- EPISODE #13 -

Dear Community Readers


This report is the most revealing and consequential so far on this horrific family saga with significance beyond one family as it goes to our conscience as a community that will be challenged to pass judgment on one of its members. Because there is a minimum level of ethic required for anyone to be considered a viable and respected member of this society. And when someone is shrouded in controversies, and shadowed by a cloud of secrecies and suspicions of behaviors that range from unethical, unprofessional, inhumane to criminal, there are some questions to be asked, and for which answers are required.


Furthermore, when the subject of these heinous suspicions is a known figure and a practicing physician in the community by the name of Dr. Marie Paule Dupiton of Camkids Pediatrics, we must pause and ask the following question.

  • Can Dr. Marie P. Dupiton still earn the community's respect; Be welcomed in our social scene; Represent our organizations, and be trusted as our children physician if she is overshadowed by allegations of inhumane, unprofessional & criminal behaviors that she has NOT refuted, or by claims of moral corruption & coercion of others into such behaviors, and has NOT denied those claims?

So, let me start by saying a few things about what these coming revelations to enable you to answer the above question. Now, I've been in this campaign for truth and accountability for years. I've made allegations and accusations backed up by solid evidences. I've gone public with the story and divulged personal family information, all in the hope of convincing people to come out with the truth. And because of that search for truth, I've been prosecuted and driven through hell. However my search for truth remained undeterred. Because this truth must be so horrific that people will go through extreme measures to keep it locked in a vault of secrecies


Now, since what you are about to read involves people dear to me and who are victims more than culprits, I took great care in presenting the information in a detailed manner to prevent them from being unfairly viewed as the primary architects of the acts that I am going to disclose. Among such people are my daughter and my separated wife. Therefore, I have a very specific requirement for you the readers.


As you go through this presentation, you will come across 5 specific links to short audio and video evidences that are critical for you to arrive at the correct conclusion, So it is critical that you click on all of them.


With that, let's get started and good reading.



As I go into the Mind-Control process that my wife was subjected to, you will get a detailed roadmap on how she and others were coerced by Dr. Dupiton (Johanne) into the uncharacteristic behaviors of Depraved Indifference depicted in the climaxing Stage 3, One that exposes incidents with potentially tragic outcome. Then closing with a revealing Summary Section that brings to life the full gravity and complexity of this drama that impacted many.


Below are the 3 stages of this Mind-Control & Brainwashing process. And as I mentioned above, be sure to click on all the evidence links

    This fist stage required making my wife believe that her husband is a Crazy, Mental & Violent man who can physically hurt her and even put her life at risk.

    Now once she believe that that there is some truth in the Crazy-husband notion, the next step is to create some fear of danger to her life. Thus driving her into a "Killing-Phobia"

    In this final Stage, once the "killing-phobia" is established, all that's needed is to remotely Trigger a moment of Temporary Insanity toward a  Preemptive, Self-Defense strike to eliminate the perceived threat.

However unbelievable all this sounds, it was real and I am going to make you relive all three stages almost live.


- STAGE 1 -


The first stage of the ''Mind-control' process required brainwashing Marline into believing that Jean-Claude is, and was always known to be a Crazy & Dangerous man.

But to convince Marline of that would not be an easy task since we had dated twice in the past 2 decades and she never saw any sign of craziness in me. However Johanne Dupiton was aware of  2 major weaknesses in Marline that she could take advantage of to change her opinion:

  1. A 'People-Pleaser' personality that made her vulnerable to believe in, and act on behalf of people with ulterior motives.

  2. A super-sensitivity and overprotective attitude toward her adult children that could be used to create a wedge between us.

However, it was Marline's possessive sister Joelle Mith-Joseph who opened the door for my family with fear-mongering comments about me that she wrote to Marline and I, like these two.

"Marline: we are all concerned about you and praying for you with Jean Claude as your husband”.

Jean Claude…, I, like the others are concerned for our blood relative and my sister Marline..


In addition, she irresponsibly shared those ill-motivated feelings with Marline’s children who later expressed Joelle's concerns for their mother's safety as you will read further down.


Something that was aggravated by Joelle's "Assault on Tiffany" fabrication that you are familiar with, involving a shuffle that Tiffany got into with her mother during which she ended up with a cut lips. Then Joelle tried to convince Marline that I was the crazy one who assaulted the girl by writing to Marline:

"This good man assaulted your daughter, and you claim that it was an accident, You know that it was no accident, just as his abuses of you are no accident:


That was a cynical brainwashing message using Marline's senility for her children. However, at the time Marline rejected that claims and replied:

“You don't know JC. He could never hit a woman"


But, my big mistake was in sharing these messages with my family thinking that they would support Marline, unaware that my niece Johanne Dupiton was an undercover agent of division posing as my confident, and who was  actually reinforcing Joelle's degrading view of me with wife.



 Now, with Joelle having set the stage, my family took over to prove to Marline that I am truly a Crazy Man. However they needed to give her proof of my history as a Crazy man. And here is the first one they came up with:

    Well, for the first proof, my family went back some 10 years to find a weak and ridiculous proof involving a minor dispute I had with a roommate who slammed a door closed to my face almost smashing my nose. So as anyone would react, I kicked the door back at him  and that was the end of it.
    Then came Marline one day telling me out of nowhere:

    “Even your sister said that you’re CRAZY, because you broke Gregory’s door. Everyone says you're crazy...
    Mandé Liliane (Ask Liliane)."

    Now, I found it weird that my family would even remember that old incident to be reporting it to Marline. So I figured that they probably said it to her in humor and left it at that. But as you will see later, there was no humor intended.

    Now, finding a second Crazy-JC proof became more challenging. So they went decades back to my birth to find evidence that I had inherited some 'Crazy Genes'.

    Now, don't start laughing because it happened. And I learned about these genes when Marline gave a double-dose of shock dropping the news of my 'crazy-genes on me saying::

    "Oh, your family said that the reason you are a CRAZY man is because you had an uncle who was CRAZY. that's why.
    Ou m
    èt m
    andé Liliane”.

Well, I guess that we learn something each day, and today we learned that 'Crazy  is a Genetically inherited disease.


SO LILIANE, If my husband is crazy because he had a crazy uncle who was also your uncle, it means that you are crazy too.

THEREFORE: Since my Crazy-husband is uncle to your daughters, it means that Johanne and Dominique are crazy too.

THEREFORE: Since you are a Crazy aunt to his daughter, it means that Tanisha is crazy too.

THEREFORE: Since your Balmir nephews have a Crazy uncle and a Crazy aunt, it means that Ricky & Fanfan are Double Crazy.

THEREFORE your family is a family of crazies, explaining the crazy things they do.

Well, Marline did not think of that. So let's see the 3rd Crazy proof they came up with.

    Then after the marriage breakup, and while at my sister Roselyne's house, here comes loose-lips sister Liliane confirming herself as  the Crazy-JC creator telling me the exact line Marline said that she heard from my family, as Liliane shouted at me:
    "Everyone knows you're CRAZY". (Tout moun konnin ou fou)

    That was a full confession from the horse’s mouth.

So back to the marriage. As Marline kept repeating to me that "Your family said you are crazy, I decided to capture the evidence by recording her saying it. So here she was in  'Audio Evidence #1' pointing fingers to my family and repeating the story of the  'Door-Kicking Crazy-JC'.


(IMPORTANT:  Pay attention to her tone of voice to see if the Crazy-Husband  brainwashing stuck with her).

 Audio Evidence #1"

Well, I think that you are a believer that Stage #1 of the Mind-Control process had succeeded.


So let's go to Stage #2 when Crazy-JC is elevated to a 'Killing-Phobia'


- STAGE 2 -

Now, in this Killing-Phobia' stage of the Mind-control process, you will get to hear Audio Evidences of my family having successfully brainwashed my wife into a Killing-Phobia of  fear for her life in preparation of coercing her into taking preemptive strike in the final Stage-3 of the Mind-Control process.


But just as in the first 'Crazy-JC' stage, this Killing-Phobia stage was also initiated by Marline's sister Joelle, telling her that her Crazy husband is also a danger to her life, even using Marline's children' names to reinforce that false notion. In one such communication to me and shared with Marline, Joelle wrote:



Then after I requested that she stays out of my marriage, instead of respecting my request, she went to court and got a restraining order against me. But the most cruel and immoral part was her use of Marline daughter's name in her filing to make an atrocious  'Killing' claim.


And the evidence is in this picture from the actual document she filed, claiming that Marline's daughter came in to stop me from KILLING her mother".

Read it for yourself:


And as she continued to brainwash Marline's children with that 'Killing-Phobia', the tragic consequence soon came in this message from Marline's son to his family, for which Joelle had provided him a News Article about a Bronx murder to include in his message.


From: Nicholas Charles
To: Joelle; tiffany; Richard; Ronald; rmarline
Subject: JC needs to leave Permanently!

Hello Family,


I am not going to give him a chance to make this a Romeo and Juliet ending and losing my mother to an unstable & coward of a man.


He is unstable and I am not going to let this continue until this happens.. He obviously delusional, has a drinking problem amongst other severe problems and needs to leave the house permanently and get counseling.

I will do whatever it takes to make ends meet, it is not worth the emotional stress, verbal and physical abuse. Thank you.


This stuff happens everyday and escalates until it's too late and someone is permanently injured or dead!
Thank you.

(Click below)

Nicholas Charles



Now, it is again important for everyone to remember that this catastrophic drama began in the 4th and last year of the marriage, titled the '2015 Year of Infamy' when Doc Dupiton & my family picked up the Killing-Phobia' ball, and ran with it full speed ahead to engrave it into my wife's mind.


But I was totally unaware of this Killing-Phobia brainwashing by my family until the day that Marline shocked me by suddenly saying:

"Oh, you want to KILL me ALSO"


As you will soon get to hear her say it in Audio Evidences 2 & 3, what baffled me the most in that statement was the last word ALSO, meaning that I had previously killed someone. But Marline knew full well that I never came close to such thing even in a nightmare. So where did this ‘ALSO’ come from?.


Initially, I thought that it was from another cruel story fabricated by my sister in-law Joelle. But the  truth did not come to me until after the marriage break up.



Now, if you had read that Episode as I had requested  in my previous message, you will remember the huge skeleton that I released in "Footnote Story #4".


A story that featured a shocking comment that my sister Liliane Claude made as I was questioning her about the family's intrusion in my marriage. At that moment, sister Liliane shouted at me in Creole:

“Oh, You want to KILL me ALSO, like you KILLED mother."


THEN THE LIGHT BULB TURNED ON, and I said to myself: "WOW. that is an exact photocopy of my wife telling me You want to kill me ALSO, months before our separation?".


But Loose-Lips Liliane had made another  HUGE revelation in adding "...Like you killed mother". Therefore when Marline had said to me "You want to KILL me ALSO"', she was referring to my mother who had died of a stroke 15 years ago. So Liliane had told Marline that I had killed my mother, explaining the 'ALSO' Marline used.


Well, this was not just a ‘Smoking Gun’ evidence. It was a “Smoking AK-47’ from Loose-Lips Liliane herself. A confession that brought to life the proverb “Loose-Lips Sink Ships". Because Liliane had just sunk the family to the bottom of the swamp.


Now the evil-inspired "Killing-Mother'  blasphemy was fully discredited in EPISODE #12, so I won't go into it. But for Liliane to use our late mother in a ploy to fool my wife into believing that I could kill her ALSO, is nothing less than a Capital Sin.


To be clear, Marline did not believe the killing-mother crap, but she most likely thought that, if Liliane could blow such huge smoke in her mother's name, there must have been a little fire somewhere, enough to make her wonder about her crazy husband.


And this is exactly what you are about to hear as I  introduce for the first time ever, AUDIO EVIDENCE #2 in Marline's own voice expressing the Joelle/Johanne/Liliane brainwashing that “I want to kill her ALSO”.



Now from what you just heard, it is clear that, just like the Crazy-JC Brainwashing, the 'Killing-Phobia' had also taken roots. But there is this additional evidence to prove that my family was behind it.



These new self-incriminating discoveries came from much later while at sister Roselyne's house when I saw Liliane in the dining room with Johanne Dupiton's mother in-law. So I decided to challenge her with a question in front of a witness. So I said to her:

"Liliane, I have a question for you"


So she immediately jumped, stood behind the lady, and replied:

"Ou konnin ki moun sa'a ye? Se manman Guy wi" (Do you know this woman? She's Guy's mother)


Well. Liliane figured that by identifying Guy Theus-Dupiton's mother, I would not ask any question. So I replied for Guy's mother to hear:

"Oh yes, I know Guy's mother, and she might also want to hear what your daughter told my wife Marline about her son. Johanne said to her: 'HI Marline, remember the house that Guy has with his sister, and that she would not let him sell it because she wanted to start a daycare business? . Well I made sucker husband sell the house and put all the money into Camkids'.

So Liliane, this is why Marline said to me that "Guy can't talk in that house afraid that Johanne will kick his ass out"


Well as an embarrassed Liliane lost it, she started to spill out a bucket of evidences on the methods that the family used to brainwash my wife. But as I show you what she said, her last words truly blew my mind, and I will explain why after. She shouted:

"Oh, his wife family kicked him out of the house, and he wants to blame us. - He even argued with his wedding maid of honor (Rachel). - Then his wife's son wanted to use his mother's car and he would not let him. - Well, we also have the picture of Tiffany's busted lips.... etc., etc.


Well, as she began with passing the bucks to Marline's family for breaking the marriage, she then confessed to their intrusion into the marriage and their use of Marline's children. Then she closed with a blockbuster revelation about a picture of Marline's daughter.


Because in saying "...we also have the picture of Tiffany's busted lips...". she revealed that for more than 2 years, the Claudes were in possession of a picture that Tiffany took of her busted lips  during the struggle with her mother that Joelle had used to create the "Assault and punch Tiffany" lie. A picture that I never saw, but that was in possession of my family, which that they kept secret from me for years. AND THE BIG QUESTION IS WHY?


:The answer is simple. It's because that picture was my family's Ace Card that they used for 2 years to convince Marline that her Crazy-JC husband was the one who gave her daughter a busted lips. Even after Marline had told everyone: "...Tiffany got hurt by accident. JC could never hit a woman..."


But there is more: My family's use of Marline s sensitivity for her children was further  evidenced in this text from Johanne to me, making erroneous comments using both children's names. PLEASE READ:

Then this Mad Doc has the audacity to claim that she was not involved in the marriage. Well, nephew Ricky was right when he told me that "These women of the family are troublemakers, and that is why he lives far from them". That is why I am so baffled that he also fell under their Mind-Control to do their dirty jobs


At this point, let me present you with a Video Evidence that I am releasing for the very first time, depicting an angry Marline that you never knew, and definitively not the one I married. Because, as my family had told her that 'I was a crazy man who broke a door', you're about to see Marline in show what breaking a door truly looks like while yelling that I want to kill her as I barricaded myself inside my office.




Now that you've seen it, let's go to the  climaxing Stage-3 of the Mind-Control Process, as the 'Killing-Phobia' leads to her coercion into "Attempted Murder by Natural Causes"


- STAGE 3 -

At this point, my family had successfully brainwashed the Killing-Phobia in Marline’s head using a barrage of false claims from Joelle’s writing that “she feared for Marline's life”, the ‘Assault on Tiffany’ lie, my family's door-kicking Crazy-JC story, the Crazy-Uncle genes, to the Killing-Mother blasphemy.


So their next step was to convince Marline that  she needed to act first with a pre-emptive self-defense strike to eliminate the killer husband threat. So came the 'Faking-230P' plot of Attempted Murder by Natural Causes.



Now in the past, I made many references to this 'Faking-230BP' plot, but had only shared a very small part of that incident, but left out the most significant and criminal details to avoid Marline being unfairly viewed as the architect of that plot while I knew that she was under some form of external Mind-Control. So until I could provide the full background history of Doc Dupiton's Mind-Control process, I had kept these details 'Classified'.


That is why I just took the time to slowly walk you through this background history in the first 2 stages of the brainwashing & Mind-Control  process she was subjected to. So I am now ready to declassify for you the full story of the Dupiton scripted 'Faking-230BP' Attempted Murder by Natural causes on my life.




Now, as I go into the story, I want you to keep in mind that at the time, I had no clue of Doc. Dupiton's complicity, and had wrongly assumed that my sister in-law Joelle was behind it.



It happened one day while in my office at home when something happened involving these outside intruders in our lives. That got me extremely upset and lead to a dispute with my wife. But that day, I became so fed up and angry at these recurring outside intrusions that my stress level exploded, and at some point I started to feel weak, dizzy and thought that I was about to faint.


But while I don't suffer from High blood pressure, I did not like that feeling. So as a precaution I grabbed the BP monitor that we have to check my blood pressure. And to my shock, the monitor showed a dead-man number of 217/136BP. I was so shocked that I grabbed my phone and  snapped the picture below.

So, fearing the risk of a stroke or heart attack, I called on Marline who was upstairs to quickly bring me some Aspirin, knowing that she had some small white ones she was prescribed for herself.


But when she did not come down, I kept calling and calling louder, saying that my BP was extremely elevated. So, as she still was not coming down, I would later discover that she was on the phone with someone at the time. Then as I my vision started to blur, and worrying that I might faint, I sat on the floor waiting for her


After a while, she finally showed up, but looked more angry than concerned over seeing me sitting on the floor. And when I asked her for the Aspirins, she started to shove a bunch of pills in my mouth while angrily saying "HERE, HERE, HERE" with the pills falling on the floor. Then to my horror, she just turned her back and went back upstairs, leaving me on the floor, supposedly to die.


In total shock, all I could think was that her sister Joelle had driven her into a state of temporary Insanity. Then as I  picked up one of  pills from the floor to put in my mouth, I noticed that they were big red pills. And since I knew what Aspirin looks like, I decided not to take them.


Now I am totally baffled. Because the woman who just left me on the floor to die and who gave me a red placebo for Aspirin was nowhere close to the Marline I knew as a caring wife for the past 4 years. So I decided to go after her.


But before heading up the stairs, and as a precaution, I decided to do another check of my Blood Pressure. And guess what? It had jumped to a whooping  230/117.


So I did not worry about taking another picture, but headed for upstairs where I found her standing in the middle of our bedroom with a telephone in her hands.


So I said to her "Marline, you need to take me to the hospital right now as my BP just shot to 230". Well, that's when I knew for sure that something had gone wrong with her head. Because she just stood there starring at me. The more I begged her, the more she stood there frozen, staring at me like a zombie with a phone in her hands.


Finally, I figured that her sister Joelle finally did it to her sanity. So as she kept ignoring my pleas, I staggered down the stairs, jumped in my car and dangerously drove myself to the nearby hospital. It was around Midnight.


Well, by the time I got there, my BP was already decreasing, and a couple hours later it was at a level that I could be sent home.


When I arrived home, Marline just looked at me  and did not ask me what happened, even as she saw the Band-aid where I was given the IV. So I just went to bed still baffled at what just occurred.


At this point, I decided not to tell my family or my daughter what Marline just did as not to shock them and have them turn on her, at least not until I had a chance to confront Marline to find out what the heck happened to her. 


So the next day I confronted her while making sure that I recorded the moment. It was a shocking audio that I will present as Evidence #4. But before you hear it, I need to tell you the shocking discoveries that I made in the days that followed.



Now, before I go into what I discovered, let me once more repeat 2 things that I've said 100 times to my family.

1) 'There is no such thing as a perfect crime'.

2) 'God works in mysterious ways for me'. Specially with my mother and, not to forget, my Godmother sitting by his sides.


Because 2 weeks later my phone bill arrived, and a little voice told me "Remember that your wife had a phone in her hands. So why don't you check the Calls Log?"


So I did, and I was blown by what I saw?

Now remember that for these 2 weeks, I had kept blaming Marline's sister and kept the incident secret from my family to spare them the hurt. OK


Well, if I did not have a heart attack the day of  the incident, the phone bill almost gave me one. Because it revealed that, at the moment that Marline stood like a zombie ignoring my pleas to take me to the hospital, the person who was on the phone with her  was a Medical Doctor named Dr. Marie P. Dupiton of Camkids Pediatrics.


So when I thought I was sparing my family the pain by keeping the incident secret from them, they were at the center and in the driver's seat.


Then the calls log revealed that at around 6AM while I was asleep, there was a series of frantic phone calls from Doc Dupiton to my wife seemingly to check if I was "Dead or Alive" .


And if you're thinking that it could not get any worse, what I saw next almost gave me a Heart Attack/Stroke Combination. Because in this series of phone calls, there were couple that did not come from Johanne's number, but from my daughter Tanisha Elie who had not talked to me, and never checked with Dad to see if I was OK in these 2 weeks knowing of the incident that could have left me for dead.



Did she use my daughter to make her an accessory and to cover for her?


Well, when I called the family to question them on the nature of these calls, this is when they realized that there is no such thing as a perfect crime. Because they heard about my discovery of the calls from my phone bill, they were the ones who almost had a real heart attack.


So, they went into hiding, and till today, everyone has avoided answering my question about these 6AM frantic phone calls, which is by itself an admission of guilt.


But that answer must be given or Johanne will have to be chastised from this society if she cannot defend herself from an obvious act of attempted murder on her own uncle, and with her total absence of morality in  dragging in my daughter, the youngest one of them, to be an accomplice and for cover. A daughter who was obviously so subjected to a Doc Dupiton Mind-control process. One that my Balmir nephews were also subjected to in coercing them to execute my eviction from my sister Roselyne's house, and to the streets where I was expected to vanish for good. But Thanks to God, I made it back to get answers and accountability for my daughter.



You wanted my wife, you can keep her since she could not be strong enough of a woman to free herself from the Mad Doc's Evil spell.


But as to my daughter, it's whole other story. Because I will get the accountability even if I have to bring hell down to earth. Specially after they managed to ruin a surprise reconciliation with my daughter that was arranged by a good Samaritan of the community, when they instructed my daughter to secretly record my new address that day, most likely for the Mad Doc to use in her police obsession.



As I said, when I confronted Marline the next day, I made sure to record the conversation to capture what explanation she would give for her actions. This is Real life, Not Fiction:


Well, as I say, "Evidence don't lie". But you still did not hear an explanation from Marline, sill under Doc. Dupiton's Mind-Control.


But there more to this case.



Well, you're really going to love this one. Guaranteed. This criminal plot got its name of Faking-230BP after the marriage break up when I kept demanding an explanation for Johanne blocking my wife from taking me to the Hospital. Then with everyone avoiding the question, I pressured my nephew Eric Balmir Jr. to get an answer from the women as if he was askiing for himself. Then one day, he finally got  the answer as he told me:

"Oh they said that they thought you were FAKING the high blood Pressure.


Now people, let's try to understand this one: Here we have a Medical Doctor named Marie Dupiton who is told over the phone by a wife that:

 "My  husband's blood pressure is very high. He doesn't feel well, and requests to be taken to the ER.


So while this Doctor is miles away at her Baldwin Long Island residence, and without even asking to speak to the husband, she gives the wife a remote and never heard Medical Diagnosis of "FAKING".


Then being such a concerned Doctor, she woke up at 6AM the next morning to make a post-diagnosis call to the wife to check if the patient is "Dead or Alive.  But hopefully Dead".


Well that is why this Doctor's MD stands for Mad Doc.



Now, I know full well that Aspirin is white, but I am like a St. Thomas who has to be 100% sure. So just is case there is some special colored Aspirin that I am not aware of, I asked nephew Ricky Balmir who is a Pharmacist this question:

"Nephew Ricky, Since you are a Pharmacist with a PhD, could you confirm to me if there is such a thing as a Red Aspirin. Because this is what a Mad Doc prescribed my wife for me against a heart attack?".


Well, you'd think that I'd get an easy quick answer, Right? Well, the question was asked in 2016, and here we are in 2021 and I am still waiting for an answer from my Pharmacist nephew. And the reason is because everyone is under the Mad Doc's Mind-Control to cover for her crimes.




As a criminal mind never stops plotting, Doc Dupiton did not quit with the failure of the Faking-230P murder plot. So she loaded a program in Marline's brain that would automatically trigger a specific reaction from her whenever it detects a possible risk to my life. And once that trigger is activated, Marline would switch into a mode of  denying any medical assistance with the hope of achieving what the 'Faking-230BP' failed to produce.


For you to understand how that mental program worked, let me present you with 4 actual cases of suspected risks to my life.



That day, I was up the stairs on the 2nd floor, and Marline was downstairs having some kind of discussion. At one point I twisted my ankle and loudly fell down with a scream. So Marline looked up and saw me on the floor. And as I had expected her to come up to see if I was OK, the program in her head detected a possible heart attack, and the trigger was pulled.


So instead of Marline coming up the stairs, I watched her quickly run away toward the kitchen as she loudly said: “You Call the Ambulance". Basically telling me: "Don't ask me to take you to the Hospital". the way I asked her during the Faking-230BP incident.


So that instinctive comment proves that she was programmed to react that way whenever I am in a Medical emergency once the trigger is pulled.


Now Since I was fine, I went down to ask her why did she run away?. Well she just looked at me as if she did not know what I was talking about.

Therefore, if I had a heart attack instead of a twisted ankle, you would not be reading me today.



At that point, I began to suspect that Marline was instructed not to provide assistance if I ever had a life-threatening situation. So I decided to test that theory with a staged emergency.


So one day I called her at work to say that I felt very bad and may need to go to the ER. The first bad sign was that she did not offer to come home, but simply finished her workday. So as I heard her enter the driveway, I went to a guest room and laid on the bed motionless in an unnatural position with a BP monitor hanging from my arms as if I was unconscious or even dead.


Then Marline came home, and looking through the side of my partially opened eye, I saw her crack open the door very slowly, looked inside, and upon seeing me laying there motionless, the program in her head saw a possible dead man, and the trigger was flipped.

So instead of running inside to check on me, specially after calling her at work saying that I was not well, she slowly closed the door and left.


Then I waited 15 minutes, got up and went to her in our bedroom. When she saw me, she looked surprised and quickly said: "Oh, I  thought you were sleeping".

So I replied "Oh yea! with my body hanging over the side of the bed and with a BP monitor hanging over my arms. Thank You", and just left..

So let's see the program running once more in Case #3.



In this case, we were in the kitchen and I was cooking dinner for the family. At some point she started to blame me for her adult daughter having moved out on her own. Now I knew that whenever she starts with me, it's because someone got to her. And knowing that her daughter is a hot wire topic, I wasn't about to touch it.

But as she kept on rambling while I was cutting something for the meal I was preparing, I decided to give her a scare to make her shut up. So I took the knife, put against my belly, and said

“Do you want me to kill myself to stop that crap, cause I've had it"

Well, that got her attention alright. But she just stood there staring at me, as her pre-programmed mind was saying to itself: "Oh! he is going to do the job himself", then pulled the trigger.

So, as I waited for her to tell me "Stop it. Don't play with a knife", I watched her turn around and sprinted toward the exit door to the backyard as not to watch me stab myself. I just stood there dumbfounded thinking that I had a big problem in my hands.


And just for the sake of it, here is one last case #4



Now this is a very funny one. But the fact that it is so funny and unreal is what makes it most concerning, as it reveals that Marline's most basic judgment had been heavily compromised. Because a joke of mine meant to mimic something she had once said, resulted in a most unexpected reaction from her. It was about something she had said in  Audio Evidence #2.
Please listen to just that part below. It's only a couple of seconds:

You heard her tell me:  "..You said that you were going to throw Tiffany out of the window".

So as we were having a normal conversation in our bedroom one day, her comment about throwing Tiffany out of the window came up. So to show her how ridiculous that statement sounded, I decided to mimic the act by going to the window and saying with a laugh that I was going to jump out. Now the window is only big enough for a small AC, and only 8-10 feet from the ground where I would land on my 2 feet. So I figured that she'd play the joke with me by saying "go ahead and jump", or just ignore me.

Well Doc Dupiton's program had a big flaw. It could not differentiate a joke from reality. So when I ran toward the window, the program saw a suicide jumper and flipped Marline's trigger. So as I acted opening the window, Marline gave me a serious stare, jumped off the bed and sprinted for the exit door, slamming it shut behind her.

Well, I did not laugh. All I knew is that I had to do something about this.



Now, let's be clear, if just one of the above cases was a real life emergency, today I'd be resting 6 feet underground. So I became concerned at the possibility of having a real medical emergency. Because I finally concluded that I was living with 2 Marlines in one body.

  1. The Original Marline #1: The one I knew for 2 decades and who was my wife of 4 years.

  2. The Transformed Marline #2: The one who was progressively introduced into the same body through a process of Mind-Control that began with her sister Joelle's pressure campaign to against the marriage, followed by Doc Dupiton's undercover operation of division and indoctrination of my wife into an Ultra-Feminist teachings that a wife must not allow her husband "Control her moves" in order to be a 'Single-wife who "Fè sa'm vlé, lè'm vlé". And if the husband is a door-kicking Crazy man and a Mother-Killer, she must strike him first.


Well, they basically took turns, and as you just witnessed Marline #2 in action in the above cases, her presence was usually short-lived. But as the original Marline #1 that we all know was the one mostly present, she tireless fought the uninvited Marline #2.


 And the evidence is in this set of messages that I shared many times before, and that Marline #1 had sent me while Marline #2 was dormant.

But note in messages 2 & 3 how she would apologize for the prior  actions of Marline #2



Now at the beginning, Marline occasional  personality swings were few and far in between. But after the Faking-230BP incident, these mood swings became more frequent, leading to more arguments to the point that I decided to give her some space and moved into the guest room.


But as that did not seem to help, I  started to feel powerless and getting into periods of depression living in a guest room. That is when I decided that she needed someone's support.


But who do I go to?

I could not go to her family who I thought were behind the problem, and I had also lost trust in my family. Then if I tried any of her short list of trusted friends, she would blow up and make things worse.


In the end I decided that my best bet was to  approach my family on a personal basis and to play on their emotions  as an uncle and brother they supposedly cared for, putting aside their attitude toward the marriage.



So I started with Johanne by playing on her status as a physician to request her professional opinion on my wife's frequent mood swings and fits of anger while she kept  everything bottled inside. So I asked Johanne:

“Jojo, what do you think is making Marline flip from being the nicest wife one day, sending be nice messages; Then becoming a verbally abusive person the next day?. Is that what bi-polar is?".

Then she replied with something like this:

 "No, it is not bi-polar. To me, Marline suffers from a split-personality disorder that exhibits itself when triggered by something or someone".


BINGO! Now I had a Medical Doctor confirming exactly what I was experiencing in living with 2 Marlines who get triggered. So except for me using the term Bi-Polar instead of split-personality, my diagnosis was perfect.


But now I realize that Doc Dupiton did not get it right because she was such a good doctor able to diagnose Marline's Split Personality from a distance. No more that when she had diagnosed me as 'Faking' a high BP from a distance.


She got this one right because she was the architect of the split-personality,  the creator of Marline #2, and developer of the  program that triggered Marline #2 into action.



Then another day I called my Johanne and sister Liliane and told them:

" I really could use some family moral support in getting through my period of depression and with Marline's worsening mood swings. And as she keeps everything bottled inside, I feel that she needs someone outside of her family who she can confine in. So I have a favor to ask of you." Please come pay us a visit as if you were just in the neighborhood, and while you are alone with her , try opening a conversation without mentioning anything I told you. Just be friendly ears, and hopefully she'll open up to you about her issues with her family that I feel are at the roots of her mood swings.
Just let me know when you're coming and I'll be sure to leave you alone, or even find an excuse to go out. Please do that for me".


Well, I waited for days and for weeks for that visit. BUT THEY NEVER SHOWED UP, NOR EVEN CALLED BACK ONCE.
Because Doc Dupiton was not interested in undoing what she created



At this point, I still would not stop being stupid in not realizing that I was a victim of 'Blind Family Trust'. So I chose to make excuses for them not responding to my request for friendly conversation with my wife, telling myself that maybe they are too busy at Camkids etc.. Then I thought that reaching out only to sister Liliane who was still OK in my books, would be a better idea. So I came up with another  idea for getting her assistance, then I called her to ask for a personal favor with my in-laws and said:

Hi Sis... Please do me this favor. Give Marline's sister Joelle a call for me. Act as if you don't know anything and just mention something like this to her:
"Say that you've noticed a little strain between your brother & Marline, and was wondering if she knew anything". See how she replies and take it from there. But even if she acts dumb, just the fact that you made the call will make them pull back the pressure on Marline.


But to my stupefaction, my dear sister replied:


To which I replied: "These people that you do not know are your in-laws & extended family". Then I hung up the phone on her.


Well, now I know that sister Liliane is also under the control of her daughter Johanne, and one of the main covers for her crimes.



As the 2 Marlines continued to flip back & forth, she agreed for us to see a marriage counselor. But when the counselor determined that Marline's sister Joelle was a major issue, he called and asked her to visit with him to help her sister. But Joelle went into hiding for 2 weeks, stopped taking his calls, and he gave up.


But Marline #1 did not give up. So one day she came up with the idea to set up a 2-families [summit for peace, then sent me the confirmation text shown above that said:

But her request was rejected.


And now I know that my family rejected it because Doc Dupiton was more focused on eliminating me, and not making peace with her target.



while Doc Dupiton's murder plots and the automatically triggered acts of Negligent Homicide did not give the result she expected, her commitment to that goal would persist.


So come December 31, the last day of the 2015 year of infamy, Marline #1 woke up for one last time, and sent this last message of hope for 2016.


However, Dr. Marie Dupiton was determined to crush those hopes. So when Marline traveled  to Haiti 2 weeks later, Doc Dupiton followed her on a secret WhatsApp account and took advantage of Marline being away from me. So she pushed Marline #2 into taking full control and pull the trigger one last time..


The final moment was also recorded, and being presented as the final Audio Evidence #5 featuring the transformed Marline #2 in full display.



\And the continuation of Doc Dupiton's campaign of cruelty can be found in the previous Episode 12



Let me start my closing statement by noting that in all families, there will be moments of internal controversies, deputes between some family members, even rare cases of major internal feuds. But in all cases, when one side of a dispute requests to make peace, the other will at always welcome the offer, or at least to communicate..


Now deep into 5 years of division in a feud against one person for which the cause remains a mystery, all offers to resolve issue it are simply ignored, even when unconditional peace is offered.



After all, America talks to Russia, North Korea, Iran etc. The Israelis and Palestinians still talk. North Korea visited South Korea for the Olympics, and so on.


But this family that has defined the problem could respond to 5 offer of peace negotiations when the only requirement was communication with a family member they never once had an argument with in a lifetime.


To make matters more mysterious, even a peace offer coming from their side, and initiated by Doc Dupiton's mother Liliane Claude was rejected by her side.


Well, here is the offer that was made by Liliane and the replies by her daughter Dominique, my daughter Tanisha, myself followed by Johanne Dupiton's response:


So once Johanne spoke and opted for the police, everyone folded under her control.



  • There is my separated wife who still can't say why she broke the marriage, cannot speak to me while acting as Johanne's defender.

  • A sister Liliane who can't talk to me while allowing her daughter to bring the family's downfall.

  • two nephews who turned on me, evicted me to the streets and won't talk or say why they did.

  • A sick sister Roselyne who they disconnected me from, and who they attempted to block me from visiting.

  • A daughter I never had one issue with in life who turned on her father and now unable to speak to give a reason.

  • Then there are these Dupiton attempts on my life with those 6AM calls that no one, including Marline and my daughter who have inside information that they can't divulge.

  • And the list goes on all the way to infinity.


Well it's because, beside everything that I exposed, there is something more cynical, even demonic that cannot be spoken, therefore it is kept locked in a secret vault. So with these secrets overshadowing this family, the community has no choice but to chastise the mastermind Doc. Dupiton from this society.


Because as I am about to push the drama to all local newspapers, professional licensing agencies, employers, and even law enforcement  with resulting consequence to anyone associate with, or covering up her inhumane activities.


Therefore all our professional, social and charitable organizations like H.O.W., Heal Haiti, AMHE, HNA, EmgHealth, Primevere, Etc., Etc., will have to shield their image by disassociating themselves with anyone plotting acts of murder and keeping unspeakable secrets in a locked vault. Then they must ask the question:

  • Can Dr. Marie P. Dupiton still earn the community's respect; Be welcomed in our social scene; Represent our organizations, and be trusted as our children physician if she is overshadowed by allegations of inhumane, unprofessional & criminal behaviors that she has NOT refuted, or by claims of moral corruption & coercion of others into such behaviors, and has NOT denied those claims?

And now there is a suspicion of financial motives behind the need to make me disappear, the eradication of all Elie unions and my disconnection from my Alzheimer inflicted sister Roselyne Balmir.


And I say to my family, this Episode #13 is not an end, but only a new beginning. But my door remains open whenever they decide to DTRT (Do The Right Thing)


And I repeat to Doc Dupiton once more, that her MO of: "I did it, and if you don't like it that's just too bad", does not work with me. Because when you do the crime, you got to be ready to do the time, And messing with a man's life, marriage, wife, daughter, business, vision etc. are a bucket of crimes. in addition, she needs to learn that an MD that she converted to Mad Doc does not give her superiority over seniority

Episode #14: Doc Dupiton's war on my vision


The continuation of this story in the post-marriage period of Extreme Dupiton Cruelty
Episode #812 The last chapter, release of Skeletons



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