February 12, 2021


Dear Friends and Community Readers,


Let me open by saying that what you are about to read is my most disturbing presentation up to date, and one that brings to light the most significant Hard-Truths and Root -Causes that some have tried to avoid, but will no longer be able to. Revelations that brought me a level anger and sadness in preparing the presentation that follows.


A LEVEL OF ANGER over the fact that, as an educated man who went to night school to earn an advanced Masters Degree in engineering, and who worked my way from design engineer with a US patent in my name, to executive positions as Director of Operations & Engineering, could now be taken for stupid by members of my own family and of my wife's Mith family. Such a stupid person that, after their demise of the marriage, followed by my continued prosecution with police, courts, eviction, a campaign of character assassination and victimization of my daughter, these families expected that stupid JC would simply disappear with no questions asked and no accountability demanded from them.


But thanks to my education, I was able to fight back to get all their fabricated police cases dismissed, and with my survival instincts, I returned from their shelter to my own new apartment. Finally, as a man with many resources such as a RockMasters email database of tens of thousands that they did count on, I reached out to my community for support, and exposed their actions to demand accountability.


But most of all, for them to learn that taking an educated Jean-Claude Elie, or any other educated member of this community for stupid will always be a huge mistake.


A lesson that my niece Johanne Dupiton still has not learned when I told her many times, "Never mess with an elder uncle who's 100X smarter than you could ever be". But I guess that it takes a minimum of smart to be able to learn.


THEN THE SADNESS that I felt over the fact that the 2 ladies who I gave my 'Elie' name to, my daughter and wife Marline, could have allowed themselves to be taken for stupid and brainwashed into an ultra-feminist mentality of women superiority, then be delegated by their brainwashers to attack my character with writings filled with lies and cruel fabrications.


The latest and most outrageous case of attack on my character came directly from Marline Mith-Elie through a series of shocking text messages she recently sent me, and that are the subject of this presentation.


But let me first make one thing very clear. Not once in my hundreds pages of writings has anyone seen me use inappropriate language, profanities or insults, as I would not allow myself to be dragged into anyone's swamp. However this time, I had to jump in there to force-feed Marline with the hard truth to convince he that I am not the one to blame for her sorrows, but her own family who victimized her by causing the demise of her marriage. Therefore she can stop her attempts to make me her scapegoat as she tried to do in these latest text messages.


So before I begin, I must apologize for this momentary anger in my use of inappropriate words like f***k and sh**t that you will see in messages that I sent and reprinted below. . Because I am human after all, and at some point, enough becomes enough.







It all started days ago when I received a series of insulting text messages from Marline objecting to a graphic that I published featuring Doc Dupiton, and acting once more as her defense lawyer, the same manner she had jumped to Doc Dupiton's defense when I had objected to her getting honored by Emg-Health Communications in October 2019.


But this time, she took it one step too far as she went back to blaming me for the marriage break up with brand new slanderous accusations, even using my daughter's name as back up in one case.


Now, this presentation is made through a series of messages that I directed to members of our families, Marline herself, my daughter & her mother in this order.

  1.  Message to our families sharing Marline's messages.

  2. Communication to her uncle & Mith family.

  3. Strong words to Marline revealing the Hard-Truth she is avoiding.

  4. Angry complaint to my daughter's mother Paulette.

  5. Words to my daughter revealing the father-jealousy factor

  6. Three true stories to Marline & factual case of the husband-jealousy factor

  7. Release of the new "Impeach the Trumpists of Division" poster.

  8. Planned official Complaints against practicing licenses of the Jo's.


IMPORTANT: Now, as I begin the presentation with Marline's messages, I ask you reserve any judgment until you reach the end, and have a full understanding of the root-cause and the hard-truth that triggered her words.




Hello Families,


Below is the series of outrageous texts messages that Marline started to send me after she saw the impeachment poster I made with Johanne's picture. Her most concerning comments are circled in yellow with the rest being a laundry list of irrational false complaints, lamenting over the lost marriage as she did for the last 5 years.


Now anyone with the minimum understanding of psychology will see those as a reflection of sorrow over the break up. But since she is unable to openly blame the families culprits, she keeps trying to make me a scapegoat as her only form of relief. So while I clearly understand her state of mind and her need to constantly repeat "I am happy now", I am about to present the Hard-Truth like never before, as it's time for the real culprits to accept what they did to her in staging the demise of her marriage.

Thank you.



Addressing Marline's messages

Dear Mr. Picard,
Elder of Mith family

This is to inform you that your niece Marline is at it again, injecting herself and your family in my family’s internal disputes. Now, I have shared with you the troubling text exchange that she initiated over this poster I created to point out to my family the consequences of creating division, as they created in our family, and that also impacted my daughter.

Now as I informed you long ago, my initial public releases were strictly limited to personal issues with my family, and that the Mith family only got included as Marline kept involving herself in it by kissing to my family. At the time, I advised you to keep her away from them, especially from my niece Johanne who’s been a bad influence on her.

Obviously that was not done as she again jumped in to kiss Johanne’s ass as her defense lawyer over this symbolic “Impeach the Trumpists” poster I created to put public pressure on Johanne to deal with the damages she caused.

But what upset me the most is that, while I NEVER ONCE insulted Marline since our separation, she continues with bogus personal attacks on me, and now calling me a loser, liar, thief, and bringing back the Tiffany assault lie with the cruel and absurd new twist that I tried to kill them.

And the only reason that she continues to do this, is because her family who created her condition with the attacks on her marriage does not seem to care about her, nor her going around kissing to people, reflecting a major identity crisis that you, and mostly her sister Joelle created over the decades .

As J said, Marline’s family started this drama for her, just as my family did for me. However, as I am dealing with mine, Marline needs to deal with her family’s actions rather than making me the scapegoat for her inability to stand up to her sister, daughter etc., for what was done to her in ruining her marriage and forcing her to live in denial.

So below, are expanded versions of critical communications directed to Marline, my daughter and her mother Paulette addressing this situation, closing with the strong actions I am contemplating. Actions that I already informed Marline of in voice messages that I left her.

Jean-Claude Elie

Like for any cancer, Silence and Inaction are not solutions or a cure




Dear Marline,

Let me first apologize for the tone of this message as I am pretty upset writing it, then realizing that only tough-talk can make you accept the hard-truth on the real sources behind your marriage demise as that truth is too close to you, therefore difficult to accept.


Now, since the truth is not always pleasant, I will not sugarcoat my language like before, as doing so has not worked based on your last messages replaying the same broken record of falsehoods that I've heard over 100 times in your attempts to make me scapegoat.


That is also why I will publicize these hard truths with the hope that you will find support to help you free yourself from the world of lies and denials that is now making you sound like a hater similar to those who created this catastrophe.



To start with: Let's take your obsession with my daughter saying that she is willing to help me with some imaginary problems that you can never define, because:

  • IT’S BEEN 5 YEARS demanding accountability for what was psychologically done to my daughter to make her unable to speak to me, and keeping secrets like her 6AM phone calls to you with Johanne after you left her father on the floor for dead.

  • 5 YEARS asking you why the hell did you say to me “You don't have a daughter anyway" as you ran to her house to be kidnapped by Johanne Dupiton.

  • 3 YEARS asking you how did my daughter get the phone # of the DA on your “Blocked-phone to Control” false arrest, and who made her call the DA to report her father on the Balmir drug frame?”.

  • 3 YEARS asking you why you said to me a while back: “You got the wrong ladies. me & Tanisha we do what you want, when we want”.

  • 2 YEARS asking you if Johanne had also dragged my daughter to the police station to help get her father arrested on Johanne’s idiotic fear that her 'Ass will be grass in the community'.

Therefore Marline,
Where did you get the f**ing nerve to now say to me: “YOUR DAUGHTER IS WILLING TO GET YOU HELP IF YOU LET HER?”. And what the hell do I need help for when my daughter is the one who’s been screwed up?. And some nerve you got using her to back up your denial of the real issues that made you spend 5 years trying to make me the scapegoat for a break up that was initiated by your psycho sister Joelle and your daughter Tiffany who then drove you into your current mental state, just as your sister had driven your brother Ronald’s ex-girlfriend Joelle Gaudin out of her mind over money.


But as to your suggestion that my daughter is willing to get me help”, you often heard me say that “Knowledge is power & ignorance is not a virtue”. So had you not avoided reading my reports in fear of the truth, you would have known what my daughter did a while back, and you would have not made that foolish suggestion.


It was nearly 2 years ago that my daughter who had become an echo of Johanne Dupiton said to me: “Dad you have a problem and need to see a counselor". So getting tired of people telling me that I have problems that they could never identify, and remembering a previous offer from her to get me help, I decided to call everyone’s bluff and told my daughter:


Guess what happened next?:
As soon as Tanisha got my reply, she took off like a Rocket & disappeared without a reply. But the best part is that, from that day on, I never once heard anyone repeat “JC, you need help”.


WELL, THAT WAS UNTIL YOU CAME BACK LAST WEEK to resurrect that absurdity. Therefore, your ignorance of facts from your fear of reading the truth resulted in making a fool of yourself and Tanisha.



Did you repeat the Big Lie that 'I assaulted Tiffany?

 A Big Lie that even its creators, Joelle and Tiffany have dropped long ago upon my publication of the live video produced by Tiffany herself, showing her bursting in our bedroom @ 2AM & assaulting you with “F**ks & Sh*ts”.

So if you forgot, CLICK HERE to view it again and tell me if the punch I landed was an uppercut, a jab, or a right hook? And if you do not see any assault and punch, you will have to admit that the person with real problems and who needs real help is you. And I am willing to help you get it if you let me, without doing a Tanisha disappearing act.

And let's not forget that everyone has read your letters saying that it did not happen, plus don't forget your confession to my friend's wife 'in tears', telling her that your sister created the lie. SO STOP IT!


Next, did you also call me a 'LOSER'?

Well, this one really woke me up when I realized that it is the first truth you ever told. Because I became a LOSER the minute I picked up your call to my home in 1997, after which we started dating. Then I lost a son, lost a big NJ house, just lost a daughter you wanted to replace your Tiffany brat, lost my family you think is yours, lost a business, lost some $100k in your house, a Benz that evaporated from the driveway after I left, nearly lost my life on Johanne’s Faking-230BP plot, got assaulted by your son, disrespected by your daughter, money in the 401k repaying Nicholas college loans, and all my possessions confiscated in the house, after which you sent a Punk-Al to insult me, saying that he got rid of my stuff. And the list goes on.

So Yes, I am a loser, but everyone else you touched became a loser.
My daughter lost a father. My family lost a brother & uncle. The community lost a servant. Johanne became a Mad Doc losing her reputation & maybe her MD license. Even your first husband lost the house he bought without one penny from you. Etc.
Then stupid me spent 5 years protecting you & calling you a victim.


NEXT, what do you mean by I wanted to STEAL from you?

What the heck did you have for me to steal? Nothing! Even the house was being foreclosed, and I saved it for you and your children. So you must be talking about this house that everyone is also jealous of, as proven by what everyone was telling me. So let me quote them and you:

  • Joelle Mith-Joseph told me: The HOUSE is not yours. Maybe in your other life you will be able to afford a HOUSE in Jamaica Estates".

  • Johanne Dupiton told me: We were happy when you got married, finally leaving the room (apartment) above Camkids and moving to JAMAICA ESTATES.

  • Liliane Claude. told me: You can't go back to THAT HOUSE without a signed paper from Marline.

  • Richard Mith told me: None of your money went into buying that HOUSE.

  • Dominique C. told me: You want to remain in this marriage? Something does not add

  • Tiffany Charles told me: This is MY HOUSE. Everything was fine before you came.

Then after that idiocy was brainwashed in your head, here is the text you sent me after our separation:

 Well, why would I have wasted $100k making improvements & saving the house from foreclosure if I could just steal it? Well, if you can still repeat that idiocy today, it proves the level of damage our families did to you.


Now, back to your constant involvement of my daughter, who has no business in our affairs unless I choose to involve her. This is something suggesting that you willingly or unwillingly contributed to her moral degradation and improper behaviors. So I request that you suspend any communication with her at this time.


The same request goes for my niece Johanne and other members of my family, as those contacts have been very detrimental to everyone, and are now a roadblock to addressing the issues in my family. And this latest case of you jumping to be Johanne’s lawyer on the “DupiTrump impeachment poster” is a perfect example.


Finally, I will make these requests public to discourage the stubborn women of my family from initiating these contacts with you.



You've been repeating that "I was a worst husband & that you made a big mistake by marrying me". Well, it is a statement that I 100% agree with, but not for the reason you try to imply. So here is the Hard-Truth on the mistake you made even before marrying me.


Let me start with a little history.

First, we got married in 2011. Then in 2014 during the 4th year of the marriage, you wrote to your family these words that I've shared countless times before:

"I Married Jean Claude because I love him.., he is a good man, educated man, a proud man who worked hard for what he has. . A caring husband, giving and lots of fun. He is always there to help everyone but he is not going to let anyone walk all over him. And what I am not going to tolerate is anyone thinking they are better than him.


That was 4 years into the marriage, and at the time I was the best husband for whom you would not "tolerate anyone to think they are better than me" Well, obviously you did not see a mistake 4 years into the marriage. hmm!.


Then on Dec. 31 2015, just 3 weeks before they made you break the marriage, you sent me this New Year resolution:

Well, well! Just 3 weeks before the break up, you were still 'My Queen',, promising 'Love always". So based on your own words throughout the marriage, you did not see a mistake, proving that you comment about a worst husband in a worst marriage is 100% false.

So when I say that you did make a mistake, here is the mistake you made.


When you agreed to take me as husband after some 2 decades knowing me, it was because all your calculations showed that I was the perfect candidate for you. The mistake you made was this:


In adding together all the factors to determine if this would be a successful marriage, you mistakenly forgot to include 2 extremely critical factors in the equation. They are:



 So when these 2 factors came alive on Jan. 14, 2014 with their "Assault on Tiffany Lie", it started a dominoes effect that brought in Johanne Dupiton, the Claudes and Rachel.


A dominoes effect you tried to stop in a final attempt to avoid disaster, A desperate effort you presented to me in this text message.

A message confirming that the problem was 100% our families, as your request was rejected by them.


It is true that if you did not make the mistake of not including the Joelle & Tiffany factors at the beginning, you would have known that the marriage would ultimately fail. But most important is the recognition that Jean-Claude Elie was an irrelevant factor that you could have substituted for any other man by any other name, and any marriage of yours would fail with your inability to put those 2 factors in check.




And as you know full well, what I hate the most is to be taken for stupid. And you are the one I least expected that from after telling your family that "JC is an educated man"


Have a nice day.
Jean Claude




Marline said something troubling to me about Tanisha. She told me “HOPE YOU GET HELP. YOUR DAUGHTER IS WILLING TO HELP YOU IF YOU LET HER”


What the heck was that about?

You better start talking about what the Claudes did to our daughter and also to you. So did you also sell her out to Marline?


How the hell did you let that happen?
How the hell did you buy the “karma” nonsense over our peaceful divorce of over 3 decades ago?


I am not f**ing playing anymore. You call me or else. Because this sh*t has gone too far for too long, and it’s never too late to fix what you broke.


Thank you



Dear Tanisha,

I know that, just like the rest of this family, you avoid answering serious questions. But here is one that you will have to answer to me some day.

“When you first heard that your father was having marital issues, how come your instinctive reaction as a daughter was not to reach out to your father, but to join the Dupiton/Claude conspiracies against the man who gave you life? And do you think that if the roles were reversed that your father would do the same to you?”


And here we are now, with Marline using your name in repeating to me thatyou are willing to help me with my problems’ as the 2 of you seem to have latched on to each other to make me a scapegoat for ruining her own marriage. So should I assume that she has become your new father or second mother, thus making you her Tiffany #2?


In such case, why don’t you just dump your Elie name for Mith or Dupiton, just as Johanne made Marline dump her Elie name to be a Miss Mith, or as she made her husband Guy Theus become Mr. Dupiton #2?.


Because what I see of you today ,indicates that everything about you in recent years were just lies. Those include:

- All the “I love you dad” that I heard over the years.
- The beautiful birthday & Holiday cards I received.
- The hugs, kisses and smiles I was showered with.
- The hosting my RockMasters anniversary galas.
- Coordinating the food for my family reunions at home.
- Our short-lived reunification that was initiated by a friend when you secretly recorded my new address, which I feared was for Johanne’s police harassment.
- Etc., etc”.


So, whether these gestures were dishonest or that you are a brainwashing victim, the one thing that I could never envision is a daughter coerced to become a father-traitor in a plot to ruin my life and marriage to take over my wife.


However, let me inform those who orchestrated your transformation that, as a retired senior citizen, family elder, and a proud man who had a fulfilling life, if they thought that disrupting my remaining years was some personal achievement, they’ve only exposed their true faces to the community. Because before their evil acts, my legacy was already set in stone through 6 decades of a productive life with a multitude of achievements that include:

The experience of 3 marriages that gave rise to the absurd slogan of ‘0-FOR-3’ in marriages - Raised children through college - Owned my own house in NJ - Ran a successful business serving my community – Motivated young people to better themselves through education - Promoted Haitian culture nationally - Earned high level of education & multiple skills – Acquired great public speaking and writing skills - Became a respected personality receiving many honors for community service – A leader in the entertainment industry, Etc.


But most of all, a man enjoyed life to its fullest while having never hurt, cheated or hated anyone while helping many. But while I had it all in life, there are 3 things that all fathers hope for from their daughters, but that I will never receive from the daughter you’ve been transformed into. They are:

  1. I will never feel the pride of walking a daughter down the aisle, as you’ve adopted the Claudes ultra-feminist rule that a woman must look for a non-controlling husband who will just shut-up so that she can be a single-wife who “Fè sa'm vlé, lè'm vlé. Soti lè'm vlé, rantré lè'm vlé".

    It is a single-wife rule that was first brainwashed into Marline by her sister Joelle who wrote her to say:

    “Marline, JC cannot ‘push himself on us’ saying he has CONTROL over you, and that he would not let you go anywhere without him... THIS WE CANNOT ACCEPT AND YOU SHOULD NOT ALSO”.

  2. I will never have the joy of being a grandfather, as the last of the just-shut-up husband candidates were grabbed by your cousins Johanne Dupiton and her sister Dominique.

  3. Finally, I will never have the old-age peace of mind of having a caring daughter who will be there for me at times of poor heath, or even as an old man facing homelessness or legal difficulties as you've already proven by your unwillingness to take me to surgeries, not coming to my rescue after Johanne's cruel eviction plot, or false arrest plot when you told me:
    “I will not walk through a some dirty jail to come get you. I will do no such thing”

So, as people say to me “You have problem and need help”, I am 100% confident that upon reading the above, any counselor, psychiatrist or psychologist would diagnose you as a daughter with deep problems and in serious need of help.


Now, while I previously reported on the root causes for the families actions that resulted in your & Marline’s current mental state, let me repeat them again since you both avoid reading in fear of the truth.

The root-cause is a deep jealousy over the fact that none of the women in our family had your kind of father, nor the kind of husband Marline had. A motivation intensified by the fact that these good father & husband are in one Jean-Claude Elie.



  • As your father with shared custody, I had you reside with me whenever school was not in session, on all holidays and for regular weekend stays.

  • I never once missed an important event in your life, whether an anniversary, parent-teacher meeting, science project fair, dance recitals, track competition, yearly moves in & out of your Seton Hall dormitory, trips to and from summers camps, etc.

  • Made multiple after work trips each week from NJ to NY during and after your major spinal surgery.

  • A father who took you wherever I went from Jersey to Boston, Florida, Haiti, etc.

  • Even loading my RockMasters van upon your asking to go DJ at your mother & maternal grandparents parties & church functions.

  • A father who never skipped a beat on my support obligations, and who never said NO to you, or any request from your mother on your behalf.

  • And the list goes on with little things like getting you your first bike, teaching you how to dance Konpa, to our duo rap of "To the Beat Y'all" that we last performed at your 30th birthday celebration

So since you seem to have forgotten all these during your transformation, let me ask you this question:

Did Liliane, Dominique and Johanne had this kind of committed father in their lives?


Well, let me tell you. While my father was in my life, Liliane’s father abandoned her as a baby, was never part of her life, nor provided one penny of support for her. And as to her daughters Johanne & Dominique, their father was a life-long chronic alcoholic and a non-provider who had a child out of wedlock, and was often disrespected by his daughters, specially by Johanne.


So the answer is NO. Therefore the jealousy culminated in your transformation into the unrecognizable daughter below.


As these Claude women operated in the background, they poisoned your mind against me, and used you to commit unspeakable acts against your own father. To refresh your memory let me ask you:

  • Who was sent to pick up a power of attorney letter to send my wife on a solo vacation while I was scheduled for surgery? IT WAS YOU, NOT JOHANNE!

  • Who sent replies for the women rejecting my family meeting requests & peace initiatives saying: "There will be no meeting unless it’s with a counselor?". IT WAS YOU, NOT JOHANNE!

  • Who did Johanne name in court as the person who said that I was crazy? SHE NAMED YOU!!

  • Who was delegated to the Balmir house with Frantz to lock me out in freezing weather after a framed arrest? IT WAS YOU!

  • Who did Johanne include for cover in the 6AM phone calls to Marline after her FAKING-230BP attempt on my life? IT WAS YOU!

  • Who did Johanne also drag to a police station with Marline to frame your father for arrest? IT WAS YOU!

  • Who did not come to her father’s rescue after the Claudes eviction plot? IT WAS YOU!

  • Who refused to accompany her father to his eye surgeries caused by Doc Dupiton unethical action? IT WAS YOU!

  • Who said that she would not walk through some dirty jail to come get her father? IT WAS YOU!

  • Who sent me the most messages with slanders of crazy, drug, mental, etc.? Well Ricky sent 2, Fanfan 1, Liliane 2, Dominique 1, Donna 1, Guy: 0, Johanne: 2, YOU: UP TO 50!

  • Who spoke for the Claudes in their efforts to block my return home with messages like this one: “”You are obsessed with Marline... She is your ex-wife... She divorced you of her free will and does NOT want to be with you?" IT WAS YOU!

  • And the list goes on

You were viewed as the women's most strategic weapon and bullhorn delivering 99% of the verbal attacks. A strategy based on the fact that “If my daughter does it and says it, then it must be justified”. A strategy that also used you to validate the poisons they were feeding my wife against me.


So in talking about Marline, let me bring up...


Now, just as jealousy motivated our demise, it was also jealousy over the kind of husband Marline had that caused the marriage demise. And for that, I will ask of Marline the question I asked you by replacing the word FATHER with HUSBAND

Marline, can you name another woman in our families who had a better, more supportive, devoted and fun HUSBAND who did everything below for her?

  • A husband calling her his Queen& put her on a pedestal

  •  A great cook welcoming her home from work with dinner ready & table set.

  • One who wakes her up on weekend with breakfast in bed -

  • A multi-skilled handyman fixing everything & making improvement to the home.

  • One who Elevated her to VIP status at all gala, clubs etc.

  • A supporter of all her activities in Real Estate, social club etc.

  • A husband whose first duty was to save her house from foreclosure for her and her children.

  • One who took her from a Camry to a Lexus 400
    Supportive of her children by trying to push their careers, pay their delinquent college loans etc.

  • Made her VP of Finance in charge of the money for his RockMasters business. Then gave her a business Master Card in her name to use it as she pleases.

  •  A husband who never looked at another woman, let alone have a child outside the marriage.

  • Finally, a husband who introduces his wife to an audience as My beautiful wife and the power behind me and RockMasters".
    Something that I invite you to watch me do LIVE as True evidence of the jealousy factor. Click on image
    And the list goes on and on…

But if my words are not convincing enough, let again repeat Marline own words from my message above saying to her family at the time.

JC is a good man, an educated man, a proud man, a caring husband, giving, lots of fun and who is always there to help everyone. So what I am not going to tolerate is anyone thinking they are better than him.


And while Marline and you have now changed her tunes, I am still waiting to hear you specify ONE THING I did that was bad enough to ruin a father/daughter life-long relationship and a 5 years marriage.


Otherwise you will have confirmed to yourselves that you are victims of heavy doses of brainwashing. Therefore it is time to accept the TRUTH that will set you free, and be able to realize that you can no longer morally view yourself as part of a family with those who tried to eject your father with acts of hate. Because, chopping off the head Elie from the family tree, takes down the whole Elie branch.


And as Tanisha is rendered fatherless and Marline made husbandless, they have also completed the eradication of all Elie unions. So I hope that you have enough self esteem left to realize it.

And on that note, let me close with a few more words and true stories for Marline.



Hi Marline,

My goal in this message is to refresh your memory with 3 personal stories from our home, hoping that by exposing you to more factual truth that you may have forgotten, you will have a more accurate recollection of the past. These are stories that I’ve never published before.


The first 2 stories depict your handling of situations with your daughter in contributing to our demise..

Then a 3rd one that will remind you of the day you displayed a high level of respect toward your husband in front of an audience. A moment that gave me pride, but a gesture that triggered someone's jealousy toward your marriage.



It was the day you & Tiffany were in the dining room when I decided to be the Big Man. So I came over and extended my hand to make peace with her. Well, she just looked at me with disdain and arrogantly turned away.


As her mother, instead of demanding that she shows respect to your husband and shakes my hand, you just stood there, said nothing and let her have her way. I was so humiliated that I just went upstairs.


To make things worse, you rewarded her disrespect by sneaking out to take her shopping, and as I kept calling to see where you were, you did not answer my calls because she did not allow you to. Then as usual, you proceeded to lie by telling me that you did not hear any of my 10 phone calls.


In fact, it is a story that you referred to in a message to your family. And to refresh your memory, here is what you wrote:

“… Recently Jean Claude reached out to her but she was not ready to communicate. Hopefully one day she will”

While your comment confirms my story, you last statement that ...she was not ready... Hopefully one day she will” , also confirms your inability to make her do the right thing. But this lack of influence as her mother becomes more mystifying as you had expressed an awareness of the problem her attitude was causing for us when you also told your family

Tiffany is not as sweet and innocent as you think. She said some nasty disrespectful things to him and to me. I had to put her in her place many of times

Therefore, instead of having spent years trying to put false blames on me, or telling me “You have problems & need help” when you really know the true sources of the problems, you need to face these sources who took charge of your home, children, even your marriage.



It was the day that I asked Tiffany for her transcript after graduation to get her a career marketing position with a fashion Co. She again disrespectfully ignored me, and when I asked you to get the transcript from her, you could not get it either even though you paid for her diploma with your sweat.


Then came your sister boss Joelle who agreed with her in a message she sent you saying:

“Marline…, with regards to reportedly the job Jean Claude was assisting Tiffany to get; I agree with Tiffany. With her history of conflicts with Jean Claude why should she trust him with her transcript..”.

A comment from Joelle that also cost Nicholas a business position I was hoping to get him with the owner of Solution Management, a friend who had attended our wedding. So as those opportunities were spoiled for them by your sister, let me as you this question:

Has any of your brothers and sister ever tried to assist your children career as I did?


And since the answer is NO, you need to also accept that your real problem is your own unsupportive family, and NOT ME.


Now, this is the best of all marriage- jealousy story ever, and one that I am publishing for the first time..


In was during the 3rd year of our marriage when Marline's social club 'Primevere", for which she was the Vice-President was holding a gala celebrating a milestone anniversary.


Traditionally at these galas, the president delvers a message to the audience. However that year, the president G.C. had to travel to Haiti for a death in the family. So as VP, Marline was in line to deliver the address.


So as a proud husband who's also an MC, I wanted to be sure that my wife was going to be at her best on the podium. So I got involved in preparing her speech, rehearsed it with her, recorded it, and rehearsed it until she was perfect.


So come the day of the gala with a sold out audience of high-class personalities, I was impatiently waiting for the moment my wife would take center stage. So as time was getting close for her to be announced, I decided to make a quick trip to the men's room downstairs.


Then as I came back up the stairs and into the room, I suddenly felt like I walked into a large funeral of over 200 guests in gowns and tuxedos. The room was so silent that you could hear a pin drop with my wife standing at the podium saying nothing but staring toward me.


Well, not knowing what the heck was going on, I started to walk toward my table with people staring at me. Then all the sudden guys started to leave their seats one by one as I walked past them to come shake my hands, and all I could hear was "Congratulations. You are a lucky man.. You got the greatest wife. You're the man". So I asked "Why?"


 Then one of them said "'Why? Your wife just kept the whole room waiting because she would not start speaking until her husband was back, no matter how long we had to wait".


Then I felt real proud as I kept shaking hands till I reached my table., and feeling like a million dollar man with a million dollar wife



Arriving at my table, there were 2 people there who remained seated and the only ones who did not say one word to me.


What I saw was my sister-in-law Joelle Mith-Joseph looking serious with smoke coming out of her ears and flames out of her eyes. And next to her was her husband Stan Joseph who would not dare get up to shake my hand with a Joelle ready to explode with jealousy over me getting all this congratulation and public recognition for having a wife who kept over 200 people waiting for her husband to return from the men's room.


The good thing about this story is that, while no one could see the jealousy explosion, I had over 200 witnesses to Marline's gesture, many of whom are now laughing reading this, remembering the moment.


But the jealousy fire continued to burn, and was later confirmed by Joelle herself a year later when she wrote to Marline, and I quote:

Marline…, I know there is a "grandiose feeling" of having "RockMasters" as your husband as you parade in the Haitian community and likewise Jean Claude may feel good about getting an desirable woman like you that other men wanted”

A jealousy fueled by the fact that her husband is not a 'RockMasters', and she is not that 'desirable woman" that other men want. And let me add that this is a condition that equally applies to Doc Dupiton for not being that desirable woman with a husband who's not a RockMaster.




Now, back to my first message responding to your comment that 'the marriage was horrible and that you made a mistake marrying me'. In my reply, I showed how you strongly defended the marriage & your husband, even requesting a meeting with our families to save the marriage. Then there was your New Year resolution for a happier 2016. A resolution that you signed as "Your Queen".


In the end, I concluded that the mistake you claimed to have made was not due to me, but due the fact that you forgot to account for other factors that I described as follow:

The mistake you made was forgetting to include the 2 factors of Joelle + Tiffany in deciding to get married. Otherwise you would have known beforehand that they would cause the marriage to fail. So I, Jean-Claude Elie, was irrelevant to the failure, as a marriage with any other man would suffer the same fate.


So let me add another evidence to validate this conclusion involving a question that I have asked you many times, but never got an answer. Because your answer would have confirmed my conclusion above. The question was:



"Can you tell me which one of these 2 sets of messages below that I received from you during and after the marriage represents THE TRUTH?


[A] These messages I've received from you after the break up, and still sending me.

- "The marriage was horrible.- I should have never married you"

- "You were the worst husband a woman can have

 OR ...

[B] The 3 messages below that I received from you during the marriage, specifically in the last 6 months.


Now, I wonder why you keep avoiding answering it? Because:


If the "A" messages you are now sending are truthful, meaning that the "B" messages during the marriage were untrue, then you were masterful at lying and made a fool of me for 5 years.


BUT if the "B" messages you sent during the marriage are the truthful ones, then it confirms my conclusion that your recent messages are your way to remain denial of the Hard-Truth of your own family having forced you to break your marriage. So you determined that making me a scapegoat was your best means of survival.


But as you can see, I will not allow that to happen. Because what Joelle & Tiffany started created the dominoes effect that brought us Johanne Dupiton, all the Claude women, even your friend Rachel, resulting in the dismantling of my family and the negative impact on my daughter. Therefore, the time has come for you to accept that:


And responsible for your current condition



Now it is proven that, just like Ex-president Donald Trump, both of our families are promoters of the Big Lies, fake news, hate, division and enemies of truth, while unable to accept their wrongs or apologize for their actions.


Therefore, the "Impeach the Trumpists" poster you had objected to in defense of Mad Doc DupiTrump, has been Improved thanks to you, And here it is.



Having made my case for the 100th time, and with the families remaining in a permanent state of guilt silence, I am ready to break all hell loose by taking the actions that I stated in the voicemails that I left you, and reprinted below for everyone to know.


Because this the point that a man must do what a man got to do in order to get answers and accountability from those who unjustifiably attacked me, then victimized the 2 ladies I gave my Elie name to, and used to call the 2 ladies of my life, who were my daughter and you.

So here is what's coming soon!



As stated in my voice messages to Marline, and previously stated to the families, I will be forced to take additional steps to get answers & accountability from the families who have retreated behind wall of guilt silence to escape the had-truths.


Because what I find most unthinkable beside their uncaring attitude over what they did to their own bloods, is their total r disdain for my single daughter in ignoring my requests for information to address her transformation and its negative impact on her life. So if these adults who are parents themselves can be so irresponsible and heartless, then stronger measures beyond public pressure are required. And the ones below are only a first step.




A plot to jeopardize my life via heart attack as proven by the secrecy of 6AM phone calls; The hospital Emergency room record; Blood pressure monitor picture showing a BP of 217/130; The Sprint phone records; The audio of my manslaughter accusation; Marline's reaction on a videotaped staged death; The Mad Doc stating in court that I accused her of trying to kill me; Depositions to be given by Marline & Tanisha on the incident and the frantic phone calls; The red pills placebo given to me instead of the requested aspirin fearing a heart attack; My Pharmacist nephew Ricky having to explain his reluctance to say if there is such thing as red aspirin; Then Doc Dupiton practically admitting her crime by never once refuting the accusation, Etc.



A cruel act of vindictive threat to my vision by hiding for 2-weeks from Walgreen pharmacist to deny me critical eye drops; My 2013 letter to her attorney that documents her depraved indifference; Statement from the Pharmacist with records of her rejecting his calls; Her false arrests plots that denied me access to critical medication; Records of Dr. Laroche proving my vision degradation; Her plotted false arrest 1 week after surgery that disrupted my post-surgery recovery with more vision degradation. Etc.



An absurd and psychotic medical belief that the treatment for someone diagnosed with mental health issues is to get him/her arrested & jailed, as proven by her handwritten police complaint calling for my arrest & jailing on for an imaginary “Problem
Then passing the buck on to my daughter by yelling in courthouse that my non-physician daughter is the one who made the "Crazy Daddy" diagnosis, Etc.



A mad doctor who plotted 4 false arrests that were all dismissed in court; Her cultist indoctrination of my daughter & others into criminally minded activities; Her collection of mentally deranged text messages stating “I only know the police. Yep, only the police, that’s all I know”;
 Her documented psychotic act of kidnapping of my wife; An inhumane obsession with evicting people to the streets as documented in her own messages,


All together exposing an unstable personality that the licensing agency will conclude is not qualified to be a physician, even less a pediatrician taking care of children.



Complaint to be filed with Licensing Agency and employer Queens hospital for hateful and vindictive unethical actions; Exhibiting psychotic behaviors as documented in her volumes of irrational & threatening communications; Dereliction of her LCSW duties by hiding for weeks from her sister's marriage counselor trying to address her destructive influence on her sister & her marriage; A dangerously high level of possessive & controlling influence of the younger sister who she fed with a heavy dose on brainwashing; Her history of detrimental mental manipulation of the sister’s children as toddlers, and now brainwashing them to believe that their new stepfather wants to kill their mother; Sending the son a Bronx murder news clip to suggest the danger his mother faces; Coercing the children to write extremely troubling letters claiming fear for their mother’s life; The extremely irresponsible act of secretly using the daughter's name in a court document to make this unthinkable lie: “Tiffany came in our room to stop me from KILLING her mother”;
Flashing her Queens Hospital LCSW badge to a police officer requesting him to execute a false arrest, but was ignored;.


Finally, we even have the victimized sister Marline stating numerous times that “Joelle suffers from occupational hazard’, and even wrote to her saying: “Joelle, not everyone is a case study”.


Well, with all that, it will not take long for the licensing agency to conclude that Joelle Mith-Joseph LCSW is a psycho not fit to be counseling anyone, but one in need of rehabilitation.




So I close by repeating once more what a Haitian ‘Gran Moun’ (wise old woman) told me upon first hearing my story. She said in Creole, and I am paraphrasing:


"Jean Claude,… you should forgive your wife. Because if members of your family can turn your daughter against you for no reason when a daughter is like money in the bank to a father, then it would be 100x easier for them to turn your wife against you  It takes demonic forces to achieve this double hit. So somewhere, somehow, and through someone, a Demon entered your family".



The 2 previous  reports below to help you understand why I must do this, as the one thing I hate most is for people to take me for stupid. Because how could mature mothers and fathers think that they can screw up with my only daughter, then believe that they can just ignore me as I inquire from them what happened to her.


What could cause mature adults in 2 families to be vindictive and inhuman enough not to care about the consequences of them splitting  a daughter from her father?


This not about the marriage break up, as that was due to Marline's own weakness and stupidity. This is about the indecency that these families have shown in the past few years. I am not looking for revenge or to return to the past,  but at the minimum, I expect that adults should be able to do is admit when they did wrong.

As I told my niece Johanne more than once

  1. You can't mess with a man's marriage, wife, life, then cross the red line by messing with his daughter, and expect to get away with it.

  2. You should never  mess with a senior uncle who is 100X smarter than you could ever be.

  3. You cant expect an educated man to simply bow to your arrogant  M.O. (Mode of operation) that states "I am Dr. Dupiton. I did it, and I don't answer questions, nr give explanations. So if you don't like it, THAT'S JUST TOO BAD".









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