, Balmir, and those who inherited my Elie name to accept the undeniable truth that will set them free, I decided to provide them with absolute evidence of the truth they've been avoiding, So I sent the families this communication with 2 such absolute evidences of the 'True Love' Sandra saw existed.


Dear families.


If Lady Sandra's quotes from the bible and her words about true love, did not move you, it's because acceptance of that truth would conflict with your goal of creating division.


SIDE NOTE: Now, the original small select group of readers will remember me using the term "Good-Stuff Allergy". A condition causing anyone looking to hurt someone or divide a relationship, to block anything good or positive about that [person or relationship. Thus the 'Good-Stuff Allergy' to such information.


Now families, since it would be hard for you to ruin a marriage where you knew that 'True Love' existed, you acted as if you never saw the following poem that I wrote to Marline on our 3rd Wedding Anniversary. You developed a Good-Stuff Allergy because it was  also titled 'True Love'


So here it is again, and I hope that this time you will read it and my words will stick with you. So from September 30, 2014, I present you once more "True Love"


So families, now that you've finally read my words in the 2014 poem, here comes the second undisputable evidence that True Love' existed. But this time, the words are those of Mrs. Elie one year later in 2015. Words that I have also shown you 100 times before, but you developed 100 Good-Stuff Allergies. So try to make them stick this time.

So families, you are now fully equipped to answer the question and to free yourselves from the 'Conscience Hell'.


Thank You,



At this point, with the families fully informed, I had shared the above information with the Punk-Al character. So let's go to that.





Now, after sharing the family communications with him, I proceeded to give him the 'Coup de Gras' with these messages .


So Mr. Al,
I have shared these family messages with you so that you can see that Jean-Claude Elie will always be essential when it comes to Marline. Because when 2 people who were soul mates get divided by haters, there is a connection that remains in their souls. And it is a space that you can never occupy simply by getting rid of my belongings still at the residence, or by throwing insults at me.


All behaviors that will make your presence short lived. Because you should have just enjoyed dating her for the time she allowed you to, instead of trying to be truly relevant.


But now, there is this other situation that you created with your daring words to me in the text below, and threatening to embarrass me with pictures of me drunk, and trashing my wife's house. You wrote:


Now, as you witnessed from my publication of your EPISODE #5, I say what I mean, and I do what I say. So when you dared me TO TRY YOU, I did exactly that. I called your bluff by asking you to send me those pictures with my promise to publish them myself.


But here we are days later, and I have not seen any picture, nor heard a beep from you. So instead of going silent by hiding under the rock you came from, why don't you be man enough to admit that you were lying.


OTHERWISE: If I don’t get the pictures today, I will expose you in my next report to the community as the liar, fraud and the worst bluffer who Marline is dating. And as you already discovered, Jean Claude Elie DOES NOT BLUFF, and if I do, it's with a full hand.


Now, to show you that you are out of your league, please take a look at the pictures below, and you will see the smiles of "True Love" that Sandra was referring to, and a view of the power couple that we were. Then you will admit that you could never fit in my shoes.

Because, filling those shoes require you to first have some class. For example, you should always refer to a lady like a gentlemen, not like a boy from the hoods. Because when you wrote me to say "Stop harassing the 'woman", I must remind you that her name is not 'woman', but Marline.


Then there is something even more important for you to think about. Ask yourself the following question:

"How many times did Marline tell you that SHE IS IN LOVE WITH YOU?". Meaning that you are not just another disposable date.


Because she said those words to me a thousand times, and unlike you who bluffed your way in, and now bluffing about having pictures, here are a couple of written proof of her saying those words.. Hope you don't get a jealousy attack

- JC, I love you. You are the only man that makes me happy

- JC, I wanted to  tell you that I love you and always will,...


- I Married JC because I love him.  He is a good man, a caring husband, giving and lots of fun.

- I love my husband and I want him to feel comfortable again with the family.


So I repeat once more that you should have been happy to be a common date, instead of claiming relevancy, and having the audacity of saying to me: "Marline’s Business is MY Business". Because it is not. "Marline's Business is HER Business".


So here is the message I had sent to Marline.

I asked you 3 questions about this Al character, and you still have not answered me. I asked you:

1- About his full name & true identity.

2- About this (786) phone number he's been harassing me from, and that belongs to a Florida woman named Zoila Blanco.

3- About your knowledge of those pictures he claims having, since they would have to come from you if they existed.


So, is the reason for your no-reply because you are afraid of the punk and cannot dare say that he is a liar and a fraud? Well, knowing that you had a smart man for husband, how could you let this idiot think that he could bluff me?.


I was willing to take nonsense from you cause I married you, but this idiot is a different story. Maybe you forgot to tell him what you once told your sister & family. So let me remind you again, since you seem to have also developed the Good-Stuff Allergy on your own writings lately. You wrote, and I quote:

JC is not a low-life. He is an educated man who worked hard for all he has. He is always there to help everyone but he is not going to let anyone walk all over him


That was so true and well said. So beside letting this Punk-Al make the mistake of thinking that he could walk all over me, you found in him the true low-life to make Joelle happy. LOL


BTW: Regardless of the nonsense you say now, I know you do not hate me that much. In fact, I believe that spending 4 years blaming me for the break up with zero evidence, is a form of denial to suppress the True Love you have been forbidden from having.


So you can try to blame me, or repeat a lie a million times, it will  never become true. Therefore you cannot find peace because the truth resides with you in your conscience, and it remains undeniably TRUE


Take care,




So Mr. Punk-Al,

You saw what I wrote to my separated wife. and having said all that I have to say to you, the ball is in your court. But my advice to you is to get lost on your own as your days are counted. And this is what happens when people stick their noses in the wrong man’s marriage, even during a marital separation.


Finally, I’ll be coming over the house to check on my belongings. So, if one paper clip is missing and, just as I warned you if one hair is missing from Marline's head, you will know me for real.


Have a nice day. And don’t forget to identify yourself if you are legit


Eng. Jean Claude Elie.



Now, in trying to determine what flipped the Punk-Al into a jealous rage of insecurity, I came up with one possibility which I present in these humorous verses.

Prophecy or Coincidence



They dated after she left 1st husband for JC. Then became soul-mates.

5 YEARS later they split up friendlily & she dated this 'JJ' guy.

5 YEARS after, she dumps JJ, returns to JC & became Mrs. Elie in 2011,

5 YEARS later, jealous women made her break her marriage in 2016.

Now, almost 5 YEARS separated, she's dating this Punk-Al character.

He checks calendar & sees 5th Year of break up coming soon in 2021.

Punk-Al panics fearing becoming next to fall to the 5 YEARS curse.


~~~~ THE QUESTION ~~~~


But Lady Sandra did not help poor Punk-Al by writing me






And let me close this Episode with a milestone statement defining what you have read so far.


So I start by repeating to our families and to all instigators, that Jean Claude Elie holds no grudges against anyone and hates no one. But while I will never return hate with hate, or an eye for an eye, I shall not stand to be ignored as I request accountability from those who did so much wrong to so many out of hate, greed and destructive jealousy over our marriage. And they should be aware by now hat shielding themselves behind a wall of silence only reflects a consciousness of guilt and a guilty conscience.


Therefore, contrary to Punk-Al's fears of a marriage reconstruction, and even Sandra's heartfelt wishes for it to be so, it has never been part of my mission. My timeless objective remains accountability, explanations, and uprooting of the hate, jealousy and greed that targeted a marriage, indoctrinated a wife into an ultra-feminist cult, poisoned a daughter's mind against her father, dismantled a family, and stained the legacy of our matriarch with such an ungodly immorality that even a death in the family is used for hate-mongering, and an attempt to split me from my Alzheimer stricken sister who just became a widow. It does not get crueler than that.


So No! This is not about marriage reconciliation, and even if the 5-YEARS CYCLE was truly a prophecy, then it's in the hands of God, and cannot be controlled by me, Sandra's wishes, and even less, by the Punk Al's desire to see me disappear.


What is needed instead, is for Marline to stand up for the truth by overcoming the 'People-Pleaser" compulsion that pushes her to cover up for the culprits. Because no ex-wife, either separated or divorced, ever spends over 4 years constantly complaining about a marriage if it was that bad. Specially when her own written words at the time tell a different story.


In the end, his is purely a reverse psychology of denial that has always been transparent to all. So her constant complaining about the past is what fueled the Punk-Al's insecurity, leading to this Episode #5


So it is time for my family and the Mith to deal with the truth that has been proven. The truth that this catastrophe was ignited by her sister Joelle Mith-Joseph, and sealed by my niece Dr. Marie Dupiton. But this acceptance of the truth must start with the person this whole catastrophe was built around, Rose Marline Mith-Elie.


So I close for good with a feature 3 minutes video by Michelle Obama speaking to the families about hate and the Truth that will set you FREE.




This new  video message is compiled from her speech at the 2020 Democratic National Convention, showing her delivering some powerful words of wisdom to our families. YOU'LL LOVE IT


Now, as I had mentioned during the preview release of this video, I will be sharing it via Twitter with the Obama's, the Biden camp and CNN for these reasons:

FIRST: To be transparent, since I created it using Michelle Obama's speech at the Democratic National Convention,

SECOND: To show the families that when I used the term 'Global Nuclear Campaign', I did not use the word 'Global' lightly.


So if anyone is feels victimized by the publicity they are getting from the 'Global Nuclear Campaign, which is still at Stage 1 of 5, they can only blame Dr. Marie Dupiton  who blocked my last peace offer, and opted for the Global Campaign over  negotiation and coming clean. It is the same stubbornness, intrasigance and selfishness that got us here, and behind her uncaring attitude of who she hurts. A selfishness that was also condemned in Obama's words.



Following publication of the above, I followed up with these additional communication which were all shared with Marline, the families and Mr. Punk Al.

Here is the first one was addressed to Punk-Al

Good Day Mr. Al
I hope you enjoyed everything I shared with you, and are impressed with my highly intellectual writing, my video editing skills, graphic & web site design skills, my philosophical aptitude, even my poetry skill used to explain your ‘Insecurity’ in verses. And deserve your congratulations on that. So you should take back calling me imbecile & illiterate. Because you just witnessed maximum Intellect & Literacy. But most of all, to take back your insults of Marline in suggesting that she would marry or be dating an imbecile or illiterate, which sadly makes you the first one.


THEN, having shown you my deep history with her and the serious issues I am dealing with, you see why I will remain relevant until she recognizes the truth of what was done to her, and which sadly brought us a Punk-Al.


IN ADDITION: When it comes to the TRUE LOVE that Lady Sandra nicely wrote about, ask Marline about the book she wanted me to write on us, titled ‘A HAITIAN LOVE STORY”


FINALLY: With your bluffing history, I take it that, in telling me that you got rid of my stuff, you were bluffing.. Otherwise you better plan to make restitution. AND IT’S NOT A BLUFF.

IN CLOSING: I am still waiting for your apology on your ‘Crack’ comment to spare her family the publication of embarrassing personal information if you really care about her


So, enjoy your verses, and your story is now published IN FULL at

Have a Nice day.

Engineer Jean-Claude Elie


Then the next 2 went to Marline

Dear Marline,

How are you?
Attached is a message that I just sent to Al. But I first want to share some positive words with you.
Now from reading my report on this Punk-Al saga, and seeing the way I disposed of him and defended your honor, you must feel proud remembering the caliber of husband you had, just as everyone else is realizing.

But most touching in my report are the words of Lady Sandra who highlighted the TRUE LOVE she witnessed in our story. Specially from your true words of the past that you are now ignoring in order to make me the scapegoat for a break up that was orchestrated by our families.

With this report out, you can no longer claim that the marriage was horrible when Sandra and everyone else can see the opposite from your own words telling me just weeks before the break up that:
These cannot be words of lie, and no woman will accept that you wrote them to a worst husband in a horrible marriage.

Ironically, the Punk-Al saga turned out to be a blessing, as lady Sandra unknowingly came out to set the record straight. And since the truth can no longer be denied, you no longer need to protect the culprits. So THIS IS A TURNING POINT FOR YOU to accept the truth and regain your individuality

Remember that the first positive community involvement in this drama came from our friend Jacques who attempted the reunification with my daughter, and called for me to make peace with my family. Now comes my old acquaintance Sandra hoping for THE QUEEN TO RETURN HOME. Well, I am not asking for all that, only for the Queen to be herself once more and find peace with the truth. Ironically, we can see how positive people can care, the way that our families should have cared.


So today, I make one request of you. After reading the attached message to Al, find some quiet time alone to read the full report in Episode #5. You will not be doing it for me, but for you, as it will tell you a lot.

Have a nice day


Finally Marline,

You should also enjoy the attached verses I wrote to highlight Al’s insecurity, and for him to realize that he was not dealing with an imbecile or illiterate. Because Marline (Not the ‘WOMAN as he referred to you), does not marry imbeciles or illiterates.

And just so you know, he never replied to my apology request for his use of the word crack. But I never intended to release the information on members of your family, as that would be unfair since they were not the ones who said it. I was just bluffing to see how much he cared for you or your family. So based on him being OK with me publishing the information, it tells you how much he cares.

So when you say that I did not like your family, now you know who does not.






You will finally enter the Mad Doc Dupiton horrific period of terror and human cruelty when  she drives her uncle through a hell of a false arrests, eviction, threats to life & vision, Medical misconducts,  etc. in her failed attempts to shut me down and avoid accountability for her sins and inhumane crimes




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