The critical document below contains classified information & picture-evidences of such sensitive nature that it was sent in confidentiality ONLY to the families involved and to a select group of recipients. However, that limited distribution was conditional to certain requests being satisfied. But since this has not been the case, the document is being declassified today for full public disclosure.


Because the creators of this catastrophe must realize that acts of inhumanity, such as those depicted below, cannot be swept under a rug hoping that out of sight is out of mind. And while the demise of a marriage by jealousy-driven women is not unheard of, what a father will never let anyone sweep under the rug is the cruel victimization of a daughter in the women quest to dismantle a marriage.


So this is the reason this confidential document is being made public today.

Now let's get to it starting with the opening massage to these selected recipients.


Good day readers,

To those of you who have not heard from me for a while, my long silence only means that I've been working hard behind the scenes in the struggle for truth and accountability, as this dramatic report will show.

This is an classified report being sent only to the families and to a select group of community readers. A confidential document containing dramatic new revelations and the disclosure of shocking 'Top-Secret' picture-evidences that reveal a greater  level of hate, inhumanity and acts of cruelty than previously disclosed, putting the Mith family under the spotlight of scrutiny. And as my sister in law Joelle Mith-Joseph had falsely accused me of an act of violence, you will discover who was the true victim of violence and abuse with pictures to prove.

 Acts that the instigators had hoped to keep secret  from the public so they would continue to deceive the community  behind masks of innocence and charity. But unfortunately for them, the God who works in mysterious ways gave me the technical & writing skills, and wide community contacts to tell my story. Otherwise, I would have been history today as a man denigrated by an avalanche of falsehoods and slanders. Instead, I am about to turn the table around for my nemesis to learn that "People living in glass houses should not throw rocks".

So while these new revelations and pictures are embarrassing, the release of these skeletons should  convince the families to address the pressing issues, specially those involving the victimization of my daughter. Otherwise this report will be released to the general public.

Part-1 is an expanded version of a confidential letter that was delivered to Marline's uncle Eric Picard of the Mith family, followed by a climaxing Part-2 with the most disturbing set of 'Top-Secret' picture evidences of life inside a dungeon


- PART 1 -
Did Mith family ever care for Marline & her children?

October 10, 2020

To: Eric Picard, Elder of the Mith family
Copy to: Mith & Elie family members

Dear Mr. Picard & all

This communication is one that I consider to be my most significant address to you & your family, and one that my family should also benefit from in light of the brand new revelations that I will be exposing today with the potential of full public disclosure if my simple requests below are not given proper attention.

The message closes with some personal words to you on behalf of your niece Marline. So be sure to read it to the end, as these new revelations will enlighten you on unscrupulous activities that went undetected within our 2 families with negative impact on your niece Marline, and also my daughter. Then hopefully, that will move people from a confrontational stand to one that is more conducive to a positive outcome. If not, I will be satisfied that I’ve tried my best to avoid the steps detailed below.

So let me start by reminding you and our families that it was in 2018, more than 2 years after the marriage break up, that I started to publish my story that was solely focused on my family in response to them evicting me from my sister’s house hoping to escape accountability for their actions. At the time, my hope was that they would choose to address my concerns rather than face more embarrassment from additional disclosure of damaging personal information. Therefore I never expected that I’d still be at it after 2 years with the Mith family finding its way into my internal family disputes


It started with my family’s post-marriage pressure on Marline that led to her strange behavior of latching on to my family and daughter, then acting as Johanne’s defense lawyer. Suddenly, the falsehoods that she refuted in the past became her new reality as she adopted Joelle’s long defunct lie that I assaulted her daughter, and injected her family in the mix by telling me: “You hated my family & kids”.

At that point Mr. Picard, I wrote you to express my concerns over my family’s negative influence on Marline, and to advise her to stay away from them, especially from my niece Johanne who's making her revive dead issues involving your family. Otherwise, I would have to expose the real stories of the Mith family’s past actions against us in order to refute these falsehoods.

Then last June, I asked you to encourage Marline to support a peace initiative I had extended to the families. But not only was my advice to you was ignored, the only feedback I ever got back were disrespectful text messages from Marline’s kid brother Richard with the words of Police & Harassment” that he learned from controlling big sister Joelle.

So I finally launched the Global Nuclear campaign in 2020 with the first episode of “The Mith Archives”. That was more than 2 years after my first publication on my family and the release of TheClaudes.com website. Now the fact that the website was titled TheClaudes.com, and not TheClaude-Mith.com is clear evidence your family was not a focus of my publications when they started.

Once again, I recently informed you of the upcoming explosive newspaper article with the full story on Doc Dupiton who, after causing my blood pressure to shoot to 230BP, drove my wife into a state of temporary insanity, compelling her into an attempted negligent homicide by convincing her that I was faking the 230BP reading on the blood pressure monitor. An act, if successful, would have left Marline carrying the bag and the legal consequences for Doc Dupiton.

So now, I became very concerned that the readers of the upcoming newspaper article will be left with a condemning view of Marline, rather than view her as a manipulated victim of Dr. Dupiton. Therefore, to direct the blame where it belongs, I requested confirmation of some critical facts from 3 people with firsthand knowledge of the incident. Those are my nephew Eric on the Red Aspirin’ placebo, my daughter Tanisha on the mysterious 6AM frantic phone calls, and from Marline who was put at the center. Then I again requested that the Mith family encourage Marline’s cooperation in my effort to limit her perceived complicity in the plot.

So Mr. Picard,
I hope that you and her siblings will finally stop focusing on disliking me and show more care for Marline so that she can finally pull away from the grip of the Claude & Dupiton to put herself as her #1 in this situation.


So let me give you an idea at of the potential new revelations to be disclosed publicly, along with the release of the first set of troubling picture evidences depicted below as part of the 'Global Nuclear' campaign going to the next level. Now, bare in mind that this not my wish, but what you will again force me to publish.

Now, it is no longer a mystery that as Marline's husband, I was maliciously & falsely accused of abuse & violence by her possessive big sister Joelle Mith-Joseph, who had fabricated the 'Assault on Tiffany" lie. So I feel hat it is time for me to turn the table around to educate you on the history of real documented violence in the Mith family. Stories of Mith violence that I am sure you would not like to see published in full, or posted on social media.

  1. Acts of physical violence on me:
    elow, are troubling picture depicting various acts of violence that I was subjected to and that resulted in my blood streaming behind my neck & on my hands. Also a picture after getting poked in the eye by my wife, and a snapshot of the BP monitor reading a killer 217/136. And there is a troubling story behind each one.


  2. Assaulted by Tiffany's dog
    This next picture-evidence shows dog bites on my legs from Tiffany’s dog commanded to attack me. But the command did not come from Tiffany.


  3. Nicholas series of assaults on me:
    Now, I am are not talking about some Joelle fake "Assault on Tiffany". I am talking about real-life assaults witnessed by Marline herself.
    FIRST: There were 2 cases of him standing in my office doorway at home wanting to play with my internet router. Then when I told him 'no, he violently shoved me back, and luckily I landed on a sofa.
    SECOND: Then came the big & real "Assault on JC". That took place the day Nicholas was blocking my bedroom doorway, and as I tried to walk past him to leave the room, he suddenly lunged at me and violently took me down with a chokehold, just as you saw was done to Eric Garner in the news. Luckily I did not strike my head on my way down as I landed flat on my face with him on top of me, cutting off my breathing with his chokehold. All happening in front of his mother Marline who, upon me requesting that Nicholas apologizes, she told me that there would be no apology since "THIS IS HOW HE WAS TRAINED TO REACT".

    Well Mr. Picard, let me ask you this: "Did Marline mean that the Mith family trained 26 years young Nicholas to assault his mother's 64 years old senior citizen husband with chokehold?.
    Because I am sure that this not the type of training taught at Morehouse University, for which I was repaying his delinquent college loans at the time of the assault.

    But the proof that this training is from a mindset of violence within the Mith family is reflected in the next case of attempted assault by Marline's brother Ronald on his then girlfriend Joelle Gaudin at my home. PLEASE READ.

  4. The story attempted assault of Joelle Gaudin:
    In this case, we have lovely lady Joelle Gaudin driven to insanity by Joelle Mith-Joseph after discovering her Gaudin name as co-signer on a 2nd mortgage loan taken by boyfriend Ronald on their mother's house without boss Joelle Mith knowledge (A long story). Then came the day she visited us looking like someone lost in space, and witnessing her boyfriend Ronald Mith having to be restrained by 3 men from attacking her when she simply asked Nicholas to walk her to the subway. So while in a lost mental state, she was forced to hit the streets alone in the middle of the night looking for the subway station.

    All I could do was pray that she finds her way home safely to Brooklyn. But It was a moment of Mith violence in my home that remained engraved in my mind, as I always felt guilty for not having accompanied her myself. Then when I later asked Marline “How come the always lively, happy-going Joelle Gaudin, friend of president Martelly, is now a spaced out & speechless mental case?. To which Marline shocked me by replying “She is crazy because her whole Gaudin family is crazy”.
    I guess Marline got that from my family telling her that “Jean Claude is crazy because I had an uncle who was crazy”.

    Well, it is a full story that I am sure the well-known Gaudin family will be glad to read, and demand accountability from Joelle Mith & all. So good luck.

Now tired of wicked people also trying to pin the drug & alcohol label on me, let me again turn the table around to educate you on real life stories of drug/alcohol in the Mith family. Stories I am sure you do not want to see go public.

  • The story of Ronald Mith DDS, as a recovered drug addict who was discovered spaced out on crack in his dental clinic and secretly admitted to a rehab center by his sister Joelle.

  • The story of Nicholas arrested in Atlanta for drug possession and ordered to complete a drug program.
  • The story of Richard Mith arrested for drunk driving, and for which I went to pick up his mother to bail him out of jail.

Again the following are also actions I could have taken as I was subjected to cruel prosecution by Doc Dupiton, and by psychotherapist Joelle Mith while still with my wife . But I never did because I was not raised to hurt family, and also because I do not return hate with hate, nor an eye for an eye. However, when my good heart is mistaken for stupidity, It's time for Jean-Claude to turn the table with the next 2 actions:

  • Complaint filing against Dr Marie Dupiton MD of Camkids Pediatrics for medical criminal activities of attempted homicide using my wife, and criminally-minded diagnosis of Faking a 230BP. Also for hiding from pharmacist to willfully deny me critical medication that resulted in damage to my vision. Then her history of cruelties, fabricating false arrests, brainwashing and cultist indoctrination of my daughter and wife.
    A pediatric Doctor who believes that the medical codes call for mental patients to be arrested and  jailed, just as she tried by flakily diagnosing me as mental case in a fraudulent police report to get me arrested.. Don't take my words, take hers in her own handwriting.

    However, the Mad Doc is the one who went insane after she was booted by the judge, then flipped into insanity mode yelling in the courthouse hallways "His daughter said he is crazy". So the Mad Doc even tried to pass the buck on to my daughter for the 'Crazy' slander..
     All that will prove to licensing authorities that Dr. Marie Dupiton of Camkids Pediatrics, Lic. # NPI-1720174642 is truly a Mad Doc unfit to practice medicine.

  • Complaint against Marie Joelle Mith Joseph LCSW, to be filed with Licensing Agency and employer Queens hospital for unprofessional & unethical conduct, and for exhibiting psychotic behaviors through her volumes of atrocious & incoherent mental writings to me and my wife; Her plots to dismantle a marriage; Her history of corrupting the mind of Marline’s children and brainwashing them into thinking that I could kill their mother. Even feeding Nicholas a Bronx murder video and coercing the children into writing troubling letters of fear for their mother’s life. It was an obsession with violence that went to the extreme when she irresponsibly used Tiffany’s name to commit perjury in a court complaint by falsely stating: “Tiffany came in our room to stop me from KILLING her mother”, as evidenced below from the actual court document.:

    On top of all that, there she was as a licensed counselor going into hiding for weeks from our marriage counselor seeking to consult with her on her sister Marline's martial issues that she was responsible for. Then later she blocked a family meeting that Marline had requested to address her family's issues with her marriage. A meeting my wife had happily confirmed with me through this text message just a couple of months before the sudden break up

    And let’s not forget Joelle kicking Marline out a restaurant during a family celebration because she came with her husband. Etc., Etc.
    But as Marline stated to me many times, ‘Joelle suffers from occupational hazard’, and even wrote her to say, Joelle, not everyone is a case study”.

    In the end, the licensing authorities will conclude that Joelle Mith-Joseph LCSW, Lic.# NPI-1134295579 is a psycho who is unfit to be counseling anyone.

So Mr. Picard, let me make 3 significant points about what you just read.

  • FIRST: The above are embarrassing information & pictures that I always had in my possession, but never published as doing so was irrelevant to my internal family drama.

  • SECOND: As all families have their skeleton closets, the Mith family is no different, but these are significantly above normal. Still, I did not judge the family by them.

  • THIRD: Now since some of my evidence came from confidential conversations with my wife, it may be instinctive for you to criticize her for sharing them. But if the Mith did not know this, 'Once someone marries into a family, he/she becomes family'. So just as she did with me, I had also shared my personal family information with my wife.

  • The problem comes when in-laws attack the marriage, all bets are off. So the people to blame for these disclosures are: 1) The family members involved in character assassination that must be discredited. 2) The Mith family focusing on disliking me rather than focus on Marline's best interests. 3) The men of both families going on ego-trips to prove their manhood to the divisive women of Joelle & Johanne. In fact, let me borrow an idiotic quote from these women
    Look into the mirror and you will see who is to blame for these disclosures".

It was 2011, when as a senior citizen, I had settled for my old age in marriage with the love of my life. Then I soon found myself being disrespected by in-laws calling me a low-life, alcoholic, insane, delusional, a crazy man assaulting my stepdaughter, a physical abuser who could murder my wife, etc.
Then I woke up one day in 2016
to find the dream of a peaceful old age shattered by our own families, and simultaneously losing my wife, daughter, family, business, finances, investments, down to my car, then subjected to more false arrests, eviction, etc..
Then for some inexplicable reason, people expected me to put my tail between my legs, and simply go away with no questions asked.


So Mr. Picard,

What your Mith family failed to appreciate is that, while I was being wrongly accused of the same violence, alcoholism, drug abuse that I just documented as historical in the Mith family, I have maintained the confidentiality of the information relating to your family for years. Therefore, what I should be getting is recognition & gratitude for my restrain, instead of disdain and the disrespect of silence.

However, as I often say: “PEOPLE WHO LIVE IN GLASS HOUSES SHOULD NOT THROW ROCKS". So after years of rock throwing at me, the glass finally cracked and all the Mith skeletons are about to escape. But one skeleton had already escaped when Joelle opened a crack in the glass ceiling throwing a rock by calling me a low-life husband for Marline. So I had released the skeleton of her husband Stanley's double life as a bigamist with a 2nd home, family and child out of wedlock.

But to be impartial to both families, I must say that Joelle was not the only one who experienced infidelity. Her partner in crime Johanne Dupiton had a father with a mistress and a son d out of wedlock. Therefore, it takes great audacity  for these women to judge my character as husband to Marline when I never came close to even think of cheating on her, much less having a child outside of marriage.

Thus the reason that more skeletons will start escaping from the closets if my simple questions are ignored. Questions like:

  • The reasons my family targeted my life, marriage, wife, daughter, then prosecuted me for elimination.
  • The reasons the elders of Johanne Dupiton allowed her to dismantle & disgrace our family out of evil jealousy & vindictiveness.
  • Answers to questions about the Red Aspirin placebo and the 6AM frantic phone calls that followed Doc Dupiton's attempted homicide plot.
  • BUT MOST IMPORTANT are answers as to why & how my sole daughter was morally corrupted and mentally manipulated into Doc Dupiton's plots against her own father.
  • Then an explanation to the mystery of the loss of my daughter coinciding with the break up of my marriage, when one has nothing to do with the other, and when being a lifelong father has no connection to a 5-years long 3rd marriage
  • Etc., Etc.

Now Mr. Picard, please stand by for the first time ever disclosure of the classified and most troubling "Top-Secret' picture-evidences that are sure to shock the world if publicly released under the 'Global Nuclear' campaign.

Respectfully yours,

Eng. Jean Claude Elie


- PART - 2 -

Having now completed Part-1, you have met the prerequisites to move to the next level of disclosures. In that Part-1, you learned about some very disturbing events and behaviors that took place along with the disclosure this first set of 6 "Top-Secret' picture-evidences below.

In this Part-2, I will be declassifying a brand new set of disturbing Top-Secret picture-evidences from my private vault along with stories of my secluded life in a dungeon inside the marital home. Horrific pictures that will reveal a much higher level of cruelty and wickedness on the part of my niece Dr. Marie Dupiton, and proving my claim that my wife Marline was induced into states of temporary insanity that led to her actions and behaviors as depicted above, and below.

I must add that these new picture-evidences will also be used to add weight to the complaint filings mentioned in Part-1 against professional licenses and employers for unethical conducts and criminally-motivated behaviors.

In this first section, I intend to show you how my wife was being triggered by outside forces into personality transformations that led to the following 3 cases of uncharacteristic behaviors and verbal abuses on her part.

While these 3 cases may present a somewhat negative image of Marline, I am OK with sharing them. Not only as tough medicine against the cancers that the families have refused to face, but because the behaviors depicted in these stories do not represent the true Marline I knew as a good wife of 4 years, but a transformed Marline created by evil-minded individuals in the 5th year of marriage.

In addition, since Marline's transformation is identical to the one my daughter was subjected to, giving this tough medicine is personal to me as getting to the roots of Marline's transformation will also help address that of my daughter.

Now, since these next 3 were first revealed to the families on my late mother & matriarch's birthday in heaven, I am starting with these words that highlight the gravity of the situation we are in.

We've again gone through another year of our matriarch celebrating a birthday in heaven with tears in her eyes over the actions of her grandchildren generation & her first child Liliane Claude, and over what the Marline she admired allowed to be done to her son as his wife. That is why the first case that I will present involves hurtful words from my wife relating to my mother. Words that always brought me pain on this day, but words that I attributed to outside forces triggering her into moments of temporary insanity. Because, just as all the incidents above took place in the 5th and last year of our marriage, so did the ones below.

These most hurtful words were said when my wife, triggered into some form of temporary insanity, threw at me the most grotesque insult known to Haitians as, she suddenly said to me in Creole “LANGÈT MANMAN’W" (A Grotesque reference to a mother's genitalia).

In shock, I told her to never again insult my dead mother, but she just stared at me and twice repeated “LANGÈT MANMAN’W". At that moment, I put my hands over her mouth to keep her from repeating it.

In the end, that was the most hurtful insult I had heard from my wife, and one that I had reported to my family. But none of them cared since using Marline as a tool to self-destruct her marriage was more important than our mother/grandmother.

However what she did next proved that she had gone through another instance of sudden transformation, because once she flipped back to her normal mental state and realized the gravity of her words, she sent me this message of apology.

An apology that sets her apart from those who NEVER apologize for anything.

While we were in bed late one day talking and laughing as we did each weekend, I innocently mentioned Tiffany’s name. Then her demeanor suddenly changed as she threw at me "TIFFANY PA KA SANTI’W (Tiffany cannot stand to smell you). In shock, and realizing that the name Tiffany was another personality trigger, I simply dropped the matter.

During an argument with my wife about her sister Joelle's intrusions, as most arguments were, my wife again flipped personality in the most despicable way. She tossed her head back and suddenly SPIT IN MY FACE. As I went into shock, she spit in my face 3 more times. Stupefied, I asked her to apologize, but then realized that she had once more flipped into her induced temporary insanity.

Now to further prove my belief that Marline was being triggered into flipping personalities, here are 2 more apology messages she sent me following her recurring cycles of insane acts & apologies. The significance of the circled words is given below.

What is most revealing about her apologies, is that they differentiated her from those members of our families who CANNOT & HAVE NOT apologized for one thing done, nor one lie or insult made.

BUT ONE BIG OBSERVATION came from the first line of these messages saying "... for all we have been through in the last few months". She did not say 'last few years', which proves my claims that everything I reported above and below took place in the last few months of the 5-years marriage.

THEN ONE CLUE I MISSED BIG TIME is from the last line of the 2nd message when she wrote "... please don't get anyone involved". In saying "anyone" she was referring to my backstabbing niece Mad Doc Dupiton & her mother Liliane Claude as they were the ONLY 'anyone' that stupid me continued confining into.

With that, let's go into the new 'Top-Secret' picture evidences.

The Top-Secret picture evidence below was taken to document how my wife, triggered into frequent cycles of insane behaviors, had pushed me into a life of loneliness & episodes of deep depression living in horrible conditions inside a dungeon of a guest room for months and subjected to frequent verbal abuse about Joelle, Tiffany etc. .

It is such an embarrassing picture that I had kept it secret. But now I am forced to disclose it to emphasize the gravity of the personality transformation Marline went through in just in a few months at the hands of wicked women who are now hiding from addressing the consequences of their actions.

So here is Jean Claude Elie's horrific life in secrecy inside a dungeon in the marital home. No need to feel sorry for me now as it's in the past.

MOST IMPORTANT: This picture was taken soon after Doc Dupiton and the Claudes executed the audacious Thanksgiving-2015 kidnapping of my wife at my daughter's house, and threw me into the deep state of depression depicted by the picture.

It was also around that same time that my wife was being dragged into a single-wife lifestyle of secret parties by Doc Dupiton and her girlfriend Rachel Berthoumieux, leaving me home alone in the dungeon. In fact, It was inside that same dungeon that, upon my wife returning home from secretly attending the 2015 Heal Haiti gala with Doc Dupiton, her sister Dominique and Rachel, that she threw at me her newly learned Dupiton feminist slogan of "Mwen fè sa'm vlé, lè'm vlé. Soti lè'm vlé, rantré lè'm vlé". A shocking slogan I had recorded that October 2015 night from inside the dungeon.


During the early stages of my wife's transformation, I did not suspect that my family was contributing to her condition. So I had put 100% of the blame on her sister Joelle with her intrusions, and on her family's boycott of our home. So I called my sister Liliane and Johanne to get their thoughts on my wife's transformation, and with my trusted niece Johanne being a Medical Doctor, I asked her: “Jojo, what do you think is making Marline flip from being the nicest wife one day, then becoming a verbally abusive person the next day?. Is that what bi-polar is?".

Then she replied with something like this: "No, it is not bi-polar. To me, Marline suffers from a split-personality disorder that exhibits itself when triggered by something or someone".

But what I now find interesting is that the Doc Dupiton who had diagnosed my wife of having 'Split-personality', is the same Mad Doc who had diagnosed me as 'Faking a 230/130 High Blood pressure'  in her plot to have my wife put my life at risk with an act of Depraved Indifference, and also the same one who diagnosed me as a mental case who needs to be put in jail.

These diagnosis y Doc Dupiton are no coincidences, but there is more....

Now, since I had no clue that my niece Johanne was a principal actor pulling the trigger of the split-personality she diagnosed Marline with, I even told her that I can now understand how depression can drive people with weak personality to commit suicide.

Then I told her and her mother Liliane that I could use some visit from my family for moral support in getting through this period of frequent depression. Then I told them that since Marline is someone who keeps things bottled inside, I felt that she could use someone to talk to outside of her family. So I suggested that, when they come visit me, to try opening a conversation with her without bringing up anything I told them, but to just be friendly ears and hopefully she will open up about her family issues that are the roots of her frequent mood swings.

So for days I waited for their visit, then for weeks and month, BUT THEY NEVER SHOWED UP, NOR EVEN CALLED ONCE.

So blinded by family trust, I chose to make excuses for them not showing up or responding to my request for friendly conversation with Marline. So I later came up with another idea on how my family could help. So I called sister Liliane Claude to do me a favor and told her.

Hi Sis... Please do me this favor. Give Marline's sister Joelle a call for me. Act as if you don't know anything and just mention something like, "You've noticed a little strain between your brother & Marline, and was wondering if she knew anything". See how she replies and take it from there. But even if she acts dumb, just the fact that you made the call will make hem pull back the pressure on Marline.

But to my stupefaction, my dear sister replied "OH, I DON’T KNOW THESE PEOPLE & IT’S TOO SENSITIVE".
To which I replied: "These people that you do not know are your in-laws & extended family". Then I hung up the phone on her.

 Well, that was only the beginning. So here comes Top Secret Evidence #9.

Now this next 'Top-Secret' picture evidence is one that I recently shared with the immediate family as I reminded them of a test I ran to check Marline's mental state following the "FAKING-230BP' incident.

A test for which I called my wife at work saying that I was very sick and may need to go to the ER. Then I set up a video camera in the room, and acted as if I was dead to see her reaction. Well, when she came, she cracked the door open, and seeing me motionless in the bed and not reacting to her opening the door, she quickly closed it. Then ext thing I saw, she was on the phone reporting to Doc Dupiton.

Well the video of that incident is one that I am not about to release, and keeping in my back pocket as a last resort. But as proof, I am sharing with you a snapshot picture from the video to show the set up, and also to give you a different view of the dungeon I lived in for months.

Earlier in Part-1, when I exposed the history of violence in the Mith family, I had also revealed the incident of Nicholas assaulting me with a chokehold. Well, that assault took place inside that dungeon room, and this is the bed I had landed on face down with him on top of me.

However I was freed from the dungeon when Marline agreed to solve our problems by attending the 4-days 'Retrouvaille' Marriage retreat at the Immaculate Conception Seminary in Long Island with other couples, priests, prayers and God. We came back home rejuvenated and with the commitment to start fresh. So much so that we cleaned out the dungeon to rent to a college student.

But, Doc Dupiton was not happy with that. So 2 weeks later, she executed the audacious Thanksgiving-2015 kidnapping of my wife at my daughter’s house. An act so dramatic that I landed back in the dungeon. But soon after, Marline bounced back and sent me the New Year 2016 resolution which she signed “Your Queen”.

Well, Doc Dupiton was even more unhappy about that, and in Jan. 2016 she struck the final blow to the marriage. That was just 3 weeks after that resolution signed 'Your Queen".. Thus the reason we are today.

Now on to Top Secret Evidence #10,

Now that you've witnessed my horrible life in a dungeon, you are now about to witness how my wife was also instructed to starve me to death.

Now, I am a good cook, and my wife was privileged to often come home and find a full course dinner ready. Something that created another source of jealousy for the Dupiton & Claude women with husbands who can’t cook an egg. But with me often in a state of depression in a dungeon, the last thing in my mind was cooking. Then I noticed that my wife had also stopped cooking as I was surviving on Chinese food.

So when I asked her about her non-cooking, she replied "I AM NOT YOUR MAID. YOU CAN COOK, SO COOK FOR YOURSELF". So after getting brainwashed into Doc Dupiton's ultra-feminist doctrine, Marline believed that she was a maid the previous 4 years.

Then when I told Johanne what Marline said, she showed no concern for her uncle going hungry. So since the last time I saw my family I weighted 190 lbs, I got on a scale and took this picture showing my weight going from 190lbs to 165 lbs, and sent it to them.

And since I got no feedback on the picture, the next time I saw Johanne I asked her: “HEY JOJO, DID YOU SEE HOW MUCH WEIGHT I LOST?”. Her exact reply was ‘MWEN WÈ SA WI (Yes I saw that). No concern, no suggestion, no offer to talk to Marline, because these were her instructions. So this is how my family screwed up my wife & daughter's heads with their cruel ultra-feminist mentality.

Now, comes the climaxing 'Top Secret' picture-evidence saved for last..


Now, this climaxing picture is one that I could have never imagined releasing in my wildest dreams. But due to the stand of non-cooperation imposed on Marline, even in addressing the issue of my daughter, I have no choice but to use all tools at my disposal to force public pressure to get answers.

But I must start by apologizing to Marline for this release as the picture makes reference to her daughter Tiffany. However, the one person to blame for that is again Dr. Dupiton who had sent me an outrageous text message in which she linked the picture & Tiffany to the marriage break up. A behavior that is consistent with Doc Dupiton who, knowing Marline's weakness for the children, used them to trigger the split-personality that she had diagnosed her with.

Therefore, before showing that picture, I must first show you the text message that Doc Dupiton had the nerve to send me in 2018, as if she had resided in our marital home.

Now, instead of positive advices to help her uncle and his marriage, you just read Johanne confessing to her complicity in the marriage demise by blaming it on idiocies that she must have put in Marline' s head. Like me invading her children privacy and throwing their stuff in the garbage. But the big one here that caused me to release this next unpleasant picture is her accusation that 'I sent out pictures of Tiffany's dog sh*t'.

Well here is the truth on that one. There was ONLY ONE picture that was sent in STRICT CONFIDENCE, and ONLY to Doc Dupiton and her mother Liliane during a private phone conversation when I was complaining to them about the unpleasant view that welcomed me each time I came out of my bedroom with Tiffany's room facing me. So I took the picture to show them what I was referring to.

So here is the look I was sharing with them in privacy. An unpleasant picture that I had not even shown to my wife, but that Doc Dupiton obviously used to trigger Marline by falsely claiming that I sent it out to people. So Marline only has Doc Dupiton, who  she's been covering up for, to blame for this release.

Take a look. The little brown spot on the floor are all the "Dog Poops I had to look at each day, and that Dr. Dupiton thinks are healthy and sanitary in a girl’s bedroom that looks more like a dump.

Well, what you just saw would never be acceptable in Doc Dupiton's home, nor in Joelle, Ronald, Richard, Eric or in the home of any wife. But if it's Tiffany's room and dog poop, it's OK, as Tiffany is a good trigger to make Marline break her marriage.

It's the picture taken after good husband Jean Claude put on the gloves and protective equipment to enter the room with disinfectants, then ripped out the carpet, scrubbed the mud built underneath, varnished the floor and refurbished the furniture. Then after all was all done, here is the picture of the same room with a shinning floor that made my wife happy and thankful for having a hard working husband.

So with Dr. Dupiton glorifying the 'Before' view, and ignoring the 'After' view, it proves that we have a wicked Mad Doc who is also jealous of Marline's hard-working husband.

And as far as Tiffany's dog Carter using the whole house as his private toilet, good-husband JC also hand-fabricated a gate so the Dog can roam safely in the backyard, and toilet-trained him to do his thing outside.

But good-husband JC did not stop there. I spent my own $250 to invest in a luxury dog house for Carter. And again for the evidence that does not lie, here is the picture I took soon after and sent to my wife showing Carter relaxing comfortably inside his new luxury home with the sign "Carter's house" at the entrance.

So if the Jo's tag-team of Johanne and Joelle thinks that all these good deeds for my wife and for her daughter's dog Carter made me a low-life & a bad husband, you can advise them to get counseling and treatment for their cruel, chronic and destructive jealousy.

But I close this section with these words for the Mad Doc:
Since Johanne's other accusation relating to my wife's children is that I broke the marriage because I "put the children's stuff in the garbage", I guess that instead of throwing out all the junk & infested carpet with Carter's 'poop' in the garbage, I should have had it all shipped to her house in Baldwin, or to Camkids Pediatrics. Then I'd still have a marriage today.
Why the hell didn't I think of doing that?



As I had ended Part-1 with some burning questions for my family, I am closing this Part-2 with some concerning questions for the Mith family relating to their attitude toward Marline who they view more like a doll to pamper, rather than an individual able to make her own decisions, or a mature woman able to manage her home, or as a wife able to handle her own marital affairs with her words treated as irrelevant and set aside in favor of Joelle's words, even those of her daughter Tiffany.

And I say to the Mith family that: "If you disagrees with me, then here are some questions to ask and answer to yourselves. Because if you truly cared for her wellbeing and respected her individuality & her words, then how do you explain...?

  1. The fact that after I showed you evidence of the women of my family taking advantage of Marline by brainwashing her into an ultra-feminist, anti-men cult mentality with Marline promising to do whatever they ask of her as she stated in this text that she sent me,

    how come you just did not care about that?  and her helping them do what?

  2. As to her helping my family, I told you of a police detective informing me that Doc Dupiton had dragged Marline to the police station to involve her in a fraudulent police report, how come you did not raise hell that Marline was becoming Doc Dupiton's pasty?

  3. Then beside latching on to my family, we have Marline who has her own daughter Tiffany, latching on to my mine who Doc Dupiton offered her as reward. Something that Marline confirmed in these messages I had shared with you, and in which she put my daughter first on her list, then audaciously told me that my daughter is a wrong lady in my life.

    Words showing a delusional mental condition with Marline thinking that my family is now her family, and that my daughter is her daughter who I have no business with.
    So Mith people, if you cared for Marline, how do you explain not seeing those as something psychologically wrong with her?

  4. Then when I told you of my embarrassment when a couple told me that they saw Marline acting as a maid at Johanne's house, serving guests her party, how come you were not also embarrassed for her? Is it because it is the same way boss Joelle uses Marline as a servant at her parties

  5. When I explained that Doc Dupiton had coerced Marline into an act of attempted negligent homicide that could have gotten her decades in jail if it had succeeded, how come you did not scream OH MY GOD if you cared.?

  6. When I showed you an email of Marline to her girlfriend Rachel Berthoumieux that looked more like an embarrassing love & apology letter saying crazy things like "her dearest friends comes before her husband... that I'll never have the relationship they have... that she'll kick her husband's ass out for Rachel, etc", How come you were not shocked at Marline degrading herself to Rachel.

  7. When Tiffany boycotted her mother's home to pressure her to leave me, and I saw how much that hurt my wife, I wrote Tiffany a letter begging her to end the boycott of her mother. So how come you all supported her boycott rather making her end it as her mother's marriage was not her business?

  8. When I showed you a laundry list of Joelle’s history of negative psychological influence on Marline’s children for years, how come, as her brothers & uncle, you did not confront her if you cared for the children?

  9. After I secured a Marketing position for Tiffany, then worked with Nicholas on his resume to get him a business position, that Joelle made them both lose, how come no family member tried to help Marline's children careers as Bad-JC did?

  10. When Nicholas could not afford to repair his car, and Joelle kept harassing him for using his grandmother's car after Marline gave him permission to do, I was the one who secretly spent $800 to get it fixed, and gave Marline the key for him. So how come no uncle offered to help Nicholas, even uncle Richard working for a car dealership.

  11. Then as I was helping repay Nicholas delinquent college loans, and Joelle blasted Marline over debt collectors calling her house which resulted in another Joelle police drama, how come there was no outrage over the actions of the Joelle who would not lend $20 to her sister without a signed 2-weeks contract to repay?.

  12.  FINALLY TO RONALD: There is this question that always bothered me since my wedding day. If you truly love your sister Marline, what could have made you skip attending her wedding which is the biggest celebration in a woman's life? Was that a show disapproval, or a lack of sister love?

    And the list can go on for 10 more pages.

So if I could care enough to be troubled by these questions, but her own family never did, then the case is made that the family never truly cared for Marline.


Now, let me make it clear that in reading these final words, I am in no way trying to preach to anyone, as this is not right or my place to do. But as an elder to you all, I am hoping that you will welcome a few words of wisdom on what you just read.

Having said that, one of my strongest beliefs is that living in 'Truth' is a value that defines 'True Adult Maturity', and the ability to recognize our mistakes is what elevates a man to the status of 'Bigger Man'. So today, I think that we are at the crossroads where adults in both families need to reason as 'True adults', and our men need to become 'Bigger Men' with empathy and the courage to extend apologies when appropriate.

So as I focus on the men of our families, let show you some actual cases where acceptance of the truth and being bigger men can bring closure to this drama in ways that hiding behind silence and expecting me to simply disappear can never do. Because, just like all untreated cancer cells will spread to kill you, everything I presented so far are the cancer cells that, if allowed to be released publicly, will result n a reputation and profession killing epidemic.

The 2 examples I am about to present are based on the single event that started it all and resulted to my statement above that "Marline is not treated as an individual by her family, and her words are set aside in favor of Joelle and Tiffany's words".

As proven before, it was in January 2014 that Joelle ignited the fuse of this catastrophe with the fabrication that I "Assaulted and Punched Tiffany". A lie that was allowed to spread like a cancer in her family. But as Marline recognized the danger, she immediately responded with a strong condemnation of the cancerous lie that I assaulted her daughter in letters to her family from which I quote:.

Marline to her family
... this situation started with an accident...
... Tiffany was not satisfied with my action she decided to call the entire family.

... to make a long story short, this incident was over. It was an accident.
... Jean Claude would never hit a woman

So with Marline the wife, mother & lady of the house having spoken, one should assume this cancer was dead on arrival. Well It was, until Joelle who seems to think that 'Accident' means 'Assault & punch', came back with the following.

Joelle to Marline
... What disturbs me and the family is that this "good man" assaulted your daughter...

... you and him described it as an "accident", It was no accident, just as his suspected abuses to you .

Then Joelle to me
...you crossed the line when you punched my niece on the face & tried to choke my sister
... you tried to
choke Marline & punched her daughter she loves so much on the face?

So Marline tries the truth with kid brother Richard Mith:

"Ricky, when you came to my house and got involved in my family issue, it was because Tiffany was accidentally hurt. ... I love my husband and I want him to feel comfortable again with the family" .

Ignoring his sister whose words are irrelevant, brother Richard sent me this letter full of threats.
First, as I have talked about the history of violence in the Mith family in Part-1, this letter from Richard loaded with threats of violence proves me right, and also shows where Nicholas got the training to assault 64 years old senior citizen with chokehold. That letter
also confirms that this drama is the result of Marline and her words being treated as irrelevant. For example:

FIRST: With him being only Marline's kid brother, whatever made him think that he has the authority to tell me "...you can leave the house"? I guess that the irrelevant Marline had nothing to say about that.

SECOND: In saying "..you are not going to throw my nephew and niece out of the house". Not only did he ignore that Marline is the wife and mother who speaks for her children, but I wonder who put in his head that I can be so inhumane to them. Oh I know who, it had to be Big Boss Joelle.

THIRD: Then when it comes to the house, for him to tell me that "none of your money did not go into buying the house", he must have forgotten that neither did his money. But most important is the fact that I did not marry a house but Marline. And when her house was facing foreclosure, it was my money that  saved it for his sister, and that none of his, Joelle or Ronald money went into saving it. Thus giving me plenty of rights to talk and make decisions as man of the house and husband bringing in more beacon into the home. Not a loudmouth kid brother in law.

FOURTH: As to him telling me "You will stay in your place", my reply is "I was in my place as the head of the Elie household". The only one who needed to stay in his place was the arrogant kid brother with no respect for his big sister and her home.

Then the proof that this drama is the result of Marline's words getting no respect is in the contrasting ways that Marline described what happened,  and what he wrote in his letter above.


So here is what how Marline described the moment to her family, pointing out my gentleman-like reaction toward Richard. Then I will tell you afterward why his reaction was so different and threatening.

Marline to her family: on Richard's visit :

"....the next day, Ricky came to my house and started to talk to JC, Jean Claude stayed calm and even shook his hands"

So if 'I stayed calm and even shook his hands', my only explanation for this letter is that kid brother Richard wanted to show his manhood to Joelle as some 'Bigger Man', since big brother Ronald never spoke.

But what he missed is that his behavior is not what being a 'Bigger man' is about. It's about what Marline told her family, which was: "JC stayed calm & even shook his hands". Because a little man would have gone for a baseball bat.

In fact the best example of 'Bigger Man' was in my reply
to this atrocious letter, and specially how I addressed his threat of "Bring your boys, I got people too". I simply explained to him that:

Well Richard did not like my 'Bigger Man' response & claimed that I insulted him. But there was no insult, only that the truth often hurts and it takes a 'Bigger Man' to accept the truth, rather than be angry at it.



Now, in addition to Marline's words being ignored, let me give a specific case of how disdain for the truth was the greatest factor in creating and sustaining the drama.


Fortunately, unlike other cases, this one was recorded on video from start to finish by Tiffany who, upon entering our bedroom at 2AM with camera running, proceeded to grab her mother and started to drag her out of the room until I ran over to pull her back inside and close the door.


Then after Joelle claimed that I had assaulted and punched Tiffany, I knew that there was a smoking gun video to condemn or exonerate me. However, as the accused, I could not get to see it. But after putting a lot pressure on my wife by telling her that the police that Joelle had called wanted to see the video, Marline was able to get it from Tiffany.. But a big surprise awaited me.


For a video that ran some 2 minutes or more, I only got the last 15 seconds when I reached out to pull my wife back into the room. So just like the missing minutes of the Nixon Watergate tapes, we have 2 missing minutes of the Joelle-Gate tape.


Now, in order for you to capture the significance of the deduction that I am about to arrive at, you must first view this 15 seconds video clip that I was provided before we proceed.

Well, between all the 'fu****g' profanities packed into 15 seconds, the only 'hitting' you heard about was Tiffany claiming 'You hit my mother', not hitting her. To which Marline immediately and strongly replied: 'No. he did not hit me... Get out Tiffany". Therefore we can unanimously agree that Joelle Mith-Joseph owes me an apology.


But even as recently as this year, I have continued to ask her family to provide me with the FULL video to put the matter to rest publicly once and for all.



First, let me ask you: "Is that the kind of behavior and the profanities that you found acceptable from a young niece toward her mother & her husband Inside their bedroom?


But most important: You have all seen the full video that proves that Tiffany and Joelle lied. So it is time for 'adults to act as adults', and for 'men to act as real men' by admitting that your actions created this major 2-families catastrophe. Then if you can find the courage to become 'Bigger Men', you will also apologize. But I am not hoping for all that, only that you address the consequences of the actions depicted by the 'Top-Secret' picture-evidences presented above that culminated in your Marline's head getting screwed up, her marriage ruined and reputation stained. Actions that nearly cost me my life, cost me some vision, dismantled my family and led to the moral & mental corruption of my daughter.



As I told Marline once, God did not give us children to hold on to for life. He made us mothers and fathers to raise them, teach them good values & manners, give them guidance and education, then release them to the word to restart the cycle.

Well, as a father, I completed that cycle to my satisfaction. I gave life to my daughter Tanisha and raised her with all the values I was brought up with. And throughout her life as a divorced father, I never missed an important event in her life, whether it is an anniversary, parent-teacher meeting, science project, dance recital, track competition, yearly moves in & out of her Seton Hall dormitory, trips to summers camp, even loading my RockMasters van upon her asking to go DJ at her mother & grandparents anniversary parties & church functions. A father who took her with him wherever he went from Jersey to Boston, Florida, Haiti, etc., and who met or overpaid every penny of his child support obligations without ever skipping a beat.


Just like by some Houdini magic trick, the Claude & Dupiton of my family transformed her into an unrecognizable person who lost all values to disrespect her father, promote lies, even exhibiting cruel act of abandonment, to refusing to take him to surgery, etc.


But the most troubling one is the stand she took in covering up for Doc Dupiton's attempt on her father's life by refusing to explain the frantic ' 6AM phone calls from Doc Dupiton and her to my wife following the "Faking-230BP" plot.


This is an immoral transformation of my daughter that coincided with my wife's transformation into the Split-Personality diagnosed by Doc Dupiton as part of a psychological warfare that targeted my daughter and wife.



As far as Marline is concerted, if at her age she could be so vulnerable & gullible to be indoctrinated into the Claude/Dupiton idiotic ultra-feminist cult of insanity, and later refused to free herself even with my help, then that is her stupidity & her loss.


But as to my daughter, it's a different ball game for which the Claude/Dupiton have not yet seen the final score. Because they will answer to her and answer my questions, or their accountability will carry a significant high price. A price that the Mith family will also share in if Marline does not cooperate in addressing the issue of my daughter.


As I told Doc Dupiton more than once: 'Messing with a man's marriage & wife is one thing. But when you also mess with his daughter and her mind, YOU'VE CROSSED THE RED LINE.'.


In the end, what I am demanding is what all fathers like Ronald Mith, Richard Mith, Stan Joseph, Frantz Balmir, Gregory Claude, Patrick Colimon and even Guy Theus-Dupiton, would demand for their daughters. So if these men and fathers have any honesty and integrity, they will demand the same for father Jean-Claude Elie. Because this is way bigger and more consequential than their assaults on a wife and marriage.

In closing:
We are at the point where the Mith family risks having all its skeletons above and those still in the closets explode wide open to the public and on social media if it does not collaborate and to insure Marline's cooperation.

So I hope that what I exposed above will motivate people finally follow the truth that I have been preaching to Marline, my daughter, nephews, and now to the Mith with the phrase: "Only the Truth shall set you free"

The same truth in this video message I had put together of Michelle Obama addressing our families, and that I leave you with today.



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