Earlier this month, I shared with you my decision to extend a last minute Olive Branch of peace to my family with advices to the Mith family. Then delivered it as a detailed proposal for peaceful resolution of this self-inflicted family tragedy scripted by my niece Dr. Marie Dupiton, and initially ignited by my wife's possessive sister Joelle Mith-Joseph. I then initiated a  one-week ceasefire for the Claude/Dupiton camp to review it  and get back to me.

But after 2 weeks of no-response, I considered the offer rejected, most likely under pressure by the intransigent Doc Dupiton bent on not accepting  responsibility for her actions. Therefore the global "Nuclear Option" campaign was back on the launching pad.

But to clear my conscience is in taking such drastic action, I decided to extend the deadline, and reached out to a non-involved nephew serving in the US Military, requesting he uses his influence and leadership skills to convince these women to come to the negotiating table, rather than face social chastisement from the release of damaging classified information.

Below is the request letter to my nephew. It's very poignant, very personal, informative, and extremely sad to see what hidden jealousy and hate can do to a family. But as the saying goes, "If you do the crime, you must do the time, or pay the price.



April 27, 2020

Dear Nephew Greg,


I hope all is well with you and your family. This communication from your uncle Claudy comes exactly 2 years from our last communications of April 2018. While we had not communicated since, I know that you have been following the sad developments in this family tragedy through my reports.


Since that time, and following your unsuccessful efforts to bring peace & salvage the family, things went further downhill. Specially after my sister Liliane, Tanisha & Dominique proposed a peace talk that Johanne promptly blocked, and ran to the police to generate my first of 4 false arrests in 2018 & 2019


But while that 2018 peace effort on your part was unsuccessful, it gave me great appreciation for the leadership stand that you took, and while we disagreed at times, it was always respectful. So this ability for us to communicate man to man as adults, is the reason I am back writing you about this crossroad we are in today, when a definite choice must be made between 2 options. And the one that I will be focusing on today, is 'Option #1' that calls for a Peaceful Resolution", as that has always been my first choice.



Now, as you are aware, the issue of the separation with my daughter Tanisha was resolved thanks to the initiative of a good Samaritan from the community. I then followed up on that success by taking up his advice and that of others in the community to reach for peace with the family.

As such, I prepared and delivered a new peace proposal, for which a response was due this past weekend from our family. But having not received such response, meaning that the peace proposal was ignored, their no-response is recorded as a rejection. And as stipulated in the peace proposal summarized below, a rejection is also an authorization for me to launch 'Option #2', referred to as the "Global Nuclear Option' currently in the final planning stages. In fact, to show this very serious stuff, I will give you a sneak peak of the work in progress in that Nuclear Option further down.  



Now since you are the only one who ever gave me the respect of communication, or even acknowledged that I still exist, I decided to seek your cooperation and opinion on this new initiative that has also hit a roadblock. In addition, I consider you to be the only other true man in this family, even while you are away on Military duties. And being a military man, explains why words like respect, responsibility, honesty, love, war & peace, respect for elders etc., are all found in your writings to me as reprinted below. Writings in which you even extended an apology to your elder, because you felt it was appropriate.



Your words and behavior that I described above also exemplify a principle that, as the elder male of the family, I have tried to push on my juniors. That is,

"The ability & obligation of a real man to STAND UP as the BIG MAN in a room or a situation"


It is a principle that defines a true military man, and that causes my frustration with another Military man married into your Claude family who chose to be part of the problem rather than part of the solution, by simply watching the problem take roots in his own home. And while you extended an apology for what I felt was a minor infraction during a heated conversation, this other military man could not extend a requested apology for a catastrophic lie made in his name that got me falsely arrested. So while a younger military man stood up as the Big Man, an older one chose to be a Small Man.


That is also why I concluded that this absence of male influence in the family is at the roots of its downfall. Because while the women banded together for right or wrong, the men were manipulated to turn on each other and betray manhood by becoming the executioners for the women in this family tragedy.


To confirm what I just said, let me reveal something that you never thought about. Let's take Henry Claude, the late husband of my sister Liliane, Someone who was a male figure for you and I growing up in Haiti. Well, I can guarantee you that if he was alive in his Claude household, NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS WOULD HE ALLOW THIS OUTRAGE TAKE ROOT IN HIS HOME. AND AS HE ALSO TREATED ME AS A SON, HE WOULD NEVER ALLOW MY LIFE & MARRIAGE TO BE RUINED BY HIS OWN WIFE & CHILDREN.


And I will take it one step further. Based on your words below, I can also guarantee that if you were home, and not away in Military service, this could not never happen in your precedence. And let me take it 2 steps further by saying that if the pants-wearing women of Roselyne Balmir was not sick, or your grandmother Anna-Rose was still with us, hell would freeze before anyone could even dream of such an outrage in our family.


So when anyone tries to give a splinter of blame to Claudy, have them read the above. Because while Claudy is not a military man, he is a warrior against wrong & injustice, and  a one-man army against any stain to his mother/your grandmother's 's legacy,


So if the peaceful resolution option fails, I will use the Nuclear option to clean up the stain. As it is a man's job, a son's job and my job.


Now, as I close this detailed introduction into the main objective of this communication, let me say that what follows is a continuation of our communications from 2 years ago. Therefore, it is imperative that we all read those communications between nephew Greg and uncle Claudy. .


So, let's rewind back to April 2018 to relive our conversation through its transcript. And hopefully others will learn something about honest & respectful man to man communication. The type that can bring peaceful resolution.



Yellow highlights are to emphasize important keywords and phrases to a peeacefu resolution today.

Blue Backgrounds are my added comments, and not part of original conversation




Hi uncle Claudy,

Good morning. I am writing you with tears in my eyes and with lots of pain because Iíve been reading all this stuff, and that situation hurts. Because I know they are hurting as well to see you guys going through this.


But worst, I just found out last night that mommy Suzette has maybe less than a month to live. She is at the hospital. Iím flying to NY next week to see her maybe for the last time.


Iím only replying to you because I would like to talk to you man to man ok. First as my elder, I apologize for losing my cool with you even though I felt I was in the right. You are still my uncle, second uncle. Please stop this madness in the public a eyes youíre making the family look bad. Please arrange a meeting and lay your differences face to face


Last thing, please make peace uncle Claudy. Life is too short. We never know when God will call us, then itís too late and to hard when we canít say Iím sorry.


I'm not getting to involved with you and your wife situation. But at the end of the day you cannot disowned your family who has been there with you your whole life for a fail marriage. Please uncle listen to me as a man.


Anyway I love you, take care. Iím about to get ready for work. Hope to hear from you on a positive note or see you next week in NY.

Take care.




MY COMMENT:: Well that was the first reference to PEACE made by anyone beside me. And the ONLY ONE ever made at any time by another man in the family

SO GREG: 1) After all you read these last 2 years, Do you still think that I am the one who disowned the family? I doubt so.
2) While this all started with my marriage, Do you still think what is going on today is about my failed marriage? I doubt so think so either.


Well, let's read my reply....


Hi Greg

Sorry it took so long to reply. But I needed to get my thoughts together on you mom Suzette news.


First I want to let you know how sorry I am to hear about her illness, and that her days may be counted. I want to express my deep sympathy to you. She is a great lady who took care of me in Haiti while I gave her a hard time as a boy. I love her also, and she will be missed greatly. So be strong my nephew, and make the best of her remaining time. Be at peace, because she has great company waiting to welcome her upstairs.


You can tell her that Claudy is asking for her, and give her a good bye kiss for me at her departing moment. Because, as you are aware, this family she loves so much has created a situation that prevents me from visiting her at the hospital or to attend the celebration of her life. So I am sure she'll understand my absence;


Now as you said, life is short, and this news about Suzette is one more reason that I will not forgive that, in my mid 60's, my own family ruined the years that I have remaining. The few years of peace love & happiness I had carefully planned when I married Marline. And it all happened overnight with no warning at the hands of a sister, nieces, nephews etc..


Then to rub pepper in my wounds, they keep talking about my failed marriages, 0 for 3 in wives nonsense, even telling me to look into some mirror. But each time I do, it becomes another nightmare as their faces keep popping up in the mirror.



No Greg! I am not about to forgive yet. Still, as a man of peace, I welcome the resolution you are proposing, and communicating with you man-to-man. As it is right now, you are the only other man remaining in this family, following the Balmirs treason of your grandmother/my mother's legacy and teachings.


For communication to be effective, there are some basic principles & facts that must be accepted.

Truth is truth & cannot be fabricated. If people don't have the strong character to accept 100% proven truth, communication becomes an exercise in futility. Then people resort to name calling, insults and creative false truth, as evidenced by the events of the past 2 years (2016-2018)


SECOND: The constant reference to my so-called failed marriages as the cause of current family disaster is an excuse that has been used to avoid the truth and cover for the culprits.


.The current situation is an internal family disaster that Johanne, Liliane, etc. brought upon us using my marriage as their springboard. My marriage was only a tool & a casualty on more sinister motives by women of the family & women married into the family..


Remember that I was married and divorced before. And that did not break the family nor ruin my life. Before, I lived in NJ and away from the family. There were none of these other names involved, like Liliane, Johanne, Dominique, Ricky Fanfan, Donna, etc. It is also a fact that if Marline & I lived in a far away place, she could not have been negatively influenced by these women, and we would still be together today & the family would not be in disgrace.

FURTHERMORE: Let it be known once & for all that:

  • My marriage did not evict me from Roselyne house. FAMILY DID

  • My marriage did not put me in a shelter. MY FAMILY DID

  • My marriage did not damage me my business. MY FAMILY DID

  • My marriage did not put the family in disgrace. FAMILY DID.

  • My marriage did not mess my daughter. MY FAMILY DID

  • My marriage did not abandon me at Dunkin donuts.- FAMILY DID

  • My marriage did not plot my arrest over my wife's phone bill. RICKY DID

  • My marriage did not leave me in jail over a $100. FAMILY DID

  • My marriage did not create the elder abuse lie. DONNA DID

  • My marriage is did not block my family meeting request. JOHANNE DID

  • My marriage did not make everyone ignore my surgeries - FAMILY DID

  • My marriage did not damage my vision in one eye. MAD DOC DID.

  • My marriage did not diagnose my near fatal 230BP as ďFAKEĒ & nearly cost me my life. -JOHANNE DID

  • My marriage & wife did not give me the names, mental, psychopath, delusional, crazy, drug addict, alcoholic, incoherent, elder abuser, terrorist, squatter, salopar, Etc. . MY FAMILY FABRICATED THEM

I can go on and on, and you will see that my marriage did not make them do any of these cruel acts..



Now Greg, to confirm that everything above is true, here is a simple 5-questions exercise/test I want you to run with your Claude family. Only one question for each. If you can get satisfactory answers to all 5 questions, I will stop my campaign. In fact, I am pausing my campaign for 48 hrs allowing you time to get these answers.

Here are the 5 questions:


Months before the break up, I was home and all was fine between my wife & I. Then out of nowhere, I received this disturbing text from Johanne.

QUESTION: ďWhy did she send me that strange message? what crime I committed to run from? and where did she expect me to go.?Ē .


On my first day at sister Roselyne's house, sister Liliane Claude came over and yelled at me. ďMap fe yo fout ou deyo ici a tou (I am going to get you kicked out of here ALSO

QUESTION: ďWhy did sister Liliane want to have me kicked out from sister Roselyne's house? And since that was soon after Marline put me out, Why did she say "Also"?


After I told the family that I should be able to return home, I get a shocking email from Dominique in which she said ďOh!.. Oh.. you want to stay in this marriage? Something does not add up?Ē.

QUESTION: ďAs my niece, how come she was not overly excited to hear that I may be able to return home?. And 'what is it that "Does not add up" with me wanting to fix my marriage?


Please name ONE (1) specific factual thing they know I did to my wife that would break our, or any marriage. And ONE thing I did to ANY MEMBER OF THE FAMILY that would make me enemy #1,?


On the day my wife put me out, it was about midnight when I sent this SOS message below to the family from a Dunkin Donut on Hillside Ave

ďHow come they all ignored my distress call in the middle of the night?. And why they made me public enemy #1 that exact day?. Specially when they were dining at the Elie/s 3 weeks before, and I was celebrating Jojo's Birthday at her house 1 week before, and was n the phone with Johanne the day before expressing my happiness at my wife returning home?



So Gregory If you get satisfactory answers, I drop everything & you can set up meeting for peace & negotiation.



First, let me say that this community has no emotional or personal ties in this matter. It is an impartial jury of our peers that is only impacted by the facts & the truth. As a public figure in this community, and along with my wife, recognized as the RockMaster couple and business persons, my absence from the scene was glaring, and creating rumors. So, I had no other option left but to go public.


And as far as making the family look bad," I honestly don't give a darn how bad they lookĒ. They had 2 years warning that this was coming, but they chose to open a trash & slander labels factory.



With the sad news about the terminal stage of your birth mother Suzette, the tragedy of this fabricated family division comes to the surface. For my history with her growing up in Haiti and caring to my needs, I find myself faced with the most consequential and cruel outcome of this disaster. How do I forgive Johanne & Liliane that I cannot even go see her at the hospital, nor attend her funeral if God calls upon her.


Well Greg, neither my marriage, nor my wife are responsible for that. Johanne & Liliane led that charge with a gang of renegade women. PERIOD!


But my heart and sympathy goes to you. And please tell Suzette for me that Claudy was asking for her, and give her a last kiss on my behalf.

Take care

Uncle Claudy


MY COMMENTS: Greg, back then, you suggested a meeting and I agreed. I PROMISED to end everything if I could clear up 5 questions bothering me, and make peace regardless of what the answers were. So wait to read what just happened..

BUT HER IS WHAT HURTS MOST: You had informed me of the poor health of our birth mother Suzette who helped raise me. But guess what: As of today, more than 2 years after , I HAVE NO CLUE IF SHE IS DEAD OR ALIVE. To me, it shows the family's priority, and what they think of your advice about "life is too short"




Hi Claudy,


I've read your message and I appreciate it all, I'm trying to be positive and strong hoping that she recovers however I humbly accept and appreciate your sympathy


FYI you are always welcome around the family trust me you are not an outsider however. Yes right now everyone is on eggshells because they don't know what to expect. They are stuck in the twilight zone. Although they love you but they are also dealing with this issue where you're upset at everybody. I want to say that I feel honored to even think that you would consider taking my words in consideration to hopefully build back the relationship that has been broken with the family. Thank you.


 I will have to say though I'm not standing in your way to defend my family, I'm here to help salvage a broken relationship between a brother and sister that love each other ,and to be honest the both of you should be in harmony in order to support aunty Roselyne, a relationship between an outstanding father and daughter, a loving relationship between an uncle and his nephews and nieces, and bring peace between my great uncle and the other affected in this family.


I will be honest with you now, I won't have the answers to the 5 questions because at this point , I will not add more fuel to the fire because too much has happened. I asked you to find a place in your heart , if you honestly feel like the family has done you wrong, to sit-down peacefully and have a family meeting. As the head of your mother's family tree , you have the sole authority to do that. I'm sure they will all be willing to answer your questions face to face and peacefully in order to move on ,


 However are you ready to do so? or better yet are you wiling to do so? If you're answer is yes, I'm sure you will do the things you need to do in order to get it done, However you have to be wiling to accept their true as well , you have to be open minded like you asked me .


Anyway Uncle , I love you very much again it bothers me that things got to this point, I know what wars do and I've fought in a few of them. And it's not what I've ever thought I would be seeing in our family .You're a good man Unc ,


I know deep inside you're a wonderful person, sometime things in life take the best of us. However I still have hope that one day we will be able to celebrate all again as a family.


Take care of yourself uncle Claudy , you are always on my mind hoping that you are safe wherever you are and also hoping that one day things will turn for the better.


 Take care


MY COMMENTS: Well. the evidence is clear. If they won't answer the questions to you, they won't answer anything from me. So they are the problems. BUT I am still always ready to sit for peace as you are about to read below.
And why cant anyone else use the word LOVE as you and I do? Why are you and I the ONLY men who can communicate like normal people? These are all the little things you need to add up to see the problem. Well I thank you for your expression of Love.


So let's continue...


Hi Greg.

First, I was not going to write you yet to let you concentrate on the personal matters you are dealing with relating to your mom Suzette. But I was so touched with your reply, showing understanding and sadness for what has happened to the family that I decided to write a follow up. Not just to show my appreciation, but because you have earned the right to receive additional information that you have not yet seen.


But even more important, this is the first time that I was able to have true, honest conversation with a man of the family without facing profanities & slanders. That is the reason I will be sharing your words with my ex-Balmir nephews for them to see the example of a true nephew, and a family man who can relate to his uncle's tragedy. Because as I blame my sister and nieces for starting the division, my Balmir nephews elevated it to today's critical level.





One of the universally accepted family truths is that "BLOOD IS THICKER THAN WATER". And while you are not blood from birth, you proved that the above truth does not apply to this family, as actions speak louder than words. You have shown that your adopted nephew blood is true family blood & the Claude & Balmir's to be the water. Even my wife's blood is thicker to the Claudes than that of their brother and uncle.


So you can see that this problem is much deeper than my marriage, which was just an excuse and one of their casualties.



 Well, the truth is that they knew what to expect for over 2 years. I told them many times & gave them many opportunities to make things right. But being a sensitive family man, I kept delaying to the point they thought I was bluffing. So they decided to do the unthinkable & immoral act of evicting me from my sick sister Roselyne's house. So with their eviction completed, I had no choice but to go on offense by going public. So it's not that they don't know what's coming. Which takes me to your next suggestion.


Very important in any negotiation. That is why I am, and always was an open book. Answers & solution are what is needed, and this gag order against speaking and reading that Doc Dupiton has imposed on the family must come to an end.


Now, here we are 2 years, 8 months later, and the very first normal communication I have is with you. Then one from my goddaughter who was already being compromised with the staged drug addict pictures from Ricky. But, I was lucky that she sent me the pictures and I was able to expose the plot. So, communication as you can see is my strength. So let's see how well you do getting the other side to communicate openly & honestly.



Another thing I've tried already. . I've asked for family meeting on day one. In fact, early on, Ricky, Fanfan & Tanisha met in my room and agreed to set up a meeting. But when I inquired about the status, I got an update from Tanisha saying, and I quote: 

"...there will be no meeting unless it is with drug/alcohol abuse counselors and psychologists... No one wants to sit and listen to your crazy nonsense!!! Ok!!!! "

That took care of the peace meeting. So that ball is also in their court. Let's see how well you can get them to play.


So, while I support your idea for a family meeting, I doubt the family will go for it. To be honest, I did not expect you to be able to get answers to my 5 questions from them. The reason is simple. Johanne will never admit she was wrong on anything, or did anything wrong & will resist feeling that she is being forced to answer questions. That stubbornness is the stumbling block and why she is the main problem. Liliane is a follower, like my wife. So without your meeting idea to understand things like "WHY they made me enemy overnight", there cannot be a normal family relationship..


Also let me remind you of a prior meeting that Marline had requested with both families while we were still home as shown in is the text she sent me

That was 5 months before the beak up, and Marline's meeting was also declined. Thus proving that they never wanted peace. So once more, the evidence spoke loudly for itself.

But as a fair person, I always keep an exit door open for them as ex-family. If you can help them play the ball right, and through the exit door, great.


Thanks again for listening to me. But you must understand that this thing cannot simply disappear.


Uncle Claudy



(Exerts from last message)


Hi Uncle

From what Iím hearing and seeing, youíve made peace with yourself and you believe that you have all the ammo you need to go to war with a family that you believe doesnít love you and destroyed you


Reading and listening to what you sent Uncle Claudy, is your definition of what happened, when I see how the family love you, and I know how much they do love you and would do anything to support you, from Ricky ,Johanne, Dominique, Frantz, Tanisha and so on, that is my truth.


In life we always have 3 versions," your side ,their side and the truthĒ. In order to get it resolved we have to sit down and see where we went wrong not by jumping to conclusions and going public and tarnishing your family that is wrong , I can tell you that Iím not perfect I donít have all the answers but I can tell you that ĎĎthis doesnít look good


Well Iíll take it back to 1993 when you came to Haiti to Johanneís wedding to my time living in the states. Iíve only seen and heard Love and respect for you . Iíve never seen or heard different. However yes these past couple years with emails and back and forth have not been pleasant. Itís a shame this family was so tight so close I remember I use to watch party videos in Haiti as a kid wishing that I was part of it all. Those are the things I remember. ...Time flies and one day we will have to go or see love ones go and when that happens, itís too late to say sorry itís no coming back from that .


Think about it what benefit does the family gain in ruin you or ruin your marriage? What benefits does your sister gain from hurting you? What do Ricky Frantz Dana Tanisha gain from hurting you? I donít get what any of them would gain in hurting you or doing you wrong or ruining your marriage.


Love you again and take care.





MY COMMENT: Well Greg, here we are 2 years after you told me that "..your family loves and would do anything to support you..", Can you find one thing they did in the past 2 years to show that they would do anything to support me? Well the only think I can think off is getting me falsely arrested 4 rimes. And that does not count.


then you asked "What would they gain from hurting you?". Well, we both know he answer: They had nothing to gain, and gained nothing these past 2 years.. Because it was all done out of HATE. And with Hate, they gained the pleasure of inflicting pain on me. And they did enough to me to write an encyclopedia. Enough that I am lucky to be alive and to have lost my vision only in one eye. THESE ARE PROVEN FACTS 2 YEARS AFTER YOUR MESSAGE.


Our last communization


i Greg.


First, It has been 2.5 years of one-way information from me while the other side was busy running secret activities against me, including my latest wrongful arrest by Johanne, Ricky's eviction & drug addict plot, to the secret act of dragging my daughter deep into a plot against her father. Plus 100 more. The fact remains that I did not turn my back on the family. The family turned its back on me and made me enemy overnight for my wife with NO EXPLANATION TILL TODAY..



Your statement that there are 3 sides to a story is 100% true. So let me expand on how that formula applies here.


SIDE #1: That is my side and it's been an open book over & over for 2.5 years. through my detailed publications of never challenged 100% Truth. So what we need now are answers. And these answers are in side #2 of the story.


SIDE #2: The Claudes, Balmirs & renegades side. That side is a total mystery and purposely kept that way. . PLEASE, can you tell me the first and last time you ever read something from Side #2. NEVER!!. The fact is that NOT ONE word has yet come from that side. NOT ONE defense or explanation given.

Now, since side 2 is your family, the hope is that you can help bring out that side of the story. That was my hope in giving you the 5 basic questions to get started.


SIDE #3: THE TRUTH: Once you add Side 1 + Side 2 = Side 3(The Truth). But if the Side 2 of the story does not exist, Side 1 + 0 = Side 1(The Truth). And since everyone knows I speak 100% the truth backed up by solid evidence, the only choice is to accept that my unchallenged Side #1 is the truth. Then we can move on to addressing the causes and find a resolution.


You mentioned that word many times, and stated that my family loves me. I take this to be more of your wish than your belief. The word LOVE is just a word. True love is defined by actions and behaviors. And by your words and actions, I can see that your love for uncle and family is honest.


So I do understand you trying to project the positive by saying that the family loves me. But their actions prove the opposite, and not the kind of love my mother instilled in her family. The kind of love that made you my nephew. Because:

  • In the family of Anna Rose Victor, we took people in and never put people out.

  • In the family of Anna Rose Victor, I've seen 5-10 people live in our one bedroom house with love

  • In the family of Anna Rose Victor, a daughter never disrespects a father, Nor nephew/niece disrespect an uncle.

  • In the family of Anna Rose Victor, a brother could not be separated from his sister Roselyne

  • In the family of Anna- Rose Victor, no son of hers could be in a shelter from a family with 5 houses and 2 apartment buildings.





So I stand firm & as a man to defend the legacy of my mother & my sister Roselyne. However I do welcome your support. So will you stand for honor & the legacy o your rand mother?. Then if you want to make a difference, concentrate on their side of the story As I said, even while on offense, I always leave an exit door open for them.


.Take care, and let me know how Suzette is doing






This was the end of our 2018 conversation when your focus was on promoting open & honest communication to peacefuly salvage the family. And while we differed on techniques, the end goal was the same.


But as you can see, here we are 2 years later, and I could take our 22018 communications above, put today's date on them, and no one would see a difference. it's because for 2 years since those communications, not one inch of progress has been made with the family retreating behind a wall of silence, and rejecting all peace initiativs.


So here we find ourselves at this crossroad when a final choice has to be made between peaceful resolution through a peace proposal below,or face an apocalyptic ;Nuclear option' that will go on for months or years.


So Greg, I am reaching out to you as the only man left that can bring your side to the negotiating table. You know what my preference is, and what my options are. And as military man who knows the front line, there is a point of no return, no retreat. Only a last minute negotiation can prevent full steam ahead to the final solution.



Well, Greg, as I go into the heart of this communication about the peace initiative still on the table, there is a lot more I need to share with you to appreciate the gravity of the situation. and why side #2 can no Longer hide behind a wall of silence.


 So let me start by having you review a condensed version of this new Peace-Initiative-2020 and how it came about before I continue.



Now Greg.

Let me start by answering a key question.



Following the successful reunification with my daughter which brought peace between us, I reflected on the bigger picture, and asked myself: "What comes next? Do I try to build on this peaceful reunification by extending another 'Olive Branch' of Peace to the Family? Or do I proceed with the "Nuclear Option" I've warned them was soon coming?"


Now Gregory, while the 'Nuclear Option' was motivated by the need to clean up the stain put on my mother's legacy, and the disgrace inflicted on the family she left behind, I also remembered that she was a true messenger of peace. And in spite of the failure of prior peace initiatives, she would want me to make one last attempt if another opportunity presented itself. And the peace reached with Tanisha, was that last opportunity for the family..


But still, I must confess that the idea to actually make a new peace offer did not come from me. It was an advice given to me by the good Samaritan behind the reunification with my daughter. And it came in a text message replying to my words of appreciation for what he did for me. Below is my message to him on the left, followed by his reply and his advice circled in yellow, and the words "Respect & Peace" fully featured in this message from a concerned citizen outside the family, caring about ne and problem inside the family.



That is why you will observe that the Peace Proposal was addressed to him and presented to both families and the community group.


So Gregory here is your condensed version of the letter and the peace proposal that was issued.




Dear Brother Jacques,


In your message to me, you asked me to make 'peace, peace' with the family. Well, after what you've accomplished for me so unexpectedly with my daughter, it is obvious that you have a level of wisdom deserving of respect. Specially since respect is a word you emphasized in your text.


So even though my prior peace requests to my family and Marline's family were ignored, I will take your advice and take the first step in the direction of peace. I also hope that with this peace initiative coming from you, it might be harder for the Claude & Dupiton to simply ignore it, as that would also be ignoring you.

 Now, let me give you my thoughts about the feasibility of peace, and the requirements for success.



When we talk abut peace with my family, we are talking about the 2-steps process of peace and reconciliation. Because in this case, I view the initial peace as a ceasefire toward negotiating the more challenging step of reconciliation. Let's take the following cases for example:

  • In my daughter's case: Both peace and reconciliation were simultaneously achieved on the first try. That's the ideal situation when both parties have the same goal.

  • In the Mith family case: The end goal. and only thing that I hope to achieve is peace and mutual respect. Because there is no personal relationship between us to reconcile.

  • In Marline's case: I'm only requesting that we achieve peace and cordiality toward each other, as reconciliation would mean reconciling the marriage.

But in my family's case: Both peace and reconciliation are required for the simple fact that we are talking about lifelong family relationships. And while peace & reconciliation with my daughter was easy as she initiated it, and even peace with Marline should be feasible if she is not influenced by negative forces, when it comes to my family, reconciliation will be more challenging, and that is if they even allow the initial ceasefire to take place.

MY COMMENT: Well Greg, as you already saw, the family did not allow the initial ceasefire to take place. They ignored my request.



This peace process would involve many steps that include:



 This is where I take the initiative to start the process. So am ready to do it right now. Therefore as of Today Monday April 6, 2020:

  • I am immediately and publicly calling for a ceasefire to open communication toward bringing this conflict to full closure & avoid further escalation.

  • I am immediately suspending the public release of NEW information, with the only exception of sending updates on this peace process.

  • I am immediately putting on hold the planned posting of these reports on social media, including Facebook, Twitter etc. Something that was to start within days.

  • I am immediately putting on hold the work that I am currently doing in preparation for launching the "Nuclear Option" that was scheduled for this spring. And just for your information, here is what that Nuclear Option involves:

    • Publication of my reports to a global audience using RockMasters database engine of 25,000,emails, and Text Blasts to 2,500 cell phones. A huge expansion from the current select group of only 200 emails & 90 cell phones. (Put on Hold)

    • Launching of a new public Facebook page and new website that is now under construction. (Put on Hold)

    • The release of all the 'Classified Files' to the public, and appropriate damaging ones to authorities, and professional licensing agencies. Some of which I privately shared with the families to show them the gravity if I am forced to do so. (Put on Hold)


A response from the family is required within a week of this [proposal with their acceptance or rejection of the peaceful ceasefire.

  • If accepted, we go to STEP 3.

  • If rejected or ignored, the ceasefire is lifted and the 'Nuclear Option' is back on the schedule,

UPDATE: Well Greg: As of today, since they ignored the request for the ceasefire, THE 'NUCLEAR OPTION' BACK ON SCHEDULE



I suggest that the family assigns someone as its spokesperson to communicate with me, and open a dialog to determine what needs to be addressed to accomplish full reconciliation. Hopefully this spokesperson will be someone who can stand up to any roadblock that may come from Doc Dupiton.

If that is accomplished we go to the next level of negotiating toward reconciliation.





Now, after peace, comes the attempt at reconciliation. One that requires addressing the issues and actions that led to the current situation.


Now to show you how challenging a task that will be, I am going to present you one set of issues that will need to be cleared up. And let me make it perfectly clear that my goal is not to get revenge or payback, but only for recognition that wrongs were done, mistakes were made, and accountability accepted.


So here is this example case that I view as a plan for the 'Eradication of the Elie Name'.



I have often claimed that one of the goals of he Dupiton conspiracies was the 'Eradication of the Elie name'. and the fact that all the victims of this drama are surnamed 'ELIE', as in Jean Claude ELIE, Marline ELIE and Tanisha ELIE, confirms more sinister plan for an "Elie Mini-Holocaust". A sinister plan for which the following actions were taken. Some that fully or partially succeeded, others that completely failed:

  1. The plan that targeted and ruptured the only ELIE marriage. (Succeeded)

  2. The coerced rupturing of the only ELIE father/daughter relationship. (Succeeded then Defeated)

  3. The staged Haiti Divorce for Marline to get rid her ELIE name within months of the breakup. (Succeeded)

  4. My eviction to the streets from the house of my Alzheimer stricken sister Roselyne Balmir. (Succeeded)

  5. The expectation that sending me to the streets would be a final solution, and that Jean Claude ELIE would never be seen again. A plot confirmed in this reply from the eviction mission commander to Doc Dupiton who was inquiring on the status of the eviction mission. commander:

  6. (EVICTION succeeded, but hope fur DEAD BATTERIES Failed')

  7. A plan to severe my last connection to the family by disconnecting me with my Alzheimer stricken sick sister Roselyne Balmir through the staged eviction from her house. (Succeeded)

  8. The criminally-intended life risking "Faking 230 High BP' diagnosis by Doc Dupiton to block my wife from rushing me to he ER with 230BP. But fortunately (Failed).

  9. The frantic series of 6AM phone calls from Doc Dupiton to my wife after her "Faking 230BP' diagnosis that no one will talk about, as the calls were a post-diagnosis check to see if I was dead or alive (Details in Classified Files)

  10. The cruel Dupiton 'Hiding from Pharmacist' plot that denied me critical Glaucoma eye drop for weeks, and impacted my vision permanently. (50% succeeded)

  11. The multiple wrongful arrests with the expectation that I would get jail time to disappear & disgrace the ELIE name. (Failed with all case dismissed in court)

  12. In that same light, there was the family forcing me into a week detention refusing to bring a lousy $100 to court. (Succeeded)
    Etc., Etc.

So if all 11 plots above, plus the ones in the 'Classified Files' had succeeded, the result would be: NO ELIE household; NO ELIE couple; NO ELIE father/daughter bond. NO ELIE wife. And worst, NO Jean Claude ELIE alive, or a blind one at best.


But fortunately, with the success of your peace initiative with my daughter, the eradication of all Elie unions has been defeated. Plus Jean Claude Elie did not disappear, but alive, with my batteries fully charged, and back in the hood looking for answers, accountability and the PEACE that you suggested..


So I this one example shows how reconciliation is a major task, but still not an impossible one if there is a commitment to it. Because I fully understand that no act committed can be undone, nor words said taken back. But there cannot be forgiveness and reconciliation without recognition that wrongs were done and regrets expressed. Because, just like it takes 2 to Tango, it takes 2 willing sides to achieve peace and reconciliation.


So As part of this peace initiative will call upon these family members:

  • I call on sister Liliane Claude, as the head of the Claude branch to take her position of family elder seriously and exert some leadership in this matter.

    MY COMMENT: Obviously, Liliane was unable to show leadership under the control of daughter Doc Dupiton.

  • I call on Dominique Claude-Colimon, the older daughter of Liliane, and elder of her generation to put a check on her kid sister Johanne Dupiton history as a peace blocker. for this initiative to stand a chance.

    Well, well, well. Obviously Big Sister Dominique was no match for Little Sister Mad Doc Dupiton.

    I call on Eric Balmir Jr. the elder son of my sister Roselyne Balmir to finally stand up as a 'Big Man' among the cousins, and to Do The Right Thing.

    Well, nephew Eric Balmir Jr. found it safer to be a 'Little Man', than risk being a Bigger Man facing Cousin Mad Doc Dupiton.

  • I call on my daughter Tanisha Elie, the youngest of them all, that after you took a leadership role to initiate you own peace, maybe you can rub-off some of that positive mindset on your elders.

    So daughter Tanisha Elie never got a starting chance to do so..

And I call upon involved non-family members:

  • I call on the Mith family once more to make Marline's wellbeing your priority instead of me. To let her free to make her own decision so hat she can remove herself as a problem leg in this drama, and be a contributor to the cause of peace.

  • I call on sister in law Joelle Mith-Joseph to recognize her mistakes in attacking her sister's husband and marriage, and to accept that Marline is only her sister and not her possession. Finally, for her to learn that her role as an aunt to Marline's children is to instill in them the values of truth & respect for elders, not to encourage them into acts disrespect for her self-serving agenda of division.

  • I call on Marline's girlfriend Rachel Berthoumieux to learn that 'Life is a school we wake up in each day". So I hope that this experience taught her these 3 lessons

    Lesson #1: The role of a maid of honor is to provide positive support to the couple toward a lifelong happy union. It is not to promote a single-wife lifestyle.

  • Lesson #2: A true girlfriend does not insult her friend's husband, Because the greater disrespect in this case was to Marline, not to me.

  • Lesson #3: Never inject yourself in someone's marriage to create division. Because it creates the 'Boomerang Effect', and you just got a dose of that.

So if you learned these 3 lessons as my good student, you will not repeat the same mistakes.


And I call upon the central figure Marline Elie:

What I call upon Marline requires me to address her directly because of her significance and the positive impact she can have.

NOTE: The message to Marline is moved to the end as a reference reading.


Therefore, I am ending my presentation of this proposal that I made in appreciation of to the advice you gave me, hoping that my initiative will be positively received by all as I await the family's feedback.


A this point, I think that you will agree that I've done all I can toward the goal of peace, and explained in great details why the option of a status quo is out of the question. Now, the ball is in their courts to decide what comes next.


So, Thank You once more, and I nope for you and your family to be safe, healthy and may God keep the corona beast far away.


Brother Rock



Now Gregory, let's review the situation the family is in today and where we go from here. Then closing with an important request to you on behalf of the family.



Now this no-response to my peace proposal raised many interesting questions about the family's decision-making process that I hope you will look into.

  1. FIRST: Was the decision to reject the peace proposal agreed upon by all the Claude, Dupiton, Colimond & Balmir of the family?. If 'Yes", that would indicate a conscious decision giving me their green light to launch the 'Nuclear Option' with public release of damaging 'Classified Documents' .

  2. SECOND: Was the rejection a decision imposed by Johanne on everyone else?. If 'Yes", then she would carry the full blame for the rejection and the family's demise.

  3. THIRD: Did they not read the details of the Nuclear option because of the ban on reading?. Or were they fooled into believing that I am 'Faking' it? Which would follow the 'Faking: pattern that my wife was fooled into by Doc Dupiton's 'Faking-230P' diagnosis that had put my life at risk

Now, ask yourself this important question:

"If the decision to reject the peace proposal was universal, how do you explain that among some 10 family members, NOT ONE could simply reply with 'We Decline for xxx reason', instead of the No-Response?


The answer to this question is critical because of this simple math. We have all '6 Peace Initiatives' meeting the same fate of 'No-Response' by some 10 family members for a total of 60 identical reactions. This is something that is statistically impossible, unless we were dealing with 10 programmed robots. But since we are dealing with humans, it is imperative that we discover why some10 of our family members would choose to become remote controlled robots. That includes the family elder Liliane Mackenzie Claude


 Then comes the most critical question:

"What is it they fear that 'Peaceful Negotiation' could uncover that would be more damaging than the 'Nuclear Option' with damaging classified information that could result in revocation of professional licenses?"


To emphasize the importance of a peaceful resolution, and the necessity for answer to the above question, let me show you glaring evidence that something is drastically wrong by reviewing the history of the 6 rejected peace proposals. Please read and be shocked. Because Evidences do not lie




Now let's review the case of all peace initiatives meeting a sudden death at the family's doorstep.



The first peace request did not come from me, but from my wife Marline Elie trying to save our marriage. The evidence is in this confirmation text that Marline sent to me on Augurs 16, 2015




After the marriage break up and the family's complicity started to come to the surface, I requested a family meeting to address the matter openly. Then my daughter Tanisha, and nephews Ricky and Frantz visited me and agreed to set up the meeting with the elder Ricky taking the lead. I even made the promise that '"Even if I am unhappy with the Claudes explanation, I will accept it for the family's benefit". A promise that I later reconfirmed with nephew Frantz who van attest to that..

Then days and weeks went by and with no one getting back to me, I conceded that:



But Greg, that time I kept pressing for an answer. Oh Boy, did I get one!!. The senior women of the family delegated the youngest girl, my daughter Tanisha to deliver this most insulting response to her father

'... There will be no meeting unless it's with a drug/alcohol psychologist and counselorĒ

So when I say that the women screwed up my daughter, she gave the evidence herself, and there is more that followed which I will let you know separately.


But, let me ask you Greg: Can you ever, in your wildest dream imagine your daughter talking to you that way for whatever reason in millions of years?. Obviously not!. But mine did on behalf of the family of Anna Rose Victor.



Then during our April 2018 conversation, you pleaded with me to make peace. And I said that I am very much open to communication if they are will to have an honest one. Because there are some basic questions that need to be cleared up. So to check their willingness, I asked you in writing to do the following for me:


"...now Greg, here is a simple 5-questions exercise/test I want you to run with your Claude family. .. If you can get satisfactory answers to all 5 questions, I will stop my campaign..."


Then I got the following reply from you indicating that they were not willing to address my questions. You said:

"...I will be honest with you now, I won't have the answers to the 5 questions because at this point , I will not add more fuel to the fire...

Basically, if answering just 5 questions would be adding fuel to the fire, then they were not willing to have any peaceful communication




Now we move into June 2018. Sister Liliane Claude requested a peace negotiation that was second by niece Dominique, daughter Tanisha and approved by me. The evidence is in the transcript of the text conversation that took place. Here it is word for word.

From that, I went ahead and developed a detailed negotiation peace plan to respond to this serious initiative by my dear sister Liliane, and delivered it professionally in a pdf document. Now, for the benefit of space, I will not include it inside this message. So here is the link to the pdf document. And Greg, I do request that you download that file to see how serious I took this peace initiative of Liliane.

RESULT: No one replied or even acknowledge receiving the document that I put so much time into, In the end, it was another case of: Peace #4 REJECTED with NO-RESPONSE

But what bothered me in that case, is that the idea originated from Liliane, Dominique and Tanisha. So, as I kept pushing them for a response. I they never sent me one. But....


Then she made good on the threat by getting me arrested for saying "Her Ass is Grass.. But luckily, a smart DA who knows that no one can turn Ass into Grass, cancelled the arrest and sent me this letter

As I said, "Evidence don't lie"



Now, exactly 1 year later in July 2019, I decided to try again. So I extended another peace offer to the family even though by that time, Johanne had already scored 3 false arrests on me. And for one more 'evidence that don't lie', here is a picture of the proposal that I had sent them dated June 30 2019




Now here we are in April 2020 with this new peace offer on the table. But remember this peace offer came from honoring an advice given to me by someone from the community. Not a family member. Here it is again

And guess what" That did not matter. It suffered the same fate of No-Response Rejection as the previous 5 peace initiatives.



So Greg, this is when I said 'Enough is Enough' of this nonsense. This is the time for the Claude/Dupiton wall of silence to come down, and for them to explain:

  • Why they have rejected all 6 peace initiatives presented to them?

  • What does Johanne have over their heads to behave as 'No-Response' robots under a gag order on 60 individual instances?

  • MOST IMPORTANT: "What is so terrible that peace negotiation would uncover that makes the 'Nuclear option' with public release of damaging Classified Documents a safer option for them?.

And this is when I decided that, It's time to reach out to the only other true man in the family, and the one man of the Claude branch of the family: US military service man on a tour of duty, nephew Gregory Claude for assistance in a last effort to salvage his grandmother's family.




Now Gregory, before I make my most significant request to you, let me reveal the reasons why you are the chosen one.


It starts with you being the only person in the family who I was able to have respectful and honest communications with 2 years ago. While those did not lead to any progress, you remain the only option available in the area of communication. Because this 'communication' word that is a prerequisite to any resolution or negotiation, is foreign to the rest of the family.


But there are other more significant reasons for directing my request to you.



Over the past few years, anyone reading my writings with an open mind, which excludes my ,family, would get to know me and the values I hold dear. Values that I will not compromise, and that gave me the strength to carry my crosses on the hell path created for me by my own family.


From picking up an eviction cross, to a false arrests cross, on to slanders and cruelty crosses, then finding the strength to make it over the finish line of this marathon with my head held high, my integrity intact, and my respect in the community untarnished. Then finding those who fabricated my crosses and designed my path of hell, swimming in a sea of conscience hell.


Now Gregory, in spite of all that, here I am still committed to not allow hate be victorious in this family. So as I embark on a new path of family salvation to avoid social annihilation, I make a request to you on behalf of your grandmother/my mother Anna Rose, to assist me in defining the closing of her legacy.


And another reason for reaching out to you is found in our conversations of 2 years ago when you used certain words that make up the values that I hold dear. Words of "Peace, Honesty, Love, God, Family, Respect of elders, Being a man, Communication, Mother, Etc.". ,All words that I also stressed frequently in my writings over the years.


AND MOST SIGNIFICANT, was the one paragraph that included, or alluded to many of those value words as you made a request to your uncle on behalf of the family. So here was your request to me with the value words highlighted.

... I ask you to find a place in your heart.. to sit-down peacefully and have a family meeting. As the head of your mother's family tree , you have the sole authority to do that. I'm sure they will all be willing to answer your questions face to face and peacefully in order to move on.

That was a very positive man-to-man request to your uncle. A request that I did my best to honor with peace initiatives in June 2018, and in June 2019 with no-response rejections.


But I was most impressed with a phrase of your statement that revealed a character strength that I was not aware you possessed. One that emphasizes the importance of leadership, seniority and of strong male influence in any stable family. Here is that phrase.

...As the head of your mother's family tree , you have the sole authority to do that....

A statement recognizing the importance of seniority and the existence of a command structure needed to maintain the integrity of a family.



It was just 3 years before you made the above statement that nephew Eric Balmir Jr. made an equally strong statement about seniority and carrying family values down the ladder. It was in a message he sent me upon learning of my plan as family patriarch, to host the first official family reunion to honor my mother and the values she left us with. Here were Ricky's words to uncle Claudy on the subject of leadership, family values and seniority Words from December of 2014.

December 26, 2014


Hello Uncle Claudy,


I am extremely excited that you have chosen to take the lead and host an event to honor Memmere after 10 years of her passing...


I believe a celebration of our family values is long overdue! You have set an example of how we can continue to share our family values with our children and this needs to be well commended.


By the way I never call you Uncle Claudy ( LOL) -

- I just felt I had to follow the chain of command structure you are setting

your nephew who loves you and respects you.

Eric Balmir

Now, while Ricky's recent behavior has betrayed his words, I believe that his words were honest at the time, and that his recent behavior reflects the wider victimization inflicted on the rest of the family, leading to its demise. A demise attributed to many factors. But there are 3 factors that tie the family's demise to the violation of the principles stated in the above statements.

  1. FACTOR #1: The weaknesses of our men:
    These are the men of our family, by blood or marriage, who have been totally inept in exerting any leadership influence in their homes, and helplessly watched, or participated in the family's self-destruction. A perfect example is in the case of nephew Ricky who wrote the powerful words above to his uncle Claudy, only to become the Eviction Mission commander for Johanne years later. A mission executed as his Alzheimer stricken mother helplessly watched her kid brother Claudy being thrown out to the streets by a city Marshal. Definitively not a behavior that reflected the words of "Family values, Respect, Love, etc" found in his message above.

  2. FACTOR #2: The rise of the dreaded "Control" Demon:
    Then, we have the value words of "Male Leadership, Male Influence, and Male Authority" redefined to now mean the dreaded word "Control". The "Control" that a wife must reject from her husband. The "Control that a daughter must not accept from her father. Thus a free-wheeling world of family, marriage, wife, daughter spun "Totally Out of Control". So here we are dealing with the outcome.

  3. FACTOR #3: An ultra-feminist cult Indoctrination. Then came the teaching of the twisted philosophy of women superiority and male inferiority. So a male by the name of Jean-Claude Elie cannot be sitting at the top of the ladder, and above a Claude branch populated by women. Therefore this patriarch and male authority figure must be decapitated. Thus came the Master Plan I described above, that called for the Eradication of the Elie name and all Elie Unions through the "Elie Mini-Holocaust"


Now, to talk about structural damage, let me first re-quote Greg & Ricky in combination on the subject.

GREG.: "..As the head of your mother's family tree...."
RICKY: "I just felt I had to follow the chain of command structure..."


Now, both of these statements referred to he importance of the family tree or structure that supports the family. Thus if that structure is rocked from the bottom, the whole tree will crumble down on itself taking down the whole family.


 That is exactly what happened to this family when a lower generation of grand children, deprived of leadership, tried to decapitate the top of the ladder. A gross error caused by their immaturity and total absence of the male authority that would warn them of the danger of such actions. Because someone does not get to the top of the ladder through stupidity, nor as a quitter.


That is why, I am offering a last olive branch of peace to this family. Because any continued attempt to take me down, will result in me first taking down the whole tree publicly, socially, professionally and financially.


Therefore Gregory, being that you are the only male of the Claude branch, and one who believes in the integrity of the structure, they need your male guidance toward the option of peaceful resolution that I presented above, over annihilation through the "Nuclear Option"


Because, having pesented you with the backgroung history, the facts, and the values that drive me, it is clear that, as the son and elder male of my mother's family,   Jean Claude Elie, also a father, uncle and brother within the family, with full patriarch responsibilities over her family's legacy, would allow my overthrow and ejection from my family by those under me, and who came after me,





From Gregory Claude

..".Iíll take it back to 1993 when you came to Haiti to Johanneís wedding, to my time living in the states. Iíve only seen and heard Love and respect for you..

 These past couple years have not been pleasant. Itís a shame. This family was so tight so close... . Those are the things I remember. ...
(Gregory Claude)

And yes Greg. Those are the time I also remember, and why my determination as the man at the top of the ladder is unbreakable.


Good Luck nephew Greg. I don't expect miracles from you, but a decent effort from you. Because my conscience is clear knowing that I gave it my best, spoke 100% the truth, and my actions will be justified in the eyes of God, my mother, and my community.


Your uncle who loves you


Jean Claude Elie


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