An Essay on the Values of Male Authority Figure

What happens to a family void of a strong male figure, or a woman able to fill the shoes of a missing physical male, is exactly what has happened to this family. But a couple of things are uniquely different, and worse in the case of this family.

FIRST: This family has plenty of physical males who for years, were assumed to be filling these leadership roles within their spheres of influence. That was until it surfaced late, that not one of them was filing that role.


SECOND: The absence of effective male influence left total control of the family and all decision making (good or bad) to women who would squash any attempted male influence. Even going as far as involving of outsiders into the family business to help destroy a blood relative attempting to impose himself as a significant male. In this scenario that we are living in, he is Jean-Claude Elie, the elder male and son of the family's late matriarch,


THE GOAL of such opposition to male influence or participation was to allow the imposition of a feminist, women superiority mentality on the family, by coercing everyone into a twisted cultist doctrine under the control of Doc Dupiton. Ultimately leading to the destruction of the whole family.


Let me start with a brief introduction of the men who should have been the male figures alongside the women, providing some leadership and support when the family faced adversity.

HENRY CLAUDE: Late husband of sister Liliane Claude, and father to Johanne & Dominique. A good man who was a mentor to me, and who tried to provide some leadership to his Claude family. But he was greatly hampered by alcoholism, that also made him dependent on the women of family. He was never respected by his daughters, specially the youngest Johanne Dupiton, who also taught my daughter how to be disrespectful to her father.

ERIC BALMIR Sr.: Husband of my other sister Roselyne, and father to Eric Jr. & Frantz Balmir. He never had a father figure in his life, therefore did not have the leadership tools required to transfer manhood into his sons. He lived totally dependent on the women of the family. In the end, with his poor heath and his wife suffering from Alzheimer, the Claudes took control of him and his home under the blind eyes of his naive sons.

GUY THEUS/DUPITON: Husband of Dr. Marie Dupiton (Johanne). The last person to marry into the family after Marline. When I expressed to him during an honest husband to husband conversation, my concerns over his wife's infringements into my life with the expectation that he would address the issue, he shocked me with the response "I do not get involved in family affairs". To which I replied: "When you married my niece, I thought you became family". In the end, he was immaterial as a male figure, to the point that he traded his Theus family name for his wife's ex-husband name of Dupiton . But Marline had a better explanation during her good wife days when she said: "Guy can't talk in that house in fear that Johanne will kick his butts out". But what Marline missed, is that Johanne's devious plan was to have Marline kick her own husband's butts out, while she kept her Guy.
PATRICK COLIMON: Husband of Dominique Claude-Colimond, who I call 'Smiley', because he always has a smile. He leaves all decisions to his wife, but I give him a pass because of his innocent and harmless personality. He may not even be well-informed of what is going on today, as his wife took refuge with him in Florida.

FRANTZ BALMIR (FANFAN): Nephew and son of sick sister Roselyne. Married to a prima Donna who practices the principle of "Fe sa'm vle, le'm vle. Soti le'm vle", while she refers to her husband with demeaning nicknames of Fanfan Who-don't-talk, Fanfan Who-dont-care, Fanfan Big-Belly, Fanfan You-can-slap-and-he-just-smiles, Etc. So, I don't need to say more about his male leadership influence.

GREGORY CLAUDE: A nephew in military service who is disconnected with the drama. His single attempt at initiating a peace process during his last visit here was squashed by Doc Dupiton, and short lived like all previous & subsequent attempts. Then he went back to service & to his family. He gets a pass from me.
ERIC BALMIR JR. (RICKY) Nephew and elder son of sister Roselyne, who I once believed was providing male leadership to the family during my decades living away in NJ. A belief based on the fact that he was very involved, and always showed deep caring for the family. I had also trusted him to look out for my daughter's well-being since the 2 were very close. As the elder male of his generation, I will be saying more about his surprising and defining contribution to the family breakdown.

JEAN-CLAUDE ELIE (CLAUDY): The only son of our matriarch, and senior blood male of the family. A committed family believer and supporter who never once said the word NO to anyone in the family, nor to his wife Marline. Except when 'no' is the right answer. He is the one whose male leadership role averted many Johanne instigated family divisions, by hosting family reunions horning our late mariachi. A man of peace and a promoter of the acronym DTRT (Do The Right Thing) to his juniors. But that would go into one ear and out the other. For those qualities, he was viewed as a male threat, and targeted for destruction by Dr. Marie Dupiton.

So as you can see, with the 8 names listed, the family is not short of male bodies, and should have been be rich in male leadership. Therefore what was the problem?



It all started when the 2 strong women who filled the males shoes for this family were no longer available for these roles. These women were our matriarch who gave birth to 2 daughters and a son to start her family tree.


The other strong woman is her second daughter Roselyne Mackenzie-Balmir, a sister you have not heard much about in this family drama. Therefore I think it is now important for me to say a few words about her, as she is also a reason for my determination to fight the injustice, immorality and inhumanity that the Claude branch has brought to this family following our matriarch passing, and later with my sister Roselyne's Alzheimer affliction. What I am about to say about sister Roselyne is also for the benefit of her sons Ricky & Fanfan who do not realize that you must know your history if you are to be somebody making the right decisions in life.


 Roselyne Mackenzie-Balmir is a sister who, following her studies at 'Lycee Des Jeunes Filles' at the age of 18, left the comfort of her family in Haiti to board a plane for a long voyage to Congo, Africa on a teaching contract. A long flight to this far away continent that almost took her life, as the plane had to make an emergency landing on its belly when metal hit concrete with sparks flying. An incident that she did not tell the family till decades later. There she met husband Eric Balmir, and started her family. At the end of her contract she came to the US, and worked her way from Brooklyn to Cambria Heights, Queens where she bought the first house owned by this family in 1969. From there, she brought the whole family to the US one by one, starting with mother, then her little brother Claudy who she pushed through college and into a Masters Degree in Engineering.


Her house in Cambria Heights, where she still resides, became the starting point where members of the family passed through to make a life in the US. A house that catered many weddings, baptisms, communions, graduations etc. A house that became a family landmark, where everyone took refuge in time of need. A house whose doors were never locked and anyone could walk right in anytime during the day or evening without ringing a bell. A house that took people in, and never turned anyone away. Finally, a house where our mother took her last breath for her final journey. Then not long after, my sister Roselyne started to show early signs of Alzheimer, as her husband was struck by a stroke.


That's when the house began to change for the worse. And as my sister developed full Alzheimer, the Claudes stepped in. Then in 2016, following the Dupiton scripted break up of my marriage, I automatically took refuge to the same old family house without having to give notice, as I had a key. So once more, I was with my sister, giving her support and putting a smile on her face.

But it did not take long for me to discover that it was not the same welcoming house, as sister Liliane came over and yelled at me: "Tout moun konnin ou fou. Map fe yo fout ou deyo ici'a tou" (Everyone knows ou are crazy. I am going to get you kicked out of here also).


Well, this was the day I learned that I was crazy, and it was also a confession hat the crazy/mental Claudy slogan that Doc Dupiton was insanely screaming in the hallways of the Westbury court house was a fabrication o the Mad Doc. But, I was even more shocked with the last word of "tou"(also), which was a confession that she had me kicked out of my home before. And the only prior time was a few weeks before from my marital home. Thus 2 solid confessions on her part in the house where our mother's soul still resides.


Then I soon learned that, when the Claude/Dupiton renegades team speaks, it's serious business. Because in a matter of months, the family house that took people in, became the eviction house, as brother Claudy became the first victim with an eviction notice being delivered to me by 2 of the family's so-called men listed above. They were my nephew Frantz, and nephew Ricky who promised to have my back, now stabbing it as he executed an act scripted by master conspirator Dr. Marie Dupiton of Camkids Pediatrics. The same Dr. Dupiton who had sent the very first eviction notice to my wife and I for our office apartment above Camkids after our wedding, proving once more that all bad things start and end at Dupiton/Claude footsteps.



Well, how did it get to this point?

 In applying standard family chain of command and seniority ladder, once our matriarch took her last breath for her long journey above, the baton of her family legacy was inherited by, and automatically passed on to her elder first daughter Liliane Claude.


Similarly, as sister Roselyne was overtaken by Alzheimer, and her husband not fully recovered from his stroke, her Balmir branch legacy baton was also left for her elder son Eric Balmir Jr. to pick up and carry forward.


Now, it is clear tat upon receiving the batons of family legacy, , they both dropped it like hot potatoes of responsibilities. And opportunist Johanne quickly picked them up to impose her anti-men & women superiority doctrine over the family.


So, once I observed the gave threats to the survival of a family that lost all common senses with 7 male figures standing by as spectators, or participants in its moral degradation, I did what my responsibilities called for as the elder male and official patriarch of my mother's family. I demanded answers, explanations and rectifications. Not just for what happened to the family, but to the following 3 big questions:

  1. Why were these family problems directly connected to my marriage to Marline?

  2. Why did the family breakdown occur simultaneously with the unrelated marriage break up?

  3. Why were those immediately followed by the split with my daughter?.

Well, as I took on the leadership role, little did I know that niece Johanne had used those dropped batons and her MD license as some credential to jump over 4 levels of the seniority ladder as the self-proclaimed family authority. Then go criminally insane over the idea of a real male leader (not a boss), participating in decision making. A deranged attitude that she audaciously extended to my marriage, where my being an influential male partner to my wife was also problematic to her. Specially as I began to host family events in our more spacious home, which the Doc viewed as a challenge to her monopolizing of family functions.


All this led her to the delusion of using the batons to whip uncle Claudy into submission. A grave miscalculation about an uncle who used to change her diapers, now decades her senior, and 100x smarter than she could ever be.


Still as a man of peace, my first move was to call for a family meeting that my nephews and daughter had agreed to set up, with the elder nephew Ricky in charge. The nephew hat I had trusted as the male figure of the family. In fact, upon hearing about my wife putting me out, he immediately informed me that:

"These women of the family are trouble, and the reason he lives far in Brooklyn. They had even sided with my previous wife against me. In addition, they never apologize for anything"

Then he went to demand explanation from Marline, and even made her return my pension payments she was holding back.

And as far as these women never apologizing, which we all have 2 years of proof today, he had made my daughter be the first to apologize after she made a disrespectful gesture toward me. Then for icing on the cake, he told me “Don't worry uncle, I got your back"


At that moment, I became convinced that my wife & in-laws would have to deal with him for our family. In fact, my trust in him was evidenced years before when I had made him my first choice of best man for my wedding to Marline. But God with his vision into the future had created a conflict, and he was substituted.



So after my nephews and daughter agreed to set up the family meeting, I waited a long time to hear back. Then the Claudes once more used the youngest one, my daughter to deliver their rejection this insulting and disrespectful message to her father:

"''No one wants to sit for hours listening to ou talk about conspiracies. Thee will be no meeting unless it's with a psychologist or drug counselor''


So, it became clear to me that dealing with sister Lilliane and her daughters was not going to be easy. And since the Balmir males were ineffective in setting up the family meeting, I thanked them for trying, and said that I would not need them in this purely brother/sister conflict with my sister Liliane.


But the events that followed revealed to me that I was ignored and that my nephews were converted by the women as male renegades. And that my trusted nephew Eric Jr. who had my back was on top of my back stabbing it with the help of his younger brother Frantz. So. out of the window went my belief in a family male leader.


But the treasonous behavior was not restricted within the family, as I witnessed something that was a first in the history of families.


 While all families, even at time of adversities bind together to resist outside threats, this family did the opposite. It sides with its antagonists, and helps them destroy one of its blood members. They even linked with my wife, a nephew's wife, my in-laws, even my separated wife to take down an uncle, brother, even a father in the family. All while the family men remained as spectators, or like my 2 nephews, assisted the anti-family campaign with outsiders by desecrating the family home in Cambria heights with acts such as:

  •  Nephews allowing outsiders to send police to their parents house to arrest an uncle

  • Teaming with non-family to file false police complaints on family.

  • Bringing City Marshal to evict their senior from the family home

  • Slandering a family member with labels of drug addict, mental sickness, and encouraging outsiders to do the same.

  • /Promoting an outsider's fabricated label of me as 'Elder Abuser' of my sick sister in her home. Even sister Liliane said nothing.

  • Nephews turning their parent's house into a fortress with surveillance cameras in every room to watch the movements of a family member under attack.

  •  "Blocked phone to control.......

  • And the list of treasonous actions with outsiders against the family goes on and on.

In fact, my separated wife Marline Elie was the family's most powerful outside weapon against me, by using her fragile personality as a people pleaser who welcomed being told that any wrongdoing by her adult children of family member was actually my fault. So in being fooled to turn against her husband, Marline became Doc Dupiton's tool to use against this uncle, to the point that Doc Dupiton recently dragged her to a police station to file a false charge that the DA rejected.



To make the point, here are 4 direct quotes reflecting the family treason with outsiders through the words of 2 non-family, followed by 2 family members. These 4 demonstrate what happens to a family when negative women are let loose without a single significant male figure.


SEPARATED WIFE MARLINE: (To Denigrate male & show authority over me in family)

●   You tried to CONTROL me with you MACHO MANN.

●   U got the wrong ladies. Me & Tanisha we do what we want when we want

●   I agree with your family & will help them anyway I can"

     (Still trying for one example of “control & macho man act)
    ( As for helping my family: Getting dragged to police station by Mad Doc is evidence)


EX-WIFE PAULETTE: (Brought Back in to attack blood family)

●    ''You like to tell people what to do. You can't control me''

●    ''The one you left me for really fucked you up. This is KARMA'
      (I'm able to control a remarried wife? - And Karma 30 yrs late on a fib?
       Good Trick Mad Doc.


NEPHEW ERIC BALMIR JR.: (Male figure converted into women 'control' talk)

Upon me asking him how my daughter and boyfriend were doing, he replied

●    ''I don't like her boyfriend, he is controlling & tries to CONTROL her''

      (So a strong man is a 'controller')


DAUGHTER TANISHA: (On male insignificance)

●    ''You had a nice wife to deal with your mess.
        You could not just shut up and be a good husband


So: Guy Dupiton, Eric Balmir Sr., Frantz Balmir & Patrick Colimon are ''Just-Shut-Up” husbands''. Proving the reason for family breakdown. But since real man JC can't be one he must be destroyed. I think that those 4 examples gave  a picture of a family without a male figure.


In the end, I hold the men of the family largely responsible for allowing the negative women to drag he family down a dark hole. From Doc Dupiton's husband Guy Theus-Dupiton, who observed all the plots, conspiracies and cruel acts being scripted from his Baldwin home & renegades headquarters. Even silently observing the kidnapping of my wife being executed by the wife he sleeps with every night.


 And while he once told me: ''I do not get involved in family disputes'', he was the first male to cut off communication with me, and who was present in court to support my niece actions. That is not non-involvement, but coward involvement. In the end, he is the definition of Tanisha's ''Just-Shut-Up" husband.


But the top ''Immaterial male'' trophies go to my nephews Eric Jr. & Frantz Balmir who, after being clearly advised not to get involved in a brother/sister dispute that did not concern them, they became the executioners for Doc Dupiton in leading the family into disgrace. They turned their mother's family home of prayer into a shameful house of eviction, now resembling a fortress with surveillance cameras in every room to monitor everyone's movement on their cell phones. A totally psychotic behavior prescribed by Medical Doctor Marie Dupiton of Camkids Pediatrics.


And while on my nephews, let me share these 2 sets of written words from nephew Eric Balmir Jr. Words that glaringly show his transformation over a short year, from being a trusted man and a believer in family values, to an indoctrinated subject representing the worst of what Doc. Dupiton did to a used-to-be great and united family.


On the left is a message he sent me in reply to my initiative for a family reunion honoring our late matriarch in 2015. And on the right is a message he sent over a year later to me, the Claude, Dupiton, Balmir, Colimon, including my daughter & her mother. A message in which he proudly celebrated in the most vulgar language, his successful mission of evicting me from his mother's house on behalf of Doctor Dupiton.



Hello Uncle Claudy,


I am extremely excited that you have chosen to take the lead and host an event to honor Memmere after 10 years of her passing.


I believe a celebration of our family values is long overdue! You have set an example of how we can continue to share our family values with our children and this needs to be well commended.


Your Christmas Family Tree is not only thoughtful but Brilliant. You have some serious graphic skills.

By the way I never call you Uncle Claudy ( LOL) -

-Ii just felt I had to follow the chain of command structure you are setting

Eric Balmir Jr.

 List of Dupiton character assassination


You are fucking with the wrong one. You homeless drug addict. Get some psychiatric help and you will get your family back! Get off the drug you sick Fuck! Childish chortling is not demonstrative of maturity from a 62-year old senior citizen who sees himself as a victim with no self blame.

I could describe how your habit precipitated an argument with my mother and precipitated the death of your mother - my grand-mother... then showed at my parents during the wee hours of the night bringing your vice ...

How you did not pay rent becoming a professional SALOPAR.... How your unclean habits caused the house to be mice infested...

 How in the break of 3 marriages and a few liaisons, you are the COMMON DENOMINATOR!!! ... We cannot endorse or support your love affair with mind altering drugs n alcohol nor an obsession with my aunt, cousins, brother, sister in law over our self inflicted demise of your marriage to Marline....

Whatever how my dick swings, I have not taken my family through drama... Get help... I will be right there when you get it!

(Last comment refers to the fact that he is homosexual)

Now, I will not spend time discrediting each statement in the 2nd message, since their falsehood is obvious. Bt I will make these 3 points:

  1. Now it is obvious that no one, including me, could not go from the person on the left to the one on the right overnight, upon a marriage split. IMPOSSIBLE.
    No one here, nor anywhere on this planet who knows the Jean-Claude Elie on the left, has ever seen the person the right. Unless you are a Dupiton brainwashed victim.

  2. And you all know by now from the mountains of evidences you've seen, statements on drug, 0 for 3 in wives etc. are nothing more than a Mad Doc creations for character assassination.

  3. Final proof is his reference to the crazy/mental slogan that the Mad Doc was recently yelling during her mental breakdown in the hallways of Westbury court upon badly losing, as reprinted below.


What you just witnessed, is a sample of the brainwashing and cultist indoctrination of members of the family by a psychotic, sadistic Mad Doc Dupiton. These 2 abnormally contrasting messages from one individual in a short time span will serve as the lead off to the subject of my next major report which is:

The rise of the Dupiton Cultist mentality into the transformation of a cult family


And to prepare you for that report, let me give you an updated to my last report on the insane spectacle in court after losing the ''Ass is Grass" trial. It is another example of what can happen to a family without a male leadership, or a strong woman to fill in the male shoes.




Dear Readers,

You are about to experience the closing 2 days of the Dupiton "Ass is Grass" case trial where you will see for yourself the true face of Doc Dupiton, and her true personality live in action. Two days of a trial she started, and when she did not get what she expected, which was the physical disappearance of her uncle, she exploded in totally unexpected and shocking manners. Then my work in exposing the truth will have been vindicated. That is all I need to say. So let me have you be your own witness, and make your own judgment.


- JULY 10 2019 -

This day finds Doc Dupiton back on the witness stand to answer questions from her lawyer, trying to justify her court action. But what her answers really proved, is that she lives in a bubble of herself, totally oblivious of the reasons we were there. Oblivious of the problems, and their sources. In fact, she seemed oblivious of the existence of the other individuals who have also been victimized and strongly criticized in my writings for their actions on her behalf.



Sitting on the hot witness seat, Doc Dupiton started to present a laundry list of her complaints. So let me share a few of them with you, the community jury.

  1. She complained about feeling annoyed at m publications to the community, and my creation of the web site www.theclaudes.com, while fully aware that every word I ever published is 100% factual, and never challenged by her or anyone in the family.

  2. She complained about me promising to ruin her reputation, oblivious of the fact that her own actions and behavior are ruining her reputation. And If she did not commit these acts, there would not have been a www.theclaudes.com website.

  3. She complained that I nicknamed he a 'Mad Doc, oblivious of the fact that I provided evidences pointing to the behavior of a Mad Doc. Such as: 1) Hiding from pharmacists. 2) Giving "Faking High BP" diagnosis. 3) kidnapping a wife. 4) Creating mental ex-wives clubs for a married woman. 5) Telling a newlywed wife that her husband brings girls to his office. 6) Sending singe party invitations to a married woman. Etc. If those in totality are not qualifications for Madness, I do not know what is.

  4. She complained about my use of terms "Sledge Hammer" and "Bombshell", as making her fear for her life from a senior citizen uncle. Oblivious to the fact that I was referring to a brain sledge hammer . And that the term "Bombshell" did not refer to a chemical explosion, but a Huge Story.

  5. She complained of being in fear also from my 2018 statement that her "Ass is Grass". Not realizing that all she needs to do is look behind her to see that a year later her Ass is still not grass.

  6. Then when asked about why I would do these things after testifying previously that I was a good uncle, her answer was that "She did not know what happened". Well I was again anxious to fire up the BBQ grill when I get on the stand the next day to remind her:

    • That I was abandoned on Hillside Ave, and she made me enemy #1.
    • My wife who she brainwashed, and my daughter she poisoned against me.
    • The ex wife club she promised my wife if she left me.
    • Coercing my nephews to evict me from my sick sister's house.
    • The Jamaica Estates obsessive jealousy driving her to ruin a marriage.
    • Her secretly planned Haiti fraud divorce of my wife.
    • The 2015 "Thanksgiving kidnapping" of my wife?
    • And the list of what went wrong goes on and on...

  7. She complained, and I quote: "Mr. Elie contacted my patients and employees through the Camkids web site". Yes people, you heard right. That is exactly what she claimed on the stand and under oath. So let me ask all of you Doctors, nurses, healthcare professional and patient sworn to Doctor/Patients confidentiality, "WHAT THE HECK IS ALL HER PATIENTS CONFIDENTIAL CONTACT INFORMATION DOING ON A PUBLIC WEBSITE"

    Now here is the huge evidence that Doc Dupiton will throw anyone under the bus if she has to. That includes my wife Marline and daughter Tanisha who I hope will finally learn to listen to me after reading this. Now you have heard plenty from me about her "Faking 230BP" diagnosis to purposely put my life at risk, and for which I have evidences, including live witnesses in my wife who was tricked by her evil-minded diagnosis, and my daughter who was used in cover up phone calls. So because of these 2 names involved, I did not take the matter any further.
     Now here comes the sadistically delusional Doc Dupiton stating from the witness stand "MR. ELIE ACCUSED ME OF TRYING TO KILL HIM". Knowing full well that I would have to implicate my wife and daughter to back up what I that fact. So one has to wonder of her motive was in light of evidences like this audio recording of me questioning my wife when I thought that her family was behind it. JUST LISTEN:

    So, was her bringing it up in court a dumb move, or a calculated one by the devious Doc?. To me the latter is the right answer, and I was not going to take the bait and get my wife and daughter involved. So again, I hope this devious move by the Mad Doc will open their eyes

So, this is basically how her testimony went that first day. A testimony filled with promotion of herself and of her Camkids Pediatrics Empire with 100,00 patients. So the session ended to be continued the next day Fri. July 11, when she would go crazy ballistic over the a settlement in my favor


FRIDAY JULY, 11, 2019


Come Friday morning, I arrived early ahead of everyone else with charcoal and fuel ready to fire up the BBQ grill on the stand, and make Hot Dog of the Mad Doc. But I soon realized that there would be a change of plan, as my lawyer called me on the side for a private conference. She told me that she was informed that Dr. Dupiton will be out of the country for 2 months, which means the next trial date after today would not be till close to the end of the year, dragging the trial into next year. So the judge who did not see the wisdom of such a case carrying on for so long on her calendar, delegated her court attorney to propose a settlement to both lawyers.



So my lawyer explained to me that the proposed deal is to make the temporary order into a permanent order that will automatically expire and dismissed this coming December 31. And if I accept, we will be done today, and will not have to return to court. GIVING THE DOC NOTHING


She also stated that this deal which is a win-win situation for me, as the Doc will be away for 2 months, therefore making it effectively a short 4 months order, and a deal which Doc Dupiton will have difficulty rejecting. Because she would she be dragging things into next year with her travel, and even if she was to win in the long run, which was unlikely, the most she would get is another 6 months order, and more legal expenses


So I said, after all this time what's another short 4 months? Specially when I will not have to return to court. In the end, I already taught this kid niece the lesson:

"To never mess with your senior, and to never again stick her nose in a man's marriage, nor mess with a man's wife and daughter."

So I told to my lawyer go tell them "I ACCEPT". . Then she said to me with a big smile:

,"Consider this one more win in your record. I am going to let her lawyer know that we accepted.


So I went outside to wait as my lawyer went to give our decision to Doc Dupiton's lawyer and the court attorney. Then Doc Dupiton's lawyer called her on the side to further discuss what we agreed to. I could not hear anything, but seeing how the Doc looked agitated, I knew that something wasn't going right. After a few minutes, the Doc walked back, seemingly unhappy and sat by her husband. Then my lawyer then called me back inside a conference room and said:

"Mr. Elie, your niece is fuming. She can't believe that after a whole year going through this, that she is basically being asked to capitulate, And what seems to get her the most is that she spent a little fortune on a lawyer to get nothing. In addition, she seems to see it as a humiliating defeat to you"


At which point I told my lawyer "Good for her, and Thank you for a great job. My victory is complete, and I hope that the lesson taught is learned by her". So at this point, we figured that it was a done deal. But little did I know that we just lit the fuse to a bomb ready to explode in the hallways of Westbury courthouse.



So I go back to take a seat at the bench a few feet away from her husband Guy, as the fireworks are about to begin. So lets go to Showtime

  1.  First, I watched the 2 lawyers talk to each other, then they called Doc Dupiton over. Then the court attorney joined in for a 4-ways conference. So watching the body movements, I said to myself that something ain't right. Then the Doc ran back to sit next to her husband, looking mad like a pit-bull ready to bite.

  2. Next, my lawyer came over and called me back on the side and aid to me:

    • "Well Mr. Elie, your niece is loosing it. she is asking for 2 years protection, mental evaluation for you, etc. etc. So the court attorney came in and she was told that she was not going to get any of that, even if the trial was continue, and she was to win etc. etc."

    In other words, the Mad Doc started a trial, and is now getting a forced settlement stuck in her throat like a fish bone. So the bomb is about to go off

  3. So here we are all outside the court room, with me seated on a bench across Mr. & Mrs. Dupiton, and a some 20 feet away are our lawyers and the court attorney. All of us waiting to be called inside for the judge to sign off on the deal.

  4. Suddenly Doc Dupiton jumped off the bench, took off toward the 3 lawyers and started yelling in a fit of rage. Now I could not make out everything she was saying, but I did catch enough to know she had lost it. I heard her yell with a listening public:

    • WHAT THE HECK DOES HE HAVE TO COME TO CAMBRIA HEIGHTS FOR?. (I guess she was told that she can't keep me from Linden Blv. just because her clinic is there)


    • HE COMES FROM A HOUSE IN NJ. NOW HE IS IN A SHELTER. (I guess the house jealousy started with my NJ Ranch house. Marline's Jamaica Estates house just made it worse)

      The sadistic mind gets a climax thinking I am in the streets)

    • A 70 YEAR OLD MAN, AND HE DID NOTHING IN HIS LIFE. (Well, my family can remember those exact words 8 years ago when she invaded my office. I was not 70 then, and I am still not 70 now. But 8 years later, I am stuck at 70 in her delusions. Hello sister Liliane: Do you member that from 2013?)


    • EVEN HIS DAUGHTER SAYS HE IS MENTAL. HE SHOULD BE COMMITTED. (Hello Tanisha, now I see where the brainwashed nonsense you wrote came from)


    • Etc. Etc.


Now, let me pause a minute to say something that will greatly disappoint the Mad Doc.

For her info., I'm not in a shelter, but a very comfortable single's residence, enjoying the peace to write about her evil-doings and report back to the community. I am very fortunate to be able to do what I love the most. That is to use my education and skills to help the less fortunate make a better future for themselves. Unlike her, my priorities are not big houses and money, but to enjoy a clean & do good for my fellow man. I may not be rich, but I never missed, anything in life, nor owe to anyone. She should also know that shelters are good hearted establishments that take people in, and give them the training & tools to get back on their feet. Shelters don't kick people out like the greedy Mad Doc evicting family members and idolizes the God of $Green$

SHE SHOULD HAVE REMEMBERED: That when hurricane sandy flooded her Baldwin house, this uncle Claudy gave her & her husband FREE shelter in my Office-Apartment. That my wife bought them new sheets & towels. On top of that WE STILL PAID HER & SHE ACCEPTED FULL RENT FOR THAT PERIOD. But as a thank you, she evicted us months later. Does she remember??.


As I once told my nephews & daughter, "YOU KNOW YOUR TODAY, BUT YOU DON'T KNOW YOUR TOMORROW" . So the Mad Doc should stop talking trash, as HER TOMORROW IS NOT GUARANTEED. IT'S IN THE HANDS OF GOD. Now, the nephew above is one who I gave a lifetime Engineering Career out of College with 2 solid Engineering positions that have grossed him over 2 million dollars so far. But he is the same nephew who Doc Dupiton coerced into evicting me from his sick mother's house. NEITHER HAS YET TO SAY THANK YOU TO UNCLE FOR THE CAREER, NOR FOR THE FREE SHELTER

(That is how God keeps working in mysterious ways for me, with his vision into the future.)

Having said my peace, let's return to her public display of insanity.

The Mad Doc continued too spit out hate-filled nonsense having nothing to with the curt case. And the best part is that I have her husband Guy as my live witness who was closer and probably heard a lot more. At this point, Guy and I looked at each other shaking our heads, as I kind of whispered "Sa'm te di'w"

So was that the end of the mental display? Don't count on it. The court officer came out and called us in the courtroom to seal the deal with the judge signature.


Well, inside the courtroom, the temper tantrum was more controlled, as the judge has bigger weapons to deal with spectacles inside her courtroom. So, as the smoke was still coming out of the Doc ears, let's see what happened inside.


The judge stated that she has an agreement in front of her with an order of protection until Dec. 31, 2019. She then continued with a series of questions asking "If we were entering this agreement of our own free will without having been coerced into it?". To each question, I replied with a firm "YES",, while the Doc would answer with a timid "yes"


Things were going along pretty smoothly until the judge started to go over the details of the agreement, and of the no-contact restrictions I am supposed to follow during that period. At which point the judge was interrupted either by the Doc or her lawyer, and the following exchange took place as I recall it:

Doc Judge, what about the Camkids? That is restricted. He is going near there
Me Your honor, Linden Blvd. is a busy commercial street where I do business. There is Brasserie Creole, a customer 2 block from her. There is a realty across from her that I frequent. The bus stop is across the street, etc. etc. So what does she expect?.
Judge Well the order restrict him from the business. Not the street. And Mr. Elie: if you happen to see her outside, just walk the other way.
Me Your honor, I do not walk in front of the building. I walk across the street. Also the order does not specify a distance. It just say to stay away from the business. Not the street or neighborhood
At this point they tried to suggest that a number of feet be included, which the judge rejected. So I again jumped back in saying
Me Your honor, here is what I will do for her. I will consider her sidewalk as part of the restriction, and will always walk across the street.
Judge Good Idea. Just make sure that if you see her even from across the street to turn around. this way you will avoid trouble
Me Yes your honor. In addition, I plan to move back in the neighborhood soon. She can't control that

So with that, the judge continued going over the details of the agreement, until she reached the point of explaining the restriction on communication. And here we go again. (BTW: Husband Guy was never inside the courtroom)


So the Doc, or her lawyer again jumped in saying:

Dupiton But he is contacting and emailing my husband
Judge The order only says that he can't contact YOU. He is free to talk to your husband or anyone in the family, and that includes your husband
Dupiton But he is talking about me
Judge Yes he is free to talk about you, or discuss the case with anyone. What he cannot do is send ou message to you through your husband as a 3rd party. He cannot ask him to "Go tell you wife ......". That would be a violation. Do you understand that Mr. Elie?
Me Yes your honor. I do, and I've always understood
Judge Mr. Elie, your guaranteed freedom of speech is not being restricted. But you do know what happens if you violate the terms of the order?
Me (With a smile) Yes your honor. I'd get arrested
Judge Good. So just stay away from her. Go take care of yourself and your business. Act as if she does not exist, and you will be fine.
Me Loud and clear your honor
Judge Good luck, and I don't want to see you here again


With that, the judge signed the agreement with the order of protection to expire on Dec. 31, 2019, concluding g the Dupiton "Ass is Grass" case. A settlement that gives the Doc nothing, but leaves her with a mountain high legal bills, while giving me all I was looking for at no cost.


Once outside, I thanked my lawyer for a job well done, and her last words to me were: " NOW MR. ELIE, GO WIN THAT CRIMINAL COURT CASE". Referring to Doc Dupiton's other bogus claim at the 105th precinct that I had violated the order by walking across her clinic in the "Walking on Linden Blvd" case. And from what you just heard in the courtroom, that will be win #10 in a row for the Rock. And it's a good idea to read about the case HERE, and you will definitively conclude that I was not just dealing with a Mad Doc, but a Mad Insane Doc.


Finally, as I am exiting the courtroom area, my eyes crossed with the Mad Doc who fired some angry words at me. I could not hear what she said, but it definitively was not nice, nor a congratulation over my big win. Because I was able to catch the word "Psycho"





Now you just had a live experience of what my fight was about, the mission I was dedicated to, and the mystery I was committed to solve. This performance by my niece, and self-declared enemy #1 Dr. Marie P. Dupiton says it all. It is a vindication of my 3 years investigative work to bring the truth to the surface. To expose an evil set of conspiracies that were launched following my marriage to Rose Marline Mith. and culminated with the sudden and suspicious break up in 2016.


So in the end, as she tried to present herself as a victim, this trial taught me a lot about this niece I thought I knew my whole life. A self-centered person with anger smoking out of her ears, and the flames of hat spitting out of her eyes. In the end, here is what I saw:

  • I saw someone totally uncaring of her true victims, and oblivious her role in dividing relationships between spouses, father & daughter, brother & sister, uncle and nephews/nieces.

  • I saw a niece succeeding only in proving herself to be a totally selfish, self-centered and greedy sadistic person.

  • I saw someone who thinks that the world revolves around her, with everyone under her.

  • I saw a Doc Dupiton who can't admit to the most minute mistake on her part. Such as the stubbiness that prevented her from answering a simple office bathroom question from 6 years ago that contributed to this catastrophe.

  • I saw a total stranger, not to say a "machan poisson" making a public spectacle of herself in the hallways of the court house.

  • I saw is someone who can truly KILL if she does not get her ways. As the piercing look she gave me at the end, gave credence to the proverb "If looks could kill".
    What I saw is the killer instinct of a Medical Doctor who can truly give a "Faking"


One answer I often quoted is from an old wise Haitian woman (Gran Moun) who told me.

"J.C., you should forgive your wife. Because if someone can do the impossible feat of coercing your own daughter to side with them without explanation when a daughter is money in the bank to a father. Then brainwashing your wife against you is 100x easier. It takes a demonic force to achieve this impossible double hit. So somewhere, somehow, through someone, a Demon entered the family"


The rise of the Dupiton Cultist mentality & its transformation of a cult family









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