This episode of the RockMaster Horrific saga fueled by jealousy and hate, opens the archives of my in-laws Mith family to expose the critical period called  'The Starting Point' to the saga that would follow.


One that also opens a new disturbing can of worms that will hopefully break down these bonds of secrecies and gag orders keeping everyone from speaking freely about what they know.


Because it is time that those behind these conspiracies  and schemes to realize that you can't mess with someone's wife, daughter marriage and life, then tell him in the manner of Doc Dupiton "If you don't like it, TOO BAD"


 It is most  important for you to know that the events leading to today's catastrophic situation were actually run on 2 separate tracks. The Mith Family Track #1 conducted by my sister in-law Joelle Mith-Joseph, and the My Family Track #2 conducted by my niece Dr. Marie Dupiton of Camkids Pediatrics.

Now, I am going to take you down the Mith family Track #1 conducted by Joelle Mith-Joseph, traveling from the 'Starting Point', heading toward the year 2020, where we find my separated wife Marline in a state of denial, and my daughter in a mental state of confusion.



Now the main engine of the Mith family track #1 was ignited  in  2014 when my sister in law Joelle Mith-Joseph, who I also refer to as 'Monster in-in-law', took advantage of an internal family dispute at the Elie residence, involving my wife's then 25 year sold daughter Tiffany, to  launch the most devious accusation and slander attacks to destabilize the marriage of her sister Marline Mith-Elie.



The date was Jan. 14, 2014, and the time 2:00AM, when Marline and I were having a loud discussion inside our bedroom, with me  complaining about her daughter's misbehaviors and her sister's intrusions in our lives, as these were THE ONLY subjects of arguments in our marriage.


Suddenly, the door swung open violently as her daughter Tiffany blasted in with her video camera running. After ignoring our repeated orders to get out, she lunged  forward, grabbed her mother’s right arm & started to drag her out of the bedroom like a bag of trash all the way to the doorway. At which point I ran over, grabbed Marline's left arm, and with Tiffany throwing all kind of insults at me, I was able to pull my wife back in the room and close the door. It was a mother/daughter wrestling match, where the overmatched Marline still came out on top by landing  an accidental blow that left Tiffany with a swollen lips.


The next morning, her mother had a serious talk with her, stressing that incidents of the kind must never be repeated. But that was not good enough for Tiffany who ran to aunt Joelle, and  maliciously said that mommy's husband had hit her.


 Well Joelle saw that as a gift from above, and quickly upgraded the girl's lie to "Jean Claude Assaulted & punched  Tiffany', without giving one reason why as  a senior citizen, I would do this at 2AM, in MY BEDROOM, wearing underwear. But that is what her X-Rays vision could see from her house while  sleeping in her bed. Anyway, you will soon read the gory details in her own writings that my wife  immediately rejected.


But Joelle would have none of that, and pushed the cruel lie on her brothers and uncle who chose to take her words. As such they ended up carrying a huge blame for the disaster that would follow for not doing what anyone else in the world would have done. That is to give credence to the words of the 2 adults of the home over those of a girl invading her mother's privacy while videotaping.. But in taking Joelle's words over my wife, they forgot that the evidence of the facts was in Tiffany's own video.


So when I insisted on getting  a copy of the video which was running for some 2 minutes, Tiffany provided only the last 15 seconds. A 15 seconds recording which she somehow started in the middle of my struggle trying to pull my wife back into the room. So just like the missing minutes in the Nixon Watergate tapes, we are missing some 2 minutes of the Joelle-Gate tape.


But guess what? If only 15 seconds were provided, it would be the worst 15 seconds for me, showing me assaulting and punching Tiffany, and proving Joelle was right. AGREE?



Well, I think that we can unanimously agree that Joelle Mith-Joseph owes me an apology. Because the only hitting you heard about was Tiffany claiming that 'You hit my mother', with Marline immediately and strongly replying 'No. he did not hit me... Get out Tiffany"


Now, for Joelle to see me assaulting and punching Tiffany in the same video you just watched, makes one wonder if this whole thing was not pre-staged. But I am willing to pay a million dollars to see what the missing 2 minutes of the Joelle-Gate tape would show.


Then came Joelle's next audacious act of disrespect  toward her sister and our home.


So the next day as all was quiet at home, here comes Joelle blasting herself into our home, like Tiffany did in our bedroom, chasing me around the house, from my office through the kitchen, dining room, living room  like a crazy lady yelling 'Violence, violence, violence', until I ran to my bedroom and locked the door.  Then she told Marline's son Nicholas to call the police on me. With everyone in that family  seemingly under the control of Joelle, just as those of my family are under Johanne Dupiton, Nicholas actually called the police. So the police came, wasted their time and left.

The next day, boss Joelle dispatched her kid brother Richard to the house, who headed straight to my 2nd floor bedroom with Joelle's 'No Violence" line, telling me:

 "I don't want to see violence here... Next time you have problems with my family, you deal with me".

 So feeling sad for the kid trying to prove his manhood to big sister Joelle, instead of grabbing a baseball bat against the intruder, I did exactly what Marline wrote in a letter to her family below: "...Jean Claude stayed calm and even shook his hands".


Now the question is, how far is Joelle  willing to go to get me? And as you will see next, SHE WENT A WHOLE LOT FARTHER.


And for that, let's go to the Main Event of my wife Marline getting ejected & humiliated  by her sister Joelle.


So, let's go into Joelle's humiliating ejection


of her sister to the streets. And as evidence, you will also get to read the story directly from Marline in a letter to her family following the incident


So, here we are months after Joelle's creation of the fictitious 'assault & punch' Tiffany story. All the while still pushing it, as Marline is holding strong in rejecting it. So Joelle decided that a little public humiliation of her sister might change her recollection of that night.


That day, Marline was celebrating her mom's birthday at a restaurant. We got there before the rest of them. And as I was seated at the table joking with my mother in-law, Marline came in, grabbed my arms and said "Let's go, we're leaving". So I asked, "What the heck is going on?". She did not reply, but I could see smoke coming out of her ears. Arriving outside, I saw chaos with an audience watching a spectacle with Joelle as the director. And immediately, Marline blew up and became the baddest lady in town, blasting, and cursing at her brothers and Joelle who had instructed everyone NOT TO ENTER THE RESTAURANT UNTIL MARLINE SENDS HER HUSBAND AWAY. Something never heard of in any family in the civilized world, and even in the uncivilized world.


Then after Marline finished dumping a truckload of "#*%##" on them, and the smoke stopped coming out of her ears, she took my hands and said "Let's go home honey. We're not wanted here".


Well, I said to myself "You go girl". And deep inside I felt good and proud that 'I had a No-BS wife who would fight for her husband and marriage'
A fighting spirit that she reconfirmed a full year later in this text message to me






What you are about to read is the kind of made for Hollywood stuff, reaching a climax as Marline & Joelle go head to head in an exchange of letters when Joelle sent her a reply that was no less than a brainwashing bible. Read and you'll witness psychological brainwashing at its best. Or should I say 'at its worst'.


So, let's start with Marline's letter blasting her family over the humiliation & ejection from the restaurant, while strongly defending her husband and marriage.



From: Marline Elie
TO; MY family

Dear All,

I can not begin to tell you how I felt on Saturday evening when I was treated like an outcast, by my family. 

I was chased away like a
homeless dog or maybe worse. I was Humiliated and disgraced. On the day of my dear Mom's birthday celebration. I was so happy to celebrate her birthday I told Joelle lets buy another cake and sing Happy Birthday again at the restaurant. I rush and brought the cake for her.

I told mom that morning, when I came to take care of her, like I do every (Saturday morning and almost every night for years) We are going to celebrate your birthday in Style.

I invited my good friend and her Mom to celebrate with me and then, I was Humiliated and force to leave.

This was about my Mom, the women that I love, the women that I take care of almost every night. That was her day . Not mine or Jean Claude or anyone else. You could have held our insults till the night was over just for her. You did not have to acknowledge us, that would have been fine with us. I did not deserve that treatment.

I was not going to bring this up anymore , I said my peace on Saturday. But something happened Sunday night when I came to take care of my Mom. Like I've done for years every night rain or shine, snow or hail. She looked at me and said " why didn't you come to my party, everyone was there except you. "You had something better to do". "You were the only one missing". "I missed you". I started to cry. I was forced to lie to her and told her I came but I was not feeling well so I left.

Ricky you left me a letter on Sunday explaining your position toward Jean Claude and his insults and I respect that, that's your decision. Then I came to this phase telling me that everyone felt the same way about me leaving with my ( low life) husband. You did not say low life, but it was assumed.

Well that was it for me. Let's let everyone read all the emails that have been circulating, we are all adults.

Yes, I saw all the emails some I read some I deleted, the emails Ricky wrote, Joelle wrote, Nicholas wrote, I wrote and Jean Claude wrote.. Everyone said hurtful things, disrespectful things. I say, if you can dish it you should be able to take it. When people write about someone you have to expect the person to write you back. You might not like what the person said but that is the risk you take. 

For some of you who do not know the story here it is: 
This situation started with a accident. Like every married couple argue. Tiffany heard and she came to see what was going on and in the heat of the moment she got hurt. I was upset & Jean Claude left home. After we both calm down he came back home. Tiffany was not satisfied with my action she decided to call Joelle, Ricky and the entire family. That was her decision. 

The next day Ricky came to my house, went up to my room and started to talk to JC, Jean Claude stayed calm and even shook his hands. Then Joelle came and made Nicholas call the Police The police could not do anything because the incident was over. There was no evidence of any domestic violence. . 

To make a long story short. This incident was over. It was an accident and it will not happened again.
Tiffany decided she didn't want to be in the house anymore and moved. It saddened me to see her go but it was her choice. I helped her move, help her furnish and hosted her house warming. 

Recently Jean Claude reached out to her but she was not ready to communicate. Hopefully one day she will.

No one is perfect, we all did things we are not proud of. I will not mentioned names your know how you are.

Jean Claude is not worst than any other husband out there. 

I'm not going to defend JC he can do that himself. But what I'm not going to tolerate is everyone thinking they are better than him.

He is not a low life,
he is a educated man. I do not marry low life, all the men in my life have been professional. They may not be your cup of tea, but they are not stupid. In occasion, they might say stupid things or do stupid things. But that is another story. Yes, Jean Claude may have said some insulting things but he is only reacting to what they have said about him. His a proud man worked hard for what he has. Like every man, he will defend his position.

I never got involved in any other family members married or relationships. We all had moments we wish we can take back. We all have family issues, I will not get into everyone personal issue, but we all have them. Some more than others.

No one can love my kids like I do. People how have more than me wouldn't sign loans for their kids to go to college. So, do not tell me about sacrifice and supporting my kids. God has bless me with good health, for me to be able to work and stay in my home.

I have not asked anyone for help. I can take care of myself. I've been through worse in my life,. Occasionally If I need some help I will ask for it.  The times that I've ask, Joelle was being there for me and I would always pay her back within 2 weeks, plus I always signed her promissory notes.

I Married Jean Claude because I love him. He is not perfect and neither is anyone else. His a good man , a little old fashion. A caring husband, giving and lots of fun. Yes he has his moments like we all do. He is not the monster you guys make him to be. He is always there to help everyone but he is not going to let anyone walk all over him.

I would not have married him if he was any other way. When we marry we become one.

I've gone alone many family functions, but realized everyone has their spouse, or girl friend expect me. Why? I'm married, I love to go out with my husband we have fun together. ,

So If you do not want us in your home or your event just say so. We do not want to be where we are not wanted. We do not want to make any one feel uncomfortable.

In closing, I was hurt by your action but as a catholic you have to forgive, and I did.
But I will never forget. I will never put myself in that position to get humiliated again by the people I love the most. I'm a loving, caring, giving person. I love everyone. I'm not going to let anyone treat me any less.

One blessing I have, is that I'm a very confident person and I have a great sense of humor and a high self esteem. I do not have lots of money, but I have a good heart. My home is always open for my family and friends.

 With these qualities I'm able to make it.



THEN COMES JOELLE'S BOMBSHELL REPLY: The one I refer to as her 'Brainwashing Bible" of Marline. The yellow highlights are her control keywords and phrases.



From: Joelle Mith-Joseph
To: Marline Elie
October 2014

Hi Marline,

I was not going to respond to your e-mail , however when I noticed the time you sent it so early in the morning(5:02 am) I realized you must have been in great distress and unable to sleep. I also decided at this time to only cc this e-mail to the above individuals.

Marline I suspect somehow direct or indirectly your dear husband Jean Claude probably influenced you in writing this "defend Jean Claude e-mail" you sent to all of us.

Reading your e-mail provoked the feelings of reading the e-mail of an abused, brainwashed woman. Jean Claude must feel in heaven for feeling he has succeeded in alienating you from our family so that he can have "better control" over you .....this is what he always wanted...he said he would not allow you to go anywhere without him.

Marline you said you are a strong woman with a good self esteem; yes indeed this is what I always thought of you, the way we were raised, however I am not so sure anymore... you are perhaps unaware of the damages done to you recently by your dear husband.

You made the decision to marry Jean Claude, you said "he is a good man and a caring person", and that you are happy with him, you have fun with him and love him...good for you. However Jean Claude may have succeeded in fooling you but he knows he cannot fool others. What disturbs me and the rest of the family is that this "good man" assaulted your daughter, said very nasty, things to her and did not see anything wrong with it and you and him described it as an "accident". Jean Claude knew very well it was not an accident....just as his suspected abuses to you are not accidents.

Marline it may make you feel good to defend your husband, fine with me but you do know "your real husband". I do hope for your sake he is changing. I know there is a "
grandiose feeling" of having "RockMasters" as your husband as you parade in the Haitian community and likewise Jean Claude may feel good about getting an desirable woman like you that other men wanted....however life is more than that. I respect Jean Claude as your chosen husband however, after what he has done and said to the family ,he cannot without apologizing "push himself on us" and telling us he has control over you and would not let you go anywhere without him....this we cannot accept and you should not also.

Marline you and Jean Claude made several references to my past difficulties with Stan. Stan is aware of those references. Yes you are correct nobody is perfect. However, "big difference" Stan did not verbally abused or assault anyone. I was never abused verbally or physically. Stan is indeed a caring and generous individual, an excellent father to Yasmine , a good provider someone who also likes to have fun but plans for the future. Most importantly when we did realize our difficulties instead of denying them and "pretend everything was fine", we obtained professional assistance which we paid fully out of pocket. Denying a problem exist and let oneself be "brainwashed" that "everything is fine" are classic symptoms that professionals often see in relationships where verbal and physical abuses are present.

By the way, with regards to reportedly the job Jean Claude was assisting Tiffany to get; I agree with Tiffany, with her history of conflicts with Jean Claude why should she trust him with her transcript. Jean Claude should have respected her decision to refuse his assistance. If Jean Claude has such great job contacts he should use it for himself and to assist you and I know you are looking for a better job. this I am saying sincerely.

By the way Marline,
I did not open the attachment with Jean Claude's resume...I am not interested , it would not impress me at all. A resume is as good as what its owner does with it. In the psychiatric clinic where I work we have many patients with Ivy League education, graduates from Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Princeton, etc. with Law, medical and engineer degrees, worked at various high profile distinguished places and currently mentally ill and unable to work. So if one reviewed these individuals resumes , one would indeed be quite impressed.

Marline, our family all care for you, we love you, we have nothing against you and respect your decision to be with your husband, the man you said you love.. However, "
we are all concerned about you" and praying for you. I will always remain available to you if you need my assistance.



Then comes a second letter from Marline to her family with more defense of her husband



From: Marline Elie

TO; MY family

Tiffany is not as sweet and innocent as you think. She said some nasty disrespectful things to him and to me. I had to put her in her place many of times.

As far as me alienating the family I just wanted everyone know how I felt.. Yes my husband is not welcome in my family, how do you thing that makes me feel. When any of us have spouse issues we try to help not alienate. I Love you both, but as the bible said a women will leave her family and go with her husband.

Ask anyone who knows Jean Claude, he is not a bad person he just felt he was attack without him telling his side. I hope we can clear the air soon.

PS Joelle not everyone is a case study



Marline's last comment about 'everyone not being a 'case study' is in reference to Joelle being a psychotherapist working with the less desirable at Queens hospital. So Marline was reminding Joelle that she suffers from occupational hazard.

But blasting Marline was not enough for Joelle. She decided to turn her guns of insanity & insults on me. Please read:


From: Joelle Mith
To: jeanelie@aol.com
c: richardmith@aol.com; RDamally@aol.com; Tiffanyrose.charles@gmail.com
Jean Claude,

My family and I are all wondering "what did our Marline get herself into by marrying a psychotic alcoholic". .. You need help ASAP. I and the others have put up with your insane behaviors for Marline's sake however you crossed the line recently WHEN YOU PUNCHED MY NIECE TIFFANY ON THE FACE AND TRIED TO CHOKE MY SISTER MARLINE…



…. You feel so inadequate that you cannot offer Marline much that you try to find someone to blame for your problems. My self esteem is too high for you to touch me!


 You are delusional if you really want others to think your marriage is "great and solid". It is so great that you have been verbally and physically abusive to Marline and recently tried to choke her and punched her daughter she loves so much on the face?
......Since you have nothing better to do you have made it your focus to try to destroy the good relationship Nicholas and Tiffany have with their mother. Everything was just fine...until you came!
Marline did her Very best to raise two college educated young adults.


I am not bothered by your ungrateful attitude towards me. This is what having a poor self esteem does to people. They blame others for their inadequacies.


You are RockMasters with a VERY BAD reputation in the Haitian community. you know it. It is even true with the people who laugh with you!
 Some things for you to remember; I was the one who the day after your wedding to Marline I had to open all your gift envelopes to find money to pay people you owe. On the next business day I left my job in the middle of the day to go to the bank and deposit monies from the envelopes. This is indeed Ghetto...not Marline's children as I have heard you called them.
One day Marline will wake up and evaluate your comment that "you are the best husband for her". Personally I think the evaluation already took place
. I am concerned about the effects of the stress that YOU have introduced in her life the past couple of years. Unlike your delusions "that Jean Claude is a nice guy", Nicholas and Tiffany are so fearful for the safety of their mother in the home with a psychotic alcoholic like you who offers Nothing to their mother
Good Luck and Get Help!


wow. crazyyyyyyyy


Then this letter of Marline to kid brother Richard who was having his son's christening, but who told Marline not to bring her husband. So here comes Marline once more defending her husband



Hi Ricky,


I need your help in solving this issue.


When you came to my house and got involve in my family issue was because Tiffany was accidentally hurt. As her uncle you wanted to make sure she was safe. All is done and we moved on.


 Jean Claude is not a bad person, I would not married him if he was.


Tiffany was accidentally hit .Jean Claude would never hit a women.


I love my husband and I want him to feel comfortable again with the family.

Please invite him to the baptism, I want him to join me in this joyful occasion


Thank you in advance.





Well sister in law Joelle was not done with me as she unloads insulting texts messages to my phone. Here are a few samples.




My brothers Ronald , Ricky and I made the decision that we do not want you to drive our mother's car...The car does not belong to your wife.. since you are so rich pay your car repair bill so the repair person can release your car or go purchase a new one.


I was not interfering with your abusive marriage. This is my sister's choice because I know things are not as Ok as you are pretending. My mother's car is my business & the business of my brothers. I had already told Nick to bring the car to my mother.


..No….the house belong to marline and her children's father. it is not yours. Get it to your thick alcoholic head I do not want you to use our mother's car.. We made the decision together......I feel bad for marline and I am praying for her daily.


You are so used to dealing with trash that you wanted my sister to elevate you...stop kidding  Yourself. you try to live a lie to pretend that you have when you do not...others even people who are suppose to be your friends know the lie you are living....


You feel so inferior...nothing to offer except hiding under your RockMaster......well you cannot find one individual who can say bad things about my character ...but alas I cannot say the same for you..


I have no time for you low life, psychotic, abuser and alcoholic ...I and my family are very concerned for our beloved , my sister marline.. we will continue to pray for her. She needs lots of prayers living with you...we feel for her.

Poor Marline... May God protect her and give her strength and bless her with the happiness she so deserves.





When I say that Marline is a greater victim of her sister Joelle than my daughter is a victim of my niece Johanne, you just saw the evidence in the intensive pressure Marline was under from her sister to get rid of her husband. So, let me list a few examples of that pressure being applied over the years, with Joelle acting  as a dictator with authority over everyone and everything belonging to others.

    Joelle who is very domineering of her sister, also knew that Marline was extremely sensitive for her daughter, who in turn was controlling of her mother. So Joelle calculated that by teaming with Tiffany to push the 'Assault & punch' scam, Tiffany could be helpful  in pressuring  her mother into a choice between  daughter or husband.  A scheme that you will soon see in action.

    After another act of disrespect by Tiffany who then went to her grandmother's house, Marline's uncle agreed that Tiffany needs to apologize to me before returning home. But the authoritarian Joelle who controls Marline's home and children decided otherwise. So she sent Tiffany back to tell me "t
    his is my house". So no apology needed.
    The results: Another Joelle created dispute in our home.

    Now standing in her living room (OOPS, I mean MY living room), Joelle's authority over Marline's children took a new level, as she commanded Marline's son Nicholas to call the police on his mom's husband. Guess what? The son did in the presence of his mother. WOW! Well, as I said before,  Police came then left.
    The Result: Well, you can guess it, as Nicolas becomes the man of the house.

    Then boss Joelle raised the pressure on Marline by directing her brothers to ban Marline's husband from all family events, as proven in Marline's letter begging her kid brother about his son's baptism, saying: "..love my husband and I want him to feel comfortable again with the family. ..Please invite him to the baptism..". But kid brother cannot override Boss Joelle, and the request was rejected.

    Joelle's ban extended to my mother in law's house that she legally blocked me from in a restraining order (As you will see below in a court filing). So Marline was forced to attend all her family's events at her mom's house alone, which she also complained about in her letter stating : "Yes my husband is not welcome in my family. How do you think that makes me feel?."
    The Result: For the sake of peace and my wife's sanity, I did not object to staying home, and told my wife "it's ok. I understand, you must go to your mother"

    Now here she comes making my wife irrelevant in the case of her mother's car. That was the time my car was at the shop and Marline let me use her mother's car that was just gathering dust in her garage. Upon Joelle observing me driving it, she immediately called our home with another order to Marline's son to get the car key and return it to her mother's house, blatantly ignoring that it was also Marline mother's car. So when I told her that only Marline can give orders in this house, she exploded into a fit of insanity and sent me this text that you saw above.
    ...I do not want you to use the car ...The car does not belong to your wife.. I told Nicholas to bring the car to MY mother's house. MY mother's car is MY business..."
    The Result: Another argument with my wife who accepted to be irrelevant in her family

    Next, Joelle tightened the noose around Marlines neck by banning all members of the Mith family from stepping foot inside Marline's house as long as her husband lives there. Then after Tiffany had moved to her apartment, she told her mother that she would never step foot in her house either. A most outrageous act that was encouraged by Joelle and her brothers. It does not get more immoral than that.
    The Result: Marline's daughter was used to create division in our home, just as my daughter was used by my family.

    So Marline and I agreed to seek the advices of a marriage counselor who determined that Joelle was the main source of our problems. So he suggested that he meets with her. Marline was excited to hear that and quickly gave him Joelle's number. Well, if you remember the case of Dr. Dupiton hiding 2 weeks from a pharmacist to avoid refilling an important prescription for me, Joelle spent 2 weeks dodging the counselor to avoid helping her sister.
    The Result: The counselor concluded that he cant help us if he can't reach the root of our problems. So Joelle succeeded in ruining our effort at peace That is what's called
    'Destructive Sister Love , the Joelle Style'

    At some point, I had enough of Joelle's heavy dose of intrusion and creating problems in my marriage. So I told her that if she did not stop interfering in my marriage, that I would file a complaint against her. Next thing I knew, she went to court and filed a case of harassment and attempt to ruin her professional career. So she was granted a temporary restraining order against me. My very first in life.
    The Result: Just as my niece Dr. Dupiton has done, Joelle has a weapon in hands to execute my 1st arrest in life.

    With an order of protection in hands, Joelle went to the police to claim a violation from sending her an email. So she had the police arrest her sister's husband in the presence of her sister. I got arrested for the crime of marrying her sister Marline who she sees as her personal property to control & decide for.
    The Result: Joelle gets credit for my first arrest in life that led to a major argument with my wife.
    With that, let me go to the last and most evil & dangerous lie of them all.

    Now, let me present you Joelle Mith-Joseph at her worst  and blowing off the top of the cruelty scale with the most EXPLOSIVE LIE. But first, let me remind you of what Marline told her family about the 'Assault & Punch' Tiffany lie. Marline wrote: "... Tiffany heard loud talking and came to see what was going on.."
    Now please read how Joelle translated Marline's words in her court document. Are you ready?? Here is a picture from that document

    Let me read it loud & clear. Joelle stated that "... He assaulted my sister's daughter when SHE INTERVENED TO KEEP HIM FROM KILLING HER MOTHER..."

    This is the court filing in which Joelle also reinforced banning me from family events by adding her mother  in the order of protection:

    (stay away from petitioner's mother)


First,  I must show you that the Joelle who bragged about being a financially well-off person, is actually a cheap-Joelle living in Jamaica Estates.

  • A JAMAICA ESTATES that people like Joelle & Doc Dupiton think is Beverly Hills, and makes them behave like, what us Haitians call, "Just-come".

  • A JAMAICA ESTATES that made Doc Dupiton send me this jealousy message about Jamaica Estates

    So Happy that she broke the marriage. And I had moved from a large 2 bedrooms apt, not a room

  • A JAMAICA ESTATES that made Joelle Mith-Joseph send me this most disrespectful text

    Now, this can only be the  thinking of someone with 'inferior' mind who came from 'dealing with  trash' and stumbled on to Jamaica Estates to become the perfect 'Just Come'.

But before giving the chocking evidence that Rich-Joelle is Cheap-Joelle, I must tell you that another problem for her is the fact that, as the 'Nothing to offer' husband of her sister, I have financially  supported my wife from day 1 in ways that Rich-Sister Joelle never could or would.


Now, what I am about to say is not to put my wife's financial affairs in the streets, as we all go though period of financial hardships, specially as a single mother with 2 kids in college. But if Marline wants to blame someone, she only has her sister to blame. Because exposing Joelle through her insulting writings, is the only way for Marline to understand the negative impact that this sister had on her and her children.


So here are the facts:  At the time, we got married, Marline had been unemployed for a long period of time,. Then with her real estate business going slow, a daughter in college and  outstanding college loans for her son, things became tight  to the point that foreclosing proceeding had started on her Jamaica Estates  house. So with my RockMasters business flourishing, I was able to stop the foreclosure by making all the court ordered  payments, plus clean up other delinquencies, while making  repairs and improvements to the Jamaica Estates  house to tune of $100k. In fact I got to the point  of giving her one of my business credit cards to use at her leisure.

Then I took her from a Camry to a Lexus LS430 that she still drives today, while so-called rich-sister Joelle was driving some basic, no-frills vehicle.



"Before Marline married her 'low-life, nothing to offer' husband,  what kind of support did she get from rich-sister Joelle?' 


To answer that question, let me refer to another one of Joelle's most creative and ugliest lie, claiming that 'She heard me call Marline's children GHETTO". But this word 'Ghetto' is what I would use to describe the kind of support that I witnessed 'rich-sister' Joelle give to 'poor sister' Marline who had asked her for a lousy $20.

That is when I realized that  rich-sister Joelle was actually a cheap-sister. Because Joelle WOULD NOT help a sister in need with $20, UNLESS it was a LOAN with a legally signed CONTRACT requiring repayment within 2 WEEKS.


What! you don't believe me? Then let me have Marline tell you herself. In fact she commented about that in the letter to her family after that same sister evicted her to the streets from a restaurant. But if you did not pick up on it from her letter at the time, now you will understand what Marline meant by writing:

."..I have not asked anyone for help. .. The times that I've asked Joelle, ..I would always pay her back within 2 weeks, plus I always signed her promissory notes..... (Words of Marline Elie)


WELL, THIS IS WHAT I CALL "GHETTO". A rich sister from Jamaica Estates forcing her younger sister to sign a contract with a maximum of 2 weeks to repay a $20 loan. So if it was not for Marline's RockMaster\ husband who Joelle  calls  "..inferior, nothing to offer but your RockMaster", Marline may not have had a Jamaica Estates house today for her and her children.


Well, if you think that you've seen the worst of Joelle, think again, as this was just a preview. For the worst, let's go to Joelle and Marline's children.




Now, what I am about to describe is the type of truth that Marline will do anything to deny when it comes to her sister. So I figured that by exposing the undeniable facts below, she will have to face them. Because facts don't lie, and these are facts that I personally lived.


So let's go to Joelle taking command of Marline's children as toddlers, with me as a live witness.



This one goes back to the time Marline and I first dated in 1998, when I had front seat view of Joelle programming Marline's children when Tiffany was around  7 & Nicholas around 10. My first strange observation was with Joelle coming over Marline's house about every other week, and, without saying anything to her, would  direct the children to a separate room where she'd spend  1-2 hours speaking to them alone behind closed doors, after which she'd just leave. Marline was never involved once in those hour-long sessions, and when I'd ask her "what is it that Joelle keeps coming over to talk alone to your young kids about behind closed doors?, to my shock, Marline never had a clue. nor did she ever ask, or even ever attempted to join these sessions.


 Well, I don't know of any mother who would turn over her toddlers to a psychotherapist sister  without knowing what message was being fed to their young minds on a bi-weekly basis for years. Specially one whose profession is that of a psychotherapist working with mental patients,  drug addicts and the less desirable elements of our society for the city of NY at Queens hospital.


Adding to that, is the comment Marline made in her 2nd letter above to her family in 2014. A letter that Marline closed by saying to Joelle:

"... PS Joelle. Not everyone is a case study

Basically saying to Joelle that she had a few loose  leaves up there. Maybe Marline was not yet aware of that when she was turning her toddlers over to Joelle or hours and on.



But there was another condition that, in my non-professional opinion, was the major reason for taking over Marline's toddlers, and also another e jealousy factor. It is that "young sister Marline was 2 children ahead of big sister Joelle who could not have children of her own". So since Joelle considered Marline as her  possession, so she assumed the same for the children. Then it was her house, her marriage and husband who had to get the hell out.



Now, as a single mother who wanted the best for her children, Marline over extended herself with loans to send them to the best colleges. Nicholas went to Morehouse University, and Tiffany demanded to go to the private LIM Fashion & Business College in Manhattan with the children of Macy's and Gucci. So  I began to also help her payback the loans for Nicholas  that depleted her 401k plan. Money that I still have there, but that's another story.


 For this one, you need to sit down, or you will fall down. Seemingly, a debt collector looking for Marline Mith in Jamaica Estates, called the house of Joelle Mith. And while I was using Marine's Laptop one day,  an email popped up from Joelle about debt collector & Nicholas college loan that I was handling. So I automatically opened it, and my eyes could not believe what Joelle wrote to her sister Marline.


Well, read for yourself. Maybe your eyes will believe,  as evidence don't lie.

From: Joelle Mith-Joseph

To: Marline Elie


.... Stan is concerned about the debt collector having our home phone number which he said can easily be used to trace our home address, and place a lien on our house which we may not be aware of.

Also he said given the sensitive nature of his job these kind of activities are not allowed. And if this is in regard to money you owe, this is not allowed by his job and can jeopardize his job..."

So please in the future do not give our names, phone number and address as an alternate way to contact you.

Also please call these people and request that our phone number be removed as a contact for you.

Take Care!

Not one word of concern. Not one offer to help. Just get your 'F#*&G' creditors off my back and my 'F%$#G' phone. And DO NOT use me for reference ever.

No need for me to say more. But there is more & worst to come.


But let me tell you with total conviction that, knowing her husband, he had nothing to do with that email. All the words were 100% Joelle's, just like the words in Nicholas & Tiffany's atrocious letters that you will soon read below.


Still, I did the proper thing by sending  an email to her husband Stan telling him that, 'since I am dealing with these college loans for my wife, I will make sure that this does not happen again.


 BUT IT GETS BETTER: Next thing I know, Marline comes home in a fit of anger, because Joelle had just blasted her  for letting her husband see her email. Because that is "Controlling her". You do remember this dreaded "Control" word.


THEN IT GOT  WORSE: Next, the crazy psychotherapist flipped and turned on me with another fit of insanity email informing me that my wife is her 'MY SISTER' who she owns, controls, and no man can have.


FROM: Joelle Mith-Joseph

TO:  Jean-Claude Elie



I, like the others are concerned for our blood relative and MY SISTER Marline....

.I replied to MY SISTER'S e-mail.... Are you so insecure that you have to read MY SISTER's e-mails.......
you should direct your comments to yourself...


You need to get a life.... I guess since you are so insecure and have nothing better to do , you have plenty of time to Snoop in MY SISTERs private communications.


You cannot stop me from communicating with MY SISTER...we are all aware of your Snooping... I and the others will continue to communicate with her....directly!

GET a Life JC!

Joelle Mith Joseph



As I often say, I tell  my story through the words of the actors, and you've heard me say a few times that Joelle sees her sister Marline as her personal property. Now  here comes  Joelle handing me the evidence on  a silver platter.


All  you need to do is count how many times Joelle practically yelled 'MY SISTER'  at me in capital letters. She did it 5 times to make sure I get the message  that my wife is  her 'MY SISTER' and her property.
Just as she told me above that her mother's car is also her property, once more using loud capital letters.
 "...The car does not belong to your wife.. MY mother's car is MY business..."


 Once more, Evidence don't Lie. And this one proves that anything belonging to anyone is her property of Joelle,  Including husbands.


But it just keeps getting worse as her obsession created a delusion that I don't want her to communicate with her, ''MY SISTER'. Because by writing "...You cannot stop me from communicating with MY SISTER". I would like someone to tell me when and when I said such thing,  since my communication to her husband was  about a bill collector calling his house.


 In the end, Jean Claude is not the problem, it is any man who dared to marry Joelle's 'MY SISTER'. And no one needs to be a psychiatrist to see that we have in our hands is a psychotherapist Joelle with serious psychological and behavioral issues.


Now, if you are not in a state of shock yet, the next one will take you over that edge. that. It is the case of keeping Marline's children down.



Now this next story of Joelle's attitude toward Marline's children will not only make you mad at Joelle, but make you sad for Marline who must have been a lifelong psychological victim of her sister, if she could allow Joelle to negatively impact her children's future.


Now, even as Joelle was using my  step-children against me and  their mother's  marriage, I tried to give them support in ways that would also be beneficial to my wife. And the best way to do it, was with career opportunities that would give them independence from mommy, and for Marline to see the fruits of her heavy college investments.


This is something I did in the past for other youngsters. The best example was for my sister Roselyne Balmir's son Frantz Balmir who I took from a bank teller Job, and into 2 solid engineering career positions which have grossed him over 2 million dollars so far, without a Thank You. Except to evict me from his now Alzheimer stricken mother's house by  order of niece Mad Doc Dupiton. But that's ok. Because I did not really do it for him or for Thank you, but for my dear sister who was there for me and my education in  that same house.


So if I could do it for my sister's son, I could also do it for my wife's children.



Tiffany was the first one I was able to land a great Marketing position for through an ex-employer's contact, starting at $52,000/year right off college. All the president wanted to see was a transcript confirming course completion, and the job was hers.


But when I asked her for a copy of her transcript, she arrogantly refused. So I asked Marline on the side to get it from me/ But for some reason Marline could not get it either. A transcript that Marline had paid for with a small fortune in loans.

So you must be asking yourself  if Joelle had anything to do with that one also? Well, let me hold that answer for now, and present the evidence that the job was REAL with this email I received from the president of the company weeks after. EVIDENCE DON'T LIE.

From; Bob           
Sent: Monday, March 11, 2013 11:16 AM
To: 'Jean-Claude Elie'
Subject: FW: Marketing Rep. Position

Hello Jean Claude,

Just touching base with you. I just received this email below from Jeff. He hired someone else for the Fashion Display Marketing Rep.

He said he never got your step-daughter’s school record that I asked you to send him. He only needed proof that she completed her school work at LIM.

 What happened?

From: Jeff DeMarco
Sent: Monday, March 11, 2013 11:02 AM
Subject: FW: Marketing Rep. Position

Good Morning Bob

Hope you had a restful weekend after last week

Jennifer accepted our offer for the Fashion Displays Marketing Rep. for the New York area. She agreed to 52k with the bonus package you had proposed and Medical after 3 months.

By the way I never got to consider Jean-Claude’s step daughter because I never got the info I requested. Jean had promised it to me right after the New Year Holiday. But I could no longer wait to fill the position. So you might let him know of our decision.

Also, I am leaving for London next Monday. You, me and Brian should get together on Wed. to go over the proposal



For  that we return to Marline's sister Joelle who explained it in her first blasting email to Marline, . And quoting Joelle:

",... By the way Marline, with regards to reportedly the job Jean Claude was assisting Tiffany to get; I agree with Tiffany, with her history of conflicts with Jean Claude why should she trust him with her transcript. Jean Claude should have respected her decision to refuse his assistance. If Jean Claude has such great job contacts he should use it for himself and to assist you"


The answer to the question: Joelle cost Tiffany a career position with her bad advice. But Tiffany's arrogance and disrespect of her mother by not giving her the transcript upon request was the first factor.



.Around that same time, I also had Nicholas come to my office above Camkids, and helped him rewrite  his resume. My plan was to submit it to W. Volcy, president of Solution Management who is well known in the community. As proof of my intentions, here is part of Nicholas resume that is still on my computer

Now, the owner is also a customer and a friend who attended our wedding. So as he had plans to open new
branches in Queens  and Long Island, getting Nicholas an entry business position at a minimum, was a 100% guarantee. Specially hearing that it was for my son in law. 


Well, when Joelle pulled that stunt with the Tiffany  transcript, then the drama over Nicholas  school loans with the debt collector, I said the hell with everyone and did not go any further.


So, I say to Joelle:
Yes, Joelle, you screwed up Marline children once more.  Because  I was ready to help them on a path for a better future like I have done for other youngsters. And today Tiffany could have been a Marketing Executive working in the fashion industry she went to school for, and Nicholas managing a business location. So they and Marline can thank you for that.





Now what I am about to present you will send chills to your bones to the point of asking yourself what goes in the mind of some people to engage in such cruel mental coercion of youngsters  to disrupt the lives of others. Specially when it's done within a family. In this script, the lead actor is once more Joelle Mith Joseph, and her subjects are my wife's children Tiffany and Nicholas.


Now after having walked  you down the path, from the kids coercion as toddlers, to involving them into schemes against their mother's marriage like the boycotts & bans, the police phobia, the 'Punch & Assault' Tiffany plot, to spoiling career opportunities for them, we have now arrived at the point of maximum mental cruelties.


Now to open this case, I have to refer back to Joelle's  'JC the Killer' label that she created in a court filing against me when she stated.


Now after she created  the 'JC the Killer' fictional character, she needed people to publicize it for her. And who was best for this new dirty job of hers than Marline's children who she already took control over from a young age.



Somehow Joelle managed to coerce Nicholas into thinking that his mother's life was in danger with Jean Claude in the house. And even though he never witnessed any such sign living with us for over 3 years at the time, Joelle's psychotherapist expertise made it an easy brainwashing job for her.  But even if Nicholas did not believe in this claim that he never witnessed, his authority figure Joelle said it. So he had to accept it as fact.


Having accomplish that, Joelle granted him the title of "Man of the house"  with the right to order his mothers husband to leave the house. And here is how it went.


With Nicholas sold on the 'Killer-JC' scam, Joelle went for the kill. She provided him with  a News Article of the murder of a young mother in the Bronx by her boyfriend  as representing what I would do to his mother. Then she had him publish it  to his entire family in an email with Nicholas ordering me to leave the house. Even  taking responsibility to make ends meet financially, when he did not even have a job.


Now before you get to read this most shocking email of a  lifetime from a young dependent son about his mother's husband, there is another troubling fact you  need to know.


First,  it is impotent for that  email to look as if it was totally Nicholas idea, and that the Bronx murder news article was totally his finding. But the obvious contradicting evidence is in the yellow highlighted words that came directly from Joelle brainwashing letter to Marline above


WARNING: If you have a weak heart, you might think twice about reading this.


From: Nicholas Charles <nicholas.charles1@gmail.com>
To: rmarline02 <rmarline02@aol.com>; tiffany charles <tiffanyrose.charles@gmail.com>; josepmar <josepmar@GPychhc.org>; mjmith <mjmith@aol.com>; richardmith <richardmith@aol.com>; RDamally <RDamally@aol.com>
Subject: JC needs to leave Permanently!

Hello Family,


I am not going to give him a chance to make this a Romeo and Juliet ending and losing my mother to an unstable & coward of a man.


He is unstable and I am not going to let this continue until this happens.. He obviously delusional, has a drinking problem amongst other severe problems and needs to leave the house permanently and get counseling.

I will do whatever it takes to make ends meet, it is not worth the emotional stress, verbal and physical abuse. Thank you.


This stuff happens everyday and escalates until it's too late and someone is permanently injured or dead!
Thank you.

(Click below)

Nicholas Charles
Morehouse College '09
Business Administration; Finance



I know the shock you just got. But here is a HUGE point. I know Nicholas, and I know he did not come up with this. Even the vocabulary is not that of a business graduate, but that of  a professional psychotherapist  suggesting counseling. And as for repeating Joelle's line about drinking problem, just ask Nicholas how many time he has seen me drunk in 4 years? He will honestly say ZERO.


But Joelle did not stop at Nicholas. Marline's daughter Tiffany was next in line with a letter of her own.



Now let me first say that, while Nicholas acted out of immaturity and as a boy trying to prove his manhood to a controlling aunt, Tiffany's case is more mischievous & that of a selfish daughter who controls her mother. So working with Joelle was a perfect match.


So here is Tiffany's email to the adults of the Mith family who welcomed it. After reading it, you will ask yourself "Where did morality go with the adults  of the Mith family?"


-From: tiffany Charles <tiffanyrose.charles@gmail.com>
To: mjmith <mjmith@aol.com>; richardmith <richardmith@aol.com>
Cc: Nicholas Charles <nicholas.charles1@gmail.com>
Sent: Mon, Jan 20, 2014 2:35 pm
Subject: Fwd: JC needs to leave Permanently!

This crazy man wants Nicholas out now also. I've made he decision not to stay in the house anymore coming April

 I will be moving out

but I am honestly scared for my mother to stay in the house with this insane man. 



Again, we see Joelle's signature through the highlighted  yellow words, using Marline's children to feed this trash to their seniors



Now while we can say that we just witnessed insanity at work, but in the case of Joelle's insanity, she is very conscious of what she is doing with Marline's children., The evidence is in observing her double standards when she finally became a mother to an adopted daughter from Haiti.


Now, I do not claim to be a psychiatrist or any kind of behavioral analyst, but being a problem solver, when the signs are there to be seen, I will see them. And in the case of Joelle the new mother, the signs of her double standards clearly rose to the surface. Because while she supported and even instigated misbehaviors by Marline's children, she was raising her new daughter Yasmine with such strict rules, principles and discipline that even Marline and I had commented that she was too rigid.

The evidence came to us during our wedding ceremony. Because the moment that  the traditional 'garter on the leg'  routine was announced, her daughter was rushed out of the room as that was too indecent for her eyes.

But when it came to Marline's children, things like respect, good behavior, discipline. manners, etc. went out the window. Even the act of  Marline's daughter bursting into our bedroom at 2AM with a video camera, was welcomed by Joelle, just as the 2 atrocious emails above by  Nicholas & Tiffany  were welcomed by her.


But it all brings to life one of my favorite quotes that  says:

 "Jealousy comes in many shapes, and jealousy from within family is most perilous". And in this case, the jealousy came in the shape of a sibling who  could not have children, toward the one who had 2.


So as I move from Marline's children to my daughter, there is one Haitian proverb that I often heard growing up. A Creole proverb that says: (English translation on the right)

And if it was applied by Marline, instead of giving Joelle control over her toddlers, we would not be here today..




As I often say, the thing I hate most, is for people to take me for stupid. And you Joelle, just did. So when Marline realized that you took her husband for stupid, she reacted by sending you my professional resume so you can see that her husband is not only better educated than you, but a greater professional achiever. But once you read it, and unable to accept what my resume told you, you decided to bluff and send this reply to Marline

 By the way Marline, I did not open the attachment with Jean Claude's resume...I am not interested , it would not impress me at all. A resume is as good as what its owner does with it. In the psychiatric clinic where I work we have many patients with Ivy League education, graduates from Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Princeton, etc. with Law, medical and engineer degrees, worked at various high profile distinguished places and currently mentally ill and unable to work. So if one reviewed these individuals resumes , one would indeed be quite impressed.


Guess what Marline said to me after reading your reply? She simply laughed and said: "Oh yes, she read it". You read it so much that you compared my education with that of  Ivy  league schools, Harvard,  Princeton etc.  Then you compared my career with those of  "High profile distinguished  positions". 
You would not have made those comparisons if I was a High School dropout or a janitor.


Having established that your education and career achievements do not come close to mine, let's see how I stand as Marline's husband compared to your husband Stan.



Now, since you present  yourself as an expert on what makes a good husband, I have quite a story to say about yours.

BUT LET'S START WITH ME:: Below is a summary of how you described me as Marline's husband, and what you told Marline about her husband in writing:

"JC...You feel so inferior... You are used to dealing with trash... You wanted my sister to elevate you .. what did our Marline get herself into by marrying a psychotic alcoholic like you... You try to destroy the good relationship Nicholas and Tiffany have with their mother... Everything was just fine until you came. Etc. Etc.! "


Well, I guess that it's time we do a little good/bad husband Facts-Check between your husband Stan, and Marline's RockMaster husband. The best place to start is with this comment you made to Marline in reference to some problem you had with your husband. Again, you told Marline, and I quote:

Marline... you made several references to my past difficulties with Stan... Yes you are correct nobody is perfect. However, "big difference" Stan did not verbally abuse or assault anyone.... instead of denying our problems and "pretend everything was fine", we obtained professional assistance..."


Well, since you accused Marline of  denying the problems with her husband, don't you think that it's time to share with everyone & the community what were your problems with your husband?. Well, I knew that you'd agree to share both sides of the husband stories.

But since I already know the full story, let me save you the trouble of writing. It goes this way:


Once upon a time a few years ago, you were at home when  your doorbell unexpectedly rang. And when you answered it, there was this woman at the door. And instead of you asking her who she was, she asked you who you were. And after you identified yourself as Mrs. Stan Joseph, she gave you a funny look and said:

"Ma'm,  I don't know what your story is. But the  man you claim to be your husband is my man. He's been living with me in our home in the Bronx (or Manhattan) for years. So check your story?.


Seeing that you were about to have a heart attack, she figured that she can help speed that up by dropping a Huge Bombshell, She added:

 "Not only we've been living together for years, we have a child together"

. Here you are unable to give a child to your  husband,  and he had another woman give him one

. WOW! So Mr. Joseph was a double-dipping bigamist. Where was Jerry Springer?



 So as all hell broke loose in the Mith family, when your sister Marline and your brothers discovered that your husband was a bigamist, did they do the  same things done to me? Specifically::

  • Did Marline do like you, and blast into your house to chase Stan around every room yelling "Bigamist, Bigamist, Bigamist?". Then called the police on him?. OH NO! WHY NOT?.

  •  Well, did brother Ricky run to your 2nd floor bedroom to yell at Stan "I don't want to see this or that in this house. Next time you want to be a bigamist, you deal with me". OH NO! HOW CO\ME?

Anyway, while a bigamist husband with child out of wedlock is one that 99.9999%, of wives would never forgive, and definitively not your sister Marline, you that  you got professional help, forgave him, and the 2 of you got back together. Now I respect the fact that you have overcome this insurmountable problem with counseling. But that brings up an important question.

"How come when Marline and I got professional counseling for the problems you created, and the counselor asked you to come visit him to help your sister, you went hiding for weeks so you would not help her?


The answer is simple

FIRST: There is your obsessive and deranged belief that Marline is your property, and no man can have her. Not Jean Claude or any other.

SECOND: there is the  chronic Jealousy  that you and my niece Mad Doc Dupiton share. A jealousy over our marriage, happiness and status in the community,. One that you confessed to in your letter to Marline, and I quote:

Marline ... I know there is a "grandiose feeling" of having "RockMasters" as your husband as you parade in the Haitian community. And likewise Jean Claude may feel good about getting an desirable woman like you that other men wanted....


CONCLUSION: Since you & Doc Dupiton are not these desirable women that other men wanted, and your husbands are not a  RockMaster to parade with in the Haitian community,  you decided to ruin our marriage.  But you Joelle got stuck with a  bigamist husband because other men only want desirable women like your sister Marline.



  • 'When you live in a glass house, you do not throw rocks.

  • Before you decide to be judge, jury and executioner in someone else's marriage, "Make sure your house is in order".

  • Be careful in picking your fight &  adversary. Make sure you do your homework first.

  • Never mess with a senior who is 100x smarter than you could ever be in this lifetime, or the next.

And with that,  on to the next topic about Marline the fighter.


Now in spite having been subjected to the most outrageous, inhumane treatment, character assassination, and intensive pressure put on my wife, we did not lose hope and continued to search for a resolution. Here are just 2 such peace initiatives by Marline and I to her family.

As Marline was till fighting for the marriage, it was just 5 months before the break up that she came up with an idea that she was sure would be the solution. She decided to call for an all-families summit for peace with her family and my family. At the time however, I was not aware of Doc Dupiton's undercover operation on Track #2. So when I told Marline that I was all for it, she was extremely happy as shown in this message she sent me.

Therefore, when Marline had sent me a message saying:: "JC... You just don't know. I fight for you all the time..", you just got one evidence.


While being attacked and by Joelle & the Mith family, Jean-Claude did not give hope and decided to take the high ground with personal outreach to the Mith family on 2 occasions.



It was in 2015 & 2016 when the universal ban was in effect, that Marline and I had planned 2 new year's day celebrations at our home. Now seeing how my wife was affected by her family staying away from her home, I decided to be the "Bigger Man". So I sent written invitations to all members of the Mith family hoping to break the ice. Here is the first one I sent to them for our Jan. 1, 2015 celebration. It was signed 'Jean-Claude and Marline'

Well the reply came in from Joelle speaking for the Mith family, and it was "DECLINED".


While disappointed, we did not give up. So one year later, and still under the Joelle ban, the same invitation was sent for our January 1, 2016 celebration, and the reply from Joelle was no different. It was again stamped "DECLINED".


So it was confirmed that the Mith family's priority was not Marline's happiness, but hating Jean-Claude.



Now the deepest sadness I observed in my wife came from her daughter boycotting her house. A most heartless act from a daughter, and sadly supported by Joelle and her brothers who could not see a mother's sadness,


Marline's hurt got to the point of asking me to accept blame and give some apology so that her daughter would end the boycott of her home. Obviously an impossible request for me to accept. But in the end, for the love of my wife and feeling her pain, I decided to write a letter to Tiffany accepting some responsibility for the incident, with an apology that the incident took place. In the end I reached out to her heart with a plea on behalf of her mother. Here is the full original letter a year and half after the incident in our bedroom. A letter  that I am publishing for the first time.


Jean Claude Elie
Engineer, BS, MS, ME
917-406-5535 178-15 Henley Road, Jamaica Estates, NY 11432

June 21, 2015

TO: Ms Tiffany Rose Charles

FROM: Jean-Claude Elie

Dear Tiffany,

 I am writing you this letter in the hope of resolving an old matter which is still causing significant unhappiness to my wife and to you personally, as I’ve been told. It is an incident that your mother often refers to as the starting point, and the root of all later conflicts between my wife, her family and me after you moved out.

Thus, against my prior objections, and regardless of where guilt or culpability resides, I concluded that I must take the higher ground and do what is required to bring back peace to my wife, my marriage and the family.

I married your mother because we share a sincere deep love. I became her husband with a commitment to bring her the happiness that she deserves in her later years and for the many sacrifices she made in her life. Then, I was hoping to receive the same happiness in return. But unfortunately, this commitment to her is having unintended results originating from past conflicts between you and I since my arrival in my new home here. The climax came with the incident of January 2014, during which you were hit on the lips. Initially, it was described as a voluntary punch, but confirmed to have been an inadvertent accident during the melee that took place in my bedroom that night.

Since then, I have been asked many times by my wife to apologize to you for this accident as the key to our peace. However I always strongly objected because I didn’t see the necessity for an apology, because:

  1. I did not agree that I was responsible, and truly believed that the accident occurred during the struggle with your mother as she was pulled out of the room, and,

  2. Because apologies are for voluntary actions that someone regrets doing, and wishes to retract. Not for an accident, since accidents are routine occurrences requiring simply a statement of ‘Excuse me’ or ‘I am Sorry’ at the time of the accident.

However, I am putting a4side all my personal opinions above, since this incident is having such a lasting and dramatic effect on our lives. Therefore, I decided to elevate it to the apology level and to personally deliver my apology to you in writing. So:

On this day of June 2015, I, Jean Claude Elie, husband of your mother Rose Marline Mith-Elie, extend my sincere apology to you, Tiffany Rose Charles, for any perceived complicity on my part resulting to you getting hit on the lips during the incident involving you, my wife & me.

For the sake of your mother’s happiness and the creation of a peaceful atmosphere in our home and with your mother’s family, I look for your acceptance of this sincere apology.

In addition, I also understand from your mother that other past instances are issues that still bother you today. Specifically, the day I came in your room requesting that you clean it up. Then there was the time when I asked for your school transcript for possible employment with an ex-employer. Lastly, the times I was encouraging you to get your driver’s license as something that I believe is useful to have.

Being a father who has assisted in raising a proud daughter, I assumed that as a husband, it was also part of my responsibility to support and help give guidance to my wife’s children if the circumstance presented itself. However, even though my intentions were good, either my approach, or perception of my intentions were not properly delivered or received.

So, for all these other instances of misunderstanding, miscommunication or misperceptions, I extend a second apology to you.

I do want you to know that I understand the mutual love and bond between you and your mother, as I had experienced a similar, but somewhat different, love with my late mother. So, any thoughts that I wanted to create divisions between your mother and her children were truly a misunderstanding of my intents. As no one has the power to destabilize a mother/daughter bond which started the day of conception.

To conclude, I want you to know that I am someone who is, and has been around young adults like you for years, and has helped many of them with personal life issues and various forms of educational assistance.

Your mother and I got married out of love, years after we met in 1998. But lately, the relationship has lost its charm and focus as we became embroiled in these family issues.

So I hope that with this letter of apology, we can all have a new beginning for your mother and everyone’s sake.

I asked your mother to deliver this letter to you, and will wait for your feedback from her.


Jean Claude Elie, Eng.


well, did that work? Think again! This is when I finally realized that heart, love and feeling did not exist in the Mith world, only hate. And from the feedback I received"  . Maybe if I got down on my knees and begged Tiffany for  forgiveness, I might have had a chance, which was no chance.
So the family had decided that Marline was doomed if she stayed with her husband.








Then come the consequences today with a Marline living in a virtual reality world of denial as evidenced in her writings of recent years with a permanent fixation on the marriage break up, as the truth she defended in the past is now set aside to adopt the falsehoods she had rejected from her sister's 2014 brainwashing letter

.Now, to give you a visual view of Marline's transformation, here are just 6 real life examples represented in the table below.

LEFT COLUMNS: We have Marline in 2014-2015 defending her marriage & husband.

MIDDLE COLUMN: We have Joelle refuting Marline's words to feed her contradicting falsehoods.

RIGHT COLUMN: A brainwashed Marline flipping and adopting  falsehoods from the past.

 PS: Note how Joelle's focuses on using Tiffany.




JC you're the only man who make me happy. I always fight for you - He is a good man & caring husband

You said "JC is a good man....He may have fooled you, but not us".. You do know "your real husband

You were the worst husband a woman can have. -The Marriage was horrible

 l love to go out with my husband. We have fun. I've gone alone to family events when everyone has their spouse, WHY NOT ME??

He cannot "push himself .saying he has control over you & would not let you go anywhere without him. This you should not accept

You tried to control me & all my moves... "I do what I want. I go where I want, when I want. I don't need you with me

When any of us have spouse issues we try to help not alienate. .

JC must feel in heaven for alienating us. That's what he always wanted

You wanted to alienate me and take me away from my family and fiends"

You don't know JC. He would never hit a woman. Tiffany was hit by accident. It was an accident & was over. This "good man" assaulted your daughter & you call it an accident. JC knew it was not , just like his physical abuse of you You hit my daughter You said that that you would  throw Tiff out of a window. you are a wife beater

Tiffany heard loud talking and she came to see what was going on

Tiffany intervened to keep him from killing her mother

Tiffany came to protect me. You wanted to choke me. .

"As the bible says, "a woman will leave her family for her husband". When we marry, we become 1

U can't stop me from talking to MY SISTER... U try to ruin  the good relation Tiff & Nick have with their mom. All was fine until you came!

"Jean Claude; When you marry a woman, you marry her family

Tiffany is not as innocent as you think. She said nasty disrespectful things to him

He insulted your daughter.. JC, Marline's children are not Ghetto as I heard you call them.

You hated my children. I should've had Tiffany press charge against you


So, the last column reveals the new brainwashed Marline having to reverse herself from the truth she defended in the past, to now adopt her sister's false & divisive teachings from her 2014 brainwashing letter.


So with Marline now living in the same environment as the people who fed her the falsehoods, and who continue to reinforce them, her only means of survival was to join them with their false teachings. But in order for this virtual  world of denial to be real to her, it needed to have a villain. And the ideal villain was the one Joelle created for her, namely her husband JC.


And with that accomplished, she was able to go into a full stage of denial

  •  DENIAL THAT: Her sister Joelle Mith-Joseph lit the first fuse with a match provided by her daughter Tiffany on Jan. 14, 2014

  • DENIAL THAT: Her sister used her children to destabilize the marriage, just as my niece Dr. Dupiton used my daughter.

  • DENIAL THAT: Her sister took direct aim at her husband with a barrage of insults and character assassination.

  • DENIAL THAT: Her sister banned her Mith family from her home, banned her husband from Mith family events, and supported her daughter Tiffany's boycott of her home.

  • DENIAL THAT: That her sister's publicly disgraced her by throwing her out to the streets from her mom's birthday party because of her choice of husband

  • Etc., Etc., Etc.

 Now after adopting all these denials & Joelle's control bible, Marline figured that peace would come her way. But she forgot about her conscience that keeps reminding her of the truth. Thus the reason why for the nearly 4 years, Marline did  nothing but lament over the marriage break up by blaming her new villain.


. If I tried to talk to her about my belongings, the phone she refuses to return and I am still paying for, my Benz that evaporated from the driveway, my daughter, even to wish her Happy birthday, she launches at her villain  JC with "How I broke the marriage, tried to control her, tried to take her from her family, was a bad husband, hit Tiffany, did not love her, etc. etc.".


So finally I told her that I am tired of 4 years listening to that broken old record. So when she came back with: "You're the worst husband ever", I decided that it was time to remind her of the "Starting Point" by publish the story of her sister & family to who started it all, and who are today responsible for her state of mind. Then  hopefully  shake her into reality, and force her family  to realize the consequences of pushing Marline to do what they wanted, rather than what made her happy.


In the end, they brought turmoil to their family, just like Johanne Dupiton did to mine with their focus on hate and division.





In spite of all,  want to take a moment to extend a specially deserved credit of courage to Marline. Because there is something else that is extremely important that should not be overlooked. Regardless of my criticism of her weakness and 'People-Pleaser' personality, the fact remains that Marline fought hard for her marriage, and held on tough through all these years. In fact, there was a tearful emotional moment of hers that I must share with you regarding the January 2014  initial incident in our bedroom that gave birth to Joelle's  "Assault & punch Tiffany" lie.


One day, in late 2015, I was at a good friend's house, and telling his wife about that incident.   Once I was done, his wife said to me:

"JC, I never told you, but I heard that story before directly from your wife. It was on the day that I had invited her over, seeing how sad she was over the problems in her marriage. I had made dinner, then as we started talking, Marline suddenly broke down in tears and sobbing as she told me."

"Let me tell you the truth. JC did not do anything. He did not hit my daughter. It was an accident. Then Tiffany went and told the family that Jean-Claude had hit her. I told them that it was not true. But my sister would not hear of it, and continued to say that JC hit my daughter. But that's not what happened.."..

So, you see jean Claude, I never told you that I knew the story because she spoke to me in confidence. But I believed her because she said it in tears. And I believe you because what you just told me is exactly what I heard from your wife


Well. this why I always say that the truth always rules

And, in spite of the pressures from her sister & family, Marline's hope that we'd succeed continued till near the end with this New Year 2016 resolution she sent me.

Then 2 weeks later while on a trip to Haiti, where Johanne pursued her on WhatsApp to keep the pressure on, Marline sent this last positive message just 3 days before the break up.

A message that was probably a wishful last hope, knowing what was coming. So for those efforts, I extend to her great credits.


BUT  IT IS IMPORTANT THAT I ADD: While I have concentrated on writing about the negative aspects of our separation, between the assaults on the marriage, we had great times and many more happy moments than the bad ones imposed on us. Happy times that were witnessed by the community and in social circles. Thus the reason the news of our separation was such a shock to everyone.




My final comments to Marline's family are based on the universal accepted notion that "A marriage is strictly between a man and a woman", as they create a new family. And in our case, it was the Elie family. Marriage  is definitively not a 3-way union with commitments to any family of origin. Something clearly stated by Marline in her letter to her family saying.

"As the bible says, a woman will leave her family for her husband"..  "When we marry, we become one"


So let me ask Marline's brother's and uncle the following:" How did you react to Marline telling you that she loved her husband and was happy being married to him?"


From my observations, you simply ignored her words,  desires and wishes. And rather than support her in realizing them, you did the opposite by adopting an erroneous story created by Joelle, after which she blasted Marline in the most outrageous letter ever from a sister to another. A letter in which she treated my wife with maximum disrespect with comments like:

"Marline, ...reading your e-mail provoked the feelings of an abused, brainwashed woman, ....you are perhaps unaware of the damages done to you recently by your dear husband, ...Jean Claude may have succeeded in fooling you, but can't fool the rest of us ...this "good man" assaulted your daughter and described it as an "accident, ...it was not, just as his suspected abuses to you are not accidents,...then telling us he has control over you & you can't go anywhere without him...this we cannot accept and you should not also.


Then you all decided to bow to Joelle by jumping on her bandwagon of lies and schemes. You took away your sister/niece happiness to make hating Jean Claude your focus. So here are some honesty check & conscience questions to ask yourselves:

  1. CAN YOU NAME ONE thing, or act that you personally witnessed or can back up that I did to Marline, her children or any of you. JUST ONE

  2. CAN YOU NAME ONE instance, or one split second during which you can identify me as verbally or physically abusing my wife, or her children? Again, JUST ONE will do.

  3. CAN YOU provide one evidence that backs up ONE of Joelle's statements that you used as your justification to jumping on her bandwagon? JUST ONE.

  4. CAN JOELLE back up JUST ONE of the mountain of \ accusations she made again me, my wife or our marriage? Example: Can she say where & when she heard me call Marline's children Ghetto?

  5.  CAN YOU  tell anyone, where in the Tiffany  video that you saw one second of me Assaulting or Punching Tiffany?. And since you also viewed the missing 2 minutes, did you see one second of me doing that?  JUST ONE SECOND.

  6. FINALLY, From watching the  full video, can you deny  seeing Tiffany grab her mom, drag her across the room with me just watching, until I ran over to pull Marline back in the room?

NOW, if you are not able to answer 'YES' to even ONE of these questions, then you can agree that you have a serious credibility problem, and that the Mith family has a humongous honesty problem. Thus giving you full responsibility for this catastrophe that victimized your sister/niece, our marriage, our 2 families, my daughter, and opened the door to Doc Dupiton's  cruelties that led to my eviction to the streets, threats to my life and vision,  7  wrongful arrests with my first one in life credited to  Joelle. The person who ignited the fuse to this period of human cruelty on January 14, 2014 with a monstrous lie fabricated from a personal family dispute at the Elie residence, and in  the privacy  of the couple's bedroom.


Then you turned a blind eye Marline's words of truth in her letters to you all above, and her words below from our last few months. Just as you've avoided the  words to my wife in the poem I wrote her on our 3rd Anniversary, because it was titled "TRUE LOVE"



It is even more revealing that the words in my 2014 'TRUE LOVE' Poem were a vision of 2020. Thus proving that Marline became victim of selfish and fake love, and the only person who gave true love was the husband you all love to hate.


So free yourself from the hate injected in our 2  families  by the leaders of the 'Jo' Tag Team of Joelle & Johanne, seen together below in celebration mode months after their successful campaigns of division.







PLEASE NOTE: This document was exclusively prepared for the families - This is a public version redacted of classified information in Section #3

February 3, 2020


Now, before I go into these troubling and revealing text messages that I received from my stepdaughter Tiffany Charles, and their significance to my conclusions in the report on the Mith archives and & Mith-Dupiton connection, there is something important that I must bring to your attention.


 As I always say, "Evidence don't lie, and evidence is my game". Therefore the  credibility of my writings which have never been challenged, is earned from the fact that they are 100% based on evidence, and narrated through the words of those involved. Thus validating my deductions as accurate representation of the truth.


Now while the texts from Tiffany were short, but long  on arrogance, they confirm that  the "Starting Point" of today's drama was triggered within the Mith family by my sister in law Joelle Mith-Joseph through her negative influence and misuse of my wife's children for self-serving purposes. In fact, these new texts from Tiffany allow me to now reveal additional information that I previously did not have evidence to back up.



Now as everyone could observe, my publications were never addressed to any specific  person, but to a distribution list. And since the purpose was always  to inform and educate, no reply was ever expected or received.


However, I did get 2 replies recently from members of the Mith family, and what makes them stand out is their negative tone, rudeness, and  identical writing style with a  vocabulary of offensive words like "Harassment, Police, Nonsense, Get a life, even Sh*t"


But in spite of their inappropriateness and threatening tones, these text messages are very telling and represent the symptoms to a malignant cancer left unchecked.  In the end, these inappropriate texts exposed  a consciousness of guilt and rejection of unpleasant truth by the family of these 2 writers who are  my separated wife Marline's youngest brother Richard,  and her youngest child Tiffany. And by being the  "Youngest", they also represent immaturity and arrogance that was  tolerated.


First: Let me set the stage for the featured text messages from Marline's daughter by showing you the text that I had received from her kid brother Richard Mith months ago. Because it appears that the spokespersons for the Mith  family are not the seniors, elders, or parents, as one would expect, but they are the juniors and freshmen like kid brother Richard and baby daughter Tiffany.


Now I do not know if this spokesperson responsibility was delegated down the line, or if we are dealing with juniors stepping out of line.  But I would bet  on the latter one due the inappropriateness of these messages with a vocabulary not fit for any mature adult, young or old.



It is a text that Richard sent me a few months ago in reply to an informative  letter I had sent to the Mith family on behalf of his sister Marline.  A letter that I had believed would be positively received. So, here is his reply,  containing 3 of those offensive words that I referred to above.

Well, with me unwilling to jump into the swamp with him, my reply was simply "Have a nice day"


Now I used his text to lead into the ones I received from Tiffany because when you read the full report below, these texts will have confirmed  my conclusions  of a double standards that was applied to Marline's children by their aunt Joelle Mith-Joseph in using them for self-serving purposes.



Now, a few days ago, and out of nowhere, I received  2 text  messages from Marline's daughter Tiffany Charles, also acting as the spokeswoman for the Mith family, replying  to  my last publication on he "Mith Archive". Here is her first text:

In total shock from her disrespectful and out of line  communication, I was not going to jump into her swamp. Specially in noticing the same offensive words of  "Harassment & Police", from Richard text above.


So I simply let her know that her message was inappropriate, and that I was going to report it to her mother to deal with her. Then  she dropped this bomb of a message on me.

Now after doubling up on the words "Harassment & Police" in Richard text, and taking his "NO ONE cares..." line  to "NO ONE reads...",  she took it to the vulgarity and profanity level with "Sh*t".


So this time I decided to send her a strong adult reply, and contacted her mother on what her daughter just did. So let me share with you the message I sent to Marline, along with my reply to Tiffany


hello Marline,

Here are 2 messages I got from Tiffany, even using the vulgar word 'shit'.


 So I am going to send them to everyone, including to her father's family. Because it shows proof how a girl is raised in the Mith family.

You could never see my daughter send such vulgarity to an adult in your family. I did reply to her in strong adult terms. But I wanted you to see what she wrote first. Interestingly, its the exact text I got from your brother Richard with the words "Harassment & p\Police"


So Marline. This is what happens when you let people raise your daughter with no discipline. As you see, I don't cover for my daughter's misbehavior and vulgarity.


So Marline, I know how hard you worked to raise your daughter, and I am sure that is not the result you expected. But my God. What a disgrace for the Mith family's image. Anyways like I said, it's your job to discipline your daughter and this is the perfect time.


In the end. she proved that she ruined your marriage, your happiness. Now this will impact your reputation as a mother. My only advice is for you to read how I am dealing with my daughter who seemed to have adopted the Tiffany wrong example. I still do my job of father, keep doing yours.




So I will forward you my reply to her. And please tell her NOT TO WRITE ME. If anyone wants to talk to me, make sure it's a mature respectable person from the family


Like I said, you and I will talk soon as the only way to deal with this hate everyone is filled with from our marriage.  I married you for LOVE, not for other people jealous HATE. I will forward you my reply to her next



My reply to Tiffany




First, do not take what I am about to say as trying to lecture you, as that’s not my place, but as words coming from an older man with great life experience and more wisdom than he gets credits for.


Second, you’ve observed how I stood alone as man & son to challenge the wrongs done by members of my family. Because the thought of my late mother looking down at the damages to her legacy, became my motivation to fight for what is right.


So, do you think that your late father is looking down with pride on the way his sons have handled his family’s situation, the attacks on his youngest daughter Marline marriage & impact to his legacy?


As you also saw, I do not play favoritism  in chastising my daughter for her newly found disrespects to seniors, just as you should do about your niece Tiffany’s disrespect for her mother & elders. Because I know that none of your daughters, Allison, Damally, Yasmine or Ricky’s children, could ever use the vulgar word sh*t, as Tiffany just did, or fu*k as in the video she made in our bedroom were she created this drama..


To me, you guys took your eyes off the ball. Because, while I searched for the truth in my family, you chose to make me your focus, then accept whatever you were told, and reject any truth that would be beneficial to your judgment.


I compiled critical information from recent reports on our 2 families for you, and all I ask is to read it with an open mind. It is 100% factual and generated from the words of our families. NOTHING IS CREATED.

While some of it may not be pleasant, it’s because more often than not, the truth is not pleasant. But not dealing with it, is the reason that your sister Marline lives in denial.


Now, in light of this text message that Tiffany had  sent to me using the word sh*t...

, it has become necessary that her message and my communications with you  be made public for the following reasons.


FIRST: Because she addressed me as  your spokesperson in informing me that  "NO ONE is reading...". So by having knowledge of what everyone is reading, means that she was replying on your behalf/


SECOND: By authorizing me to "...Send it out publicly", she is passing on to me the Mith family wish. So I will oblige.


THIRD: But the biggest reason is that Tiffany provided me the most powerful  evidence possible to back up  everything in Section #1 below.  Because if she can address me with such vulgarity when I was not addressing her, then it is clear that my description  of  the incidents in my bedroom on Jan 2014, perfectly fits her personality


And if she can  present herself as spokesperson for the Mith Family with such arrogance and disrespect, only means that she found that comfort in one of her seniors. And as I clearly demonstrated below, that senior was Joelle Mith- Joseph who corrupted Marline's children for selfish purposes.


So in the end, you  will finally realize that Jean Claude was never against you, but only wanted you see the truth, and learn things about your family that you did not know and did not see. It is the same thing I told my nephews and daughter of my family.


It is not that I am smarter, but with a career of doing research and solving problems, I searched for the truth in my real-life situation. I found it & presenting it to you. Because I guarantee you that once you open your mind to it, everything will become clearer, and dissipate  the hate


And in the end, out of Tiffany's arrogance and disrespect, something good may come out. S

Jean Claude



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