Good Evening all


Tomorrow morning is my urgent eye surgery, and while I ask for your well-wishes



Damages to my vision that started with an act of extreme cruelty by Doc Dupiton during the early stages of her anti-marriage conspiracies. That was when she went into hiding for many weeks to avoid a pharmacist trying to refill a critical glaucoma  prescription that she had written for me months before. By the time the pharmacist realized that the Doctor was purposely dogging his calls to her office and cell phones, one month had  passed until I got a new prescription. That was one month without the critical eye drops, and major damage to the optical nerves had already taken place.

Then following the marriage break up, my wife was coerced into making a false police report that got me arrested. Then the family refused to bring a requested $100 to go home. So she forced me to stay in detention for a week with no eye drops and more damage to the eyes. Then for the next 2 years she directed my intense prosecution with a barrage of false arrests, courts, lock out, eviction to the street & into a shelter etc..  So it was 2 years in survival mode when the care of my eyes got neglected, until a recent diagnosis confirmed that I was blind in the right eye & surgery needed to save the left eye. Which is scheduled for tomorrow Monday


Now with my immediate family converted into a cult of hate and vindictiveness under Dr. Dupiton, they lost they lost all humane feelings in times of health emergency or sickness. So luckily, a friend who came to visit was quick to offer his services.



Beside asking for your well-wishes, I want you to ask yourself:

"What kind of a person, and a physician on top,  would try to inflict such vindictive cruelties to another human being, specially  to an uncle who did nothing to her, but good for her?"

Acts of willfully putting his vision and  & life at risk. That is in addition to corrupting his daughter's mind against him,  to disgracing an entire family. And  while it all seemed to have been motivated by a destructive jealousy over his marriage to his wife Marline, the real deep rooted & destructive  motives are described below.


So, on the eve of the Doc's scripted surgery, I must again ask these questions to the community jury

  1. Has Dr. Dupiton's cruelty level & unethical, if not criminal professional conduct, finally disqualifies her as a viable member of this community and its charitable organizations?

  2. 2) Can a such acts, as listed here, be ignored by our community, specially when inflicted on an uncle, a servant of the community, his daughter & wife?

  3. Is it OK for her to think that financial might and an MD tile will open all doors, and allow her to buy admission everywhere and into any association with a belief that conscience, ethic, and standards are for sale, regardless of the crime?

 Conscience calls for the right answers


Before I leave  for a pre-surgery night of rest, let me share these words of wisdom which I sent to my family last night.

- Some people will HATE you
- But those who HATE you can't win
- Unless you HATE them back


The motives are in the Declassified Files below


Jean-Claude Elie




Now let me start this topic by explaining why I am contemplating to expand the level of disclosure to include criminally-minded behaviors from the past. An intent that I informed the family of in recorded message last week. Now, since this disclosure could be consequential to some people, I want to take you there in a slow systematic manner. So let me first give you some background information and my justifications.



When I started to publish my story last year, I had never planned to disclose those incidents, as my only objective was to motivate my family to answer troubling questions such as:

"How was it possible for me to wake up one day and discover that I lost a wife, a home, a daughter & becoming enemy #1 to a family I never did anything to, but a lot for, without seeing it coming?. Then forcing me to put on hold a RockMasters business that was serving the Haitian community and charitable causes for 2 decades. Specially when all signs pointed to the Claude/Dupiton branch of the family's secret involvement?


But instead of a family looking to give answers to avoid public embarrassment, I discovered a family under the iron-fist control of a young & extremely stubborn Johanne Dupiton, who erected a wall of silence by imposing a gag order on communication, and a blockage of any proposed peaceful resolution. As the only valid resolution for her was the eradication of Jean-Claude Elie.


But a few months ago, feeling that I got all I was going to get from my publications, and from a family in a Dupiton lockdown, I announced to you my intention to bring my public reports to a close. Then when sister Liliane called for a peace negotiation that was supported by niece Dominique & my daughter, I immediately suspended all publications as a sign of goodwill.


Well, it seems like someone forgot to check with the boss who thought: "How the hell did mom, Dominique & Tanisha dare call for negotiation without my authorization?". So she express-delivered this strong message to me, as she started the Westbury court Drama.

So, I lifted the ceasefire to report on her new court case, and suddenly I found myself in a one-on-one war with Doc Dupiton, while the rest of her renegade army seemed to have retreated. So, left alone as rookie on the front lines facing an seasoned combatant, I started to bait her into making self-incriminating mistakes, and she was quick to bite. Like her text below, proudly telling me how deep she was in my marriage & home, then confessing to using Marline's children to create division.

Then, forgetting that I am someone who ask questions, she made a rookie tactical mistake that I learned from a police detective. That of dragging Marline into a police precinct to help her file a false police report more than 2 years after our break up. Proving that even years after the break up, she continued to impose negative influence on Marline to commit unethical acts in some form of cultist servitude.


Now with Doc Dupiton baited into self-incriminating herself, and with her compulsion to file bogus police reports from Queens to Westbury, she was feeding me stories faster than I could write reports. That is why the important report I promised last week on "The reopening of the Miths Archives" had to be shelved to address her act of putting my vision at risk and requiring surgery. Then there was the previous critical report on the "Dupiton Cultist mentality & transformation of a cult family", that was also shelved in favor of her 2 bogus police arrests & court drama.


 However the topic of "Cult mentality & indoctrination" turns out to be a big factor in in her ability to get others implicated in criminally motivated behaviors, while she did what she does best, which is 'Hide silently behind a curtain like a coward, while others do her dirty jobs"



So, let's go into my justifications for contemplating e releasing the additional incriminating incidents of potential risk to my life if answers are not forthcoming. But a central justification for the release of classified documents, involves the transformation of my daughter through a cultist indoctrination that took place at the Renegades Baldwin headquarter, and in the presence of my sister and family elder Liliane Claude. Now when it comes to poisoning my wife's mind against me, and poisoning my daughter's mind against her father, here is how I see it:

  • The family can claim that I did "THINGS" to my wife to break the marriage. That's OK!

  • Mad Doc can claim that the marriage broke because "I am mental. Complaining about dog poop in my living room. And being 0 for 3 in wives". That's OK!

  • All these ultra-feminist renegade women can tell me to "Go look in a mirror" to see what broke the marriage. Still OK!

  • Marline can claim that the marriage broke because I tried to "Control her moves". That's OK too!

BUT, THE BIG BUT : And here it is. I married Marline, and marriages do get broken every day. And in most marriages ending up in separation, we hear stupid excuses, but mines won the medal for creativity. However, while separated couples sometimes lose contact for ever, my separation with Marline is unique, as it came with a second and more tragic separation that I cannot explain. Because the answer and responsibility to explain it, rests with those who engineered created the separations. That is the women of my family, and specifically, the Dupiton, Claude, and Colimon.

And here is what needs to be explained:

  1. It is that: While I received 100 excuses from every woman of he family, and told of "100 THINGS" I did to break my marriage, not one of these women has yet attempted to give me "1 THING" that I did to my daughter for the separation of the unbreakable DNA bond between father & daughter. That's not ok

  2. It is that: An explanation must be given as to why my wife Marline & my daughter are suddenly transformed into identical twins in behavior, thinking, speech, and for both of them to equally view me as common enemy, while carrying the Dupiton banner?

  3. It is that: An explanation is needed on how my daughter in her 30s, never married with no children got subjected to the same indoctrination process as my wife in her 50s, twice married and, twice a mother? The proof of this statement was provided to me by Marline herself, when she told me 2 years after our break up

    You think anyone can force Me or Tanisha to do what you want.

    You got the wrong ladies. We do what we want when we want.

    Obviously, for Marline to ay that to me about my own daughter, and for my daughter to be ok with it, means that something is psychologically & mentally wrong.

So I concluded that these behaviors of my wife, daughter and other family members which are totally uncharacteristic of the people I knew, can only be attributed to a form of indoctrination. One that calls for absolute allegiance to the leader, and where protecting that leader is a prime duty. That includes blindly providing cover for her actions, even at the cost of a father, or husband.

Now, as I have been using the words "Cult and indoctrination", there are many different types of cults, and the type we are dealing with in Doc Dupiton's case to brainwash people into her servitude, and toward carrying her unethical, immoral, and criminally intended acts, is referred to as a 'Destructive Cult''. So let me give you its official definition. And as you read it, definition, you will be able to make a direct correlation with the behaviors that I have been exposing.

According to Louis West and Michael Langone

A cult is a group exhibiting a great dedication to a person, idea, and employing unethically manipulative techniques of persuasion and control, designed to advance the goals of the group’s leader, and to the actual detriment of its members, their families, or the community. Using Techniques like: Isolation from family, parents, spouse, former friends etc. - Heighten subservience - Group pressures - information control - Suspension of individuality or critical judgment- Fear of leaving, etc. A characteristic of such cult is an Authoritarian pyramid structure with the authority figure at the top. (Ex: Mad Doc. Dupiton)

And anyone threatening the cult's survival will be viewed as an enemy, and targeted for elimination (Ex: Jean-Claude Elie)


Source: Characteristics of a Destructive Cult, re FOCUS



As far of covering up for the leader, let me again use the case of Doc Dupiton's "Faking-230BP Diagnosis" plot to willfully put my life at risk. Upon discovering from my phone bill a series of suspicious 6AM phone calls to my wife soon after the incident, and none to me, I inquired about the nature of these calls from Doc Dupiton & my daughter. Then both of them went into a silence cover up, refusing to respond till today, 3 years later.


Then as far as protecting the leader, we have my wife Marline going into a full scale protection of Doc Dupiton from the proven accusations. A defense that is documented through Marline's own words in messages to me this year, and from which I quote just these 4 lines:

  • Stop putting Johanne in the middle of our stupid marriage

  •  What did Johanne had to do with our marriage?. She didn't live with us.

  • I agree with your family, and I will help them anyway I can

  • Poor Johanne, I didn’t know she had all that power.


So, here we have the 2 women who should have been most troubled by the mountains of indisputable evidence of Doc Dupiton's actions that cost them a husband and a father, but instead got involved in full scale defense & cover up for the supreme leader. But the most disturbing part of this, is a daughter protecting the person who purposively put her father's life at risk, and affected his eyesight. A daughter who, after the leader got her father evicted to a shelter, could not take him into her 3 bedroom house where she lives alone, because that would go against the leader who had him evicted. These 2 ladies uncharacteristic behaviors perfectly fit these quotes from the definition of a destructive cult that uses "...techniques like: Isolation from parents, spouse,... And anyone threatening the cult's survival will be viewed as an enemy..."


Well, I could go on with examples after examples, but I think that just these 2 examples prove that I have good justification to proceed with the contemplated release of classified documents to pressure for answers & explanation. So with that, let me continue.



Now, before I go into the preview of undisclosed incidents that were generated to purposely trigger life-risking situations through recklessness and depraved indifference, let me present the 3 key factors needed for a successful crime. In Law Enforcement, these 3 factors are defined as MOTIVE, OPPORTUNITY & MEANS.


So, let me prove to you that, in the cases of criminally intended behaviors by my family under the Dupiton leadership, all 3 of these factors existed. So let's start with MOTIVE.



Now, what I had suspected long ago to be the motives for the Claude/Dupiton actions against me have not only been confirmed, but determined to be even more sinister than imaginable. A motive driven by a long standing, and deep-rooted Jealousy that existed unnoticed for decades, and evolved into a vindictive hate. And while I wrote a lot about the conspiracies against my marriage, the break up was not the end goal, but only a step toward achieving it. An end goal that called for the total elimination of Jean Claude Elie, the dismemberment of the Elie branch of the family, and complete eradication of the Elie name. And this end goal was to be achieved by any means possible, even at the cost of a life.


This example is one that I presented to my daughter in a message describing how her 'Elie' name was a target, and how she was used as a tool, not only self-eradicate her own Elie name and herself from the family, but to destruct any Elie union, meaning hers and my marriage to Marline. My message to her went like this:

Hi Tanisha,

Before 2016, the Elie's was made of Jean Claude Elie, Marline Elie & Tanisha Elie. So the Claudes women used the 2 Elie women to achieve their victory as follow:

  1. The head, Jean-Claude Elie got split from Marline Elie & Tanisha Elie.

  2. Tanisha Elie got brainwashed into losing her lifetime Elie father.

  3. Marline Elie was coerced to kick out her dedicated & caring Elie husband.

  4. Then Tanisha Elie was delegated to prevent any Elie reunification by denigrating her Elie father with his Elie wife Marline.

  5. Then Marline Elie was rushed into a secret/fraud Haiti divorce and quickly ordered to drop the Elie name. Something she confirmed in writing while exposing an identity crisis. Upon me asking her for the reason she quickly dropped the Elie name to be a Mith again when she had kept her Charles name for over a decade following her divorce, she replied: "I'd rather be a Charles 100% than an Elie again. You can have your Elie name back"

  6. Finally, Marline Elie and Tanisha Elie got indoctrinated into some “We” team delegated to chop off the Elie head. A “We” team that Marline introduced to me in a message saying "You got the wrong ladies (Tanisha & her). 'WE' do what 'WE' want when 'WE' want"

While all other families that existed before 2016, like the Claude, Dupiton, Colimon, Balmir are still intact today, without having lost one single hair, all Elie unions are now extinct species.



Jean Claude



As I said above, breaking the marriage was not the end goal. The marriage was actually provided he
opportunity to commit all their crimes. That includes the known ones, such as the 'Faking 230BP' threat to my life, and the 'Hiding from pharmacist' threat to my vision. Then there are those
undisclosed ones that I am contemplating declassifying if I do not get answers and explanations. So in the end, the marriage became the opportunity to commit the crimes. Because if there was not this marriage, the Claude/Dupiton could not have launched their cruel assaults on me and on the "Elie" name. Furthermore, I would not be facing eye surgery today.



With Motive & Opportunity in place, you need a Means of execution. And in the Claude/Dupiton case, the means, or key to enter the marriage became pretty clear. A means defined by the 'People-Pleaser' & 'Professional Helper' personalities of my wife who was easily fooled into giving the key to our lives through truckload of false promises and fake love. Such as Doc Dupiton's promise of membership in my fictitious ex-wives club, or promise of membership in the respectable 'Heal Haiti' organization by Doc Dupiton and girlfriend Rachel B. But for all these benefits, she had to prove that "Her husband does not control her MOVES"





Now, Doc should realize that this kind of logical deduction does not come from someone who is mental or crazy. And that this is definitively Not BS writing. It is the truth that everyone tries to avoid with her wall of silence and the use of the "DELETE key. However, the "DELETE" key only deletes words and not the truth that will catch up with you sooner or later in a dead end street. And this where we're at




Now, I have previously mentioned a couple of incidents which I considered to have put me at risks, including the recent consequences to my vision. However, there were other incidents which I deemed to be willful attempts at putting my life a risk. While I know that each of these acts were directed from the top of the pyramid, I could not disclose them, as doing so would implicate indoctrinated followers doing the work of the leader. To put it simply, the top dog had shielded herself by putting my wife, daughter or other indoctrinated souls between her and the acts while she stayed silent in the background. And for over 2 years she operated that way, until he day she had me evicted from my sick sister's house, and made a tactical mistake that exposed her as the eviction mastermind.


Feeling concerned that I may have returned to the house after the eviction, Doc Dupiton dispatched a text message to the mission commander, nephew Eric Balmir Jr. But what she did not realize is that she was sending it to a text group that included me. So she served me the self-incriminating evidence on a silver platter. Here is her text to mission commander and the reply she received. Like I always say, 'Evidence don't lie'

So this is a perfect case of the top dog putting my nephew between her and the eviction crime.


Another example involves the "Faking 230BP" plot when my wife was used as the tool to carry the plan, and my daughter was strategically included in the 6AM phone calls to become an accomplice. Therefore, in the case of the worst outcome, my wife would be the prime & only culprit since I had no recording of Doc Dupiton's conversation, but only hearsay from my nephew Ricky. Then my daughter was bound to silence as an accomplice in the phone calls. Again. we see the top dog shielding herself by putting my wife and daughter between her and the potential crime.



Now, because of this latest case of nearly losing my vision, then Marline now bent on paying allegiance to the Doc, and my daughter sworn to silence to protect a leader who poisoned her mind against her father, I decided that it is time for me to worry about #1, rather than worrying about hurting people who don't care about themselves, but for a cultist leader who cost them a husband, father and uncle.


But like I said, I will not disclose the full details of those other life risking incidents yet, but only give a preview, still a shocking one. Because I want everyone to have the opportunity to come clean with answer to questions that cannot be left unanswered. And at the very top of the list are questions involving the corruption, manipulation and indoctrination of my daughter. Something that all mothers and fathers out there can appreciate. Because, as I kept telling my sister Liliane and Doc Dupiton who's too stubborn to hear anything, when you attack someone's child, you've crossed the red line.


Now, I am not looking for revenge, or retribution, because that will not change the past. But I need to get an understanding of what was done, and why such damages were inflicted on my life, marriage, wife, daughter, and the family driven into disgrace, all over my marriage to Marline. There cannot be closure without accountability and the truth that is needed for me to deal with the consequences and damages. Now I am not looking for a line by line answers to questions, but enough information for me to come up with answers to questions like these:

  1. How was it possible for me to wake up one day and discover that I lost a wife, a home, a daughter & becoming enemy #1 to a family without one valid reason given?

  2. How come that, while I was blamed with 100 "THINGS" that I supposedly did to break my 5 years marriage, no one could tell me one "THING" that I did to break up a spotless 30+ years father/daughter bond?

  3. Why was my daughter who is in her 30s, never married and with no children subjected to the same mental manipulation as my wife in her 50s, twice married and twice a mother?

  4. How do you explain my wife and daughter seemingly transformed into identical twins in behavior, thinking, speech, and both viewing me as enemy #1?

  5. Why did the family that I had just celebrated New Year and Johanne's birthday with 1 week before ignored my midnight SOS calls after my wife put me out for no visible reason?

  6. How was it possible for Johanne, who is next to the youngest of her generation, be able to impose such divisive authority on all her elders including her mother?

  7. When all of you, mature adults and mothers, saw hose atrocious writings of my daughter to me, how come she was not reprimanded by her decades old elders?

  8. when you noticed that Tanisha was turning a against her father, and my wife had issues with her husband, how come no one ever brought those concerns to my attention?

    Dear Liliane: When I moved to our sick sister Roselyne's house, how come the first day you came over you yelled at me:
    "I am going to get you kicked out of here ALSO, and did it'? So, since when did you have this secret hate for your kid brother?. OR, Were you indoctrinated with it?

As I said, I am not looking for a line by line answer to these questions (except for #9). Because I can come up with a least 100 more. What is needed is enough honest accountability and truth. And for that, the wall of silence must come down, adults must act like responsible adults, and men must act like real men, as the time for lies and falsehood is over.


Now if their level of animosity and evil influence is too great to not permit honesty and adult behavior, then I will be forced to got up the next level. Because this situation will not dissipate by itself as it has grown into a malignant cancer with the infection of my daughter. So if not cured now, it will require real strong medicine. One that will either kill the cancer or permanently damage the patients


So with that, let's preview the next level



At this point, I think that I did a decent job in walking you through background information, my justification, and the motives behind the incidents that led to my decision to contemplate releasing previously unpublished incidents which I deem to have posed risks to my life.


But as previously stated, my intention now is only to give snippets of these incidents to show that they were real and serious, with the hope that I will not have to go ahead with the full disclosure. As that decision truly rests with my family and its willingness to be honest and transparent as to what led to today's family catastrophe. And if unwilling to do so, I will proceed with a full disclosure when everybody gets impacted, either publicly, socially, professionally and worst legally.


Now, what you are about to see is very troubling even as a preview. So before I proceed, let me make this extremely important point in defense of my separated wife Marline, whose partial involvement was a not A voluntary choice, but one she coerced into with false promises, and through indoctrination into an ultra-feminist and anti-men Cultist mentality. It is also important to keep in mind that everything I presented, and will present below took place in the LAST YEAR of the marriage. In other words, for more than 3 years, not one such incident took place, and neither existed words like "Control, Moves, Crazy, Police, Do-what-I-want, etc." All came to life in the final year, with most in the last 3 to 4 months.


So, let me present you with 5 cases of typical life risking incidents, and 3 examples of true mental coercion and manipulation of my wife by Doc. Dupiton.


In that case, the moment that my wife was coerced to not take me to the ER with a 230BP, was
only half of the story. What happened just before that and never disclosed was even more dramatic. A part that proves there was premeditation from the top. But with my wife in the middle shielding the top dog, releasing that it will be seen as more incriminating to her.

So if Doc Dupiton, who Marline claims is nice to her, has any integrity and truly care for her, she will come clean to prevent the disclosure of that information, since she was the one who scripted the whole incident, and gave her the 'Faking-230BP' diagnosis.


Then there was this question that I asked my nephew who is a PhD pharmacist, about a red pill. A question that any pharmacist can answer from the top of his head, but that he has refused to. But let me say that I am not referring to a pill that directly poses a risk to life, but one that would not be effective as a substitute for the serious ailment it was supposed to alleviate. Therefore that would indicate a devious motive by the one who supplied it.

So, if the family does not want the details of the incident, the identity of the supplier, and the reason the red pill was provided as a ineffective substitute, then they will come clean with the information requested on this family created catastrophe


Then there was the situation when someone wrongly assumed that I was having a medical emergency, and reacted in a totally unexpected and suspicious manner.. That was the day when I badly twisted my ankle and loudly fell on the floor. Now, do not make any assumption as to where, and who was there, as you will most likely be wrong. But when I loudly fell down, the reaction and behavior of the person assuming a medical emergency, was totally opposite of the instinctive reaction of any human being witnessing someone in a medical emergency. Something that left me stupefied and which I viewed as a clear act of depraved indifference for human life.

So releasing the details of that incident would be very incriminating & badly impact the public image & status of that person in the community or any organization he/she is associated with. So Doc Dupiton & Co., can prevent the declassification of those details, as they know exactly what & who I am referring to.


NOTE: Before I continue, you need to also know that the Claude/Dupiton people know the details, and who is involved in each these incidents. So if they allow the classified details to be published, it will show how much they care about people. So people like Marline, my daughter, nephews etc. should make note of that.

This was the time someone got me so upset and would not stop nagging, that to get the person to shut up, I yelled "Do you want me to xxxx to myself for you to stop?", while faking a gesture of what I said. Well, the reaction of this person was not only far from what I was looking for, but it left me stupefied. Because, not only did he/she believe that I could actually do such thing to myself, but acted in a manner to facilitate me doing it, while avoiding to be a witness.


 So, what that tells me, is people were brainwashed and pre-conditioned to react in a specific way if there was a circumstance when my life was in danger. That is, "they should just let it happen". Because that is exactly what also happened in the Dupiton "Faking 230BP" plot when my wife was coerced not to take me to the ER. It also explains why none of these family members ever cared if I was sick, hospitalized, had surgery, or facing surgery as you are witnessing live with my eye surgery this coming Monday, when I will rely on a friend from the shelter to be my company. To that I say "Thank God for the shelter & for working in mysterious ways". And these cases give full credence to their motive as I described above, which is "the elimination of Jean Claude Elie by any means at any cost. And the next case #5 will fully confirm that.

So if the family does not want the identity of the person who acted with such ill- motivated manner to be exposed and why the person did that, which will also point fingers toward them, then they know what to do


This this case is one that I staged as a test set up to determine what the hell was going on. A staged case that proves once and for all the existence of a Dupiton destructive and dangerous cult mentality that she indoctrinated people with. And since the subject of the test was my own wife Marline, the result proved that she was one of those indoctrinated. Thus the reason I always treat her as a victim of the Doc, rather than a culprit. It is also I warned members of her family that, instead of focusing on disliking Jean Claude, to keep Marline away from my niece Doc Dupiton for her own sanity. Because the result of the test that I am about to present shows that she was no longer the caring person I knew just the year before.


It was during the dreaded year of 2015 that one day, I made a call to my wife at work saying that I am feeling very sick, and needed to go to the hospital. Then I set up the guest room with a hidden video camera. After that, I wrapped blood pressure monitor around my wrist. First thing that she did not offer to leave work and come home, and finished her day at work. Then, upon hearing her arriving home, I closed the door, and laid in the bed motionless in an unnatural position, so as not to look I was taking a nap with the Blood Pressure monitor around my arms in plain view. Now, looking through the side of my partially open eyes, I see her crack open the door and........


But one piece of data that I will declassify is the discovery later of a phone conversation that followed with, you guessed it, "Doc Dupiton". A phone conversation just like the 6AM phone calls that followed the "Faking-230BP" plot that incriminated the Doc. Thus proving that the order to execute in this case also came from the top. So the Doc got caught by a Hollywood staged plot.

Now, if the Doc Dupiton & her renegades do not want the details disclosed, they just have to Do The Right Thing.


 Oh! I forgot. The full video is in the classified folder. One that a DA might show some interest in. And it would definitively not be an "Ass is grass" case, or a "Blocked phone to control" case, nor a "JC walking on Linden" case.



Now here are 3 indoctrination cases that I am willing to declassify since they posed no risk to life. Cases that show how the indoctrination can grow from mischief to criminality.


But here is a real eye opener. At some point, I noticed all phone communications from my family to my wife seemed to have stopped, as none were showing up on my bill. So I thought 'Good', they're finally leaving her alone. BUT WRONG!. Because when I later noticed frequent calls from a number that I thought was suspicious, I later discoverer that it was not a cell phone, nor a house phone, but an internet number belonging to Doc Dupiton's sister Dominique Claude-Colimon who was her early invisible partner in crime. And seemingly, she was the only one in contact with my wife. Well, that's when it gets better. One day, with my phone battery dead, I go to my wife's bag to use hers, and to my surprise, I see 2 phones. While our phone service is with Sprint, this one was from T-Mobile. So when I asked my wife what that was about, she gave me some story that I don't remember, but one that I did not buy.

Then lightning struck about the disappearing calls from the rest of the family. THEY HAD MY WIFE GET A 2nd PHONE TO KEEP SECRET FROM HER HUSBAND FOR THEIR SECRET CONVERSATIONS.

Then when I asked her for the number, she would not share it. Then when I dared ask her one day use that phone, well no way in hell that was going to happen with her secret text conversations in it, and even less would I get the lock code. Oh! but they were not involved in breaking the marriage



And this one is a real killer & truly sad. One morning, I woke and noticed that my wedding ring was missing. Knowing that it was a little loose ,I search all over and under the bed, and it was nowhere to be found. So I nervously told my wife that my ring is missing, expecting her to get mad at me, as all wives would. But unfortunately for Marline she cannot act. So she just looked at my finger like it was nothing to her. To make the story short, they also made her remove the ring, from my finger while I was sleeping, just as they made her drop the Elie name.



Now, I am a man who does not depend on a wife for anything, except for a quiet, fun and happy life. Even when it comes to dinner, I am a good cook, and very often my wife would come from work to find a full course dinner cooked and the table set, and as a bonus, I'd do the dishes. And she will admit that she often wakes up to find breakfast being served to her in bed, with what she referred to as the best home cooked hash browns.

All coming from the husband she referred to in a recent message as "The worst husband a woman can have". Well, when I was still the best husband, we would alternate the cooking. That was until I noticed one day that she had suddenly stopped cooking for weeks. So I asked her how come she did not cook anymore. Then I get a shocking response directly from the Dupiton book of the ultra-feminist cult. She said: "Oh! what do you think I am? I am not your maid. You know how to cook, cook for yourself".
WOW I said to myself. Where did that come from after nearly 4 years? So I replied "Oh forgive me. So for the 4 years you've been cooking, I did not know you were a maid. I thought you were being a wife".


So again we had the Dupiton's ultra-feminist indoctrination in full effect inside the marriage. But my dumb wife did not realize that while Doc Dupiton convinced her that she was a maid, the Doc & all the other renegade women were still cooking for their husbands who I know, do not know how to cook. And as always, the People-Pleaser Marline could not see that there is also jealousy from the fact that she had a husband cooking her dinner and serving her breakfast in bed, while the others have to slave in the kitchen each night. And that is why they brainwashed her into believing that she was a maid.




A graphic showing that while Marline was going though her indoctrinated transformation, between each incident things would be great between us until the next incident was triggered. And this is what this graphic of her text messages during the last 5 months of the marriage shows. A confused wife still fighting for the marriage while under pressure. Then after we attended a Marriage retreat in November 2015 and committed to a new beginning, Doc Dupiton would not have any of that 'new beginning' stuff. So she personally executed the Thanksgiving kidnapping of my wife 2 weeks later. We again bounced back as evidenced in her New year resolution for 2016 below. But while on a trip to Haiti, the Doc pursued her on Whatsapp, and upon her return, she suddenly broke the marriage, and the family made me enemy #1.It is as simple as that.


But the reason I do not fully condemn Marline, is because I always see her as a victim, and a confused one. Otherwise, how would you explain that while all the above incidents were being generated in our home, these were the messages I was receiving from her in he last months, where she even apologized to me on a couple of accessions for her actions. These positive messages are worth reading again to associate with  to what I disclosed above, and realize the complexity of the mental and psychological warfare hat was going on  as part of the Dupiton conspiracies. Read on, as Evidence Don't Lie..

So today, , we have a Marline in denial who fakes not remembering her words above, nor the incidents, just like the Doc Dupiton & Co. have done, but chose to be creative by blaming everything on 'MOVES" of my wife that I tried to control, or 'THINGS' that only a mirror can show me.
But the one problem that they can't blame on 'THINGS', or tell me to go find in a mirror, is What the heck happened to my daughter?


Tanisha is my daughter, not a wife, and not Doc Dupiton's business. Therefore not a subject of the above atrocious incidents injected in my marriage, and should not have been one of the victims. And to me, that is the principal problem they have to explain, account for, and bring corrective actions to. Because the issue of the psychological damages to her, is one that ain't going away. While I already know that hurting and disposing of me, along with the Elie name was their prime motive, using my daughter to accomplish that goal was irresponsible, cruel and inhumane. She was raised to be a respectable young lady, not a woman renegade, a feminist, nor an indoctrinated cultist. And definitively not a Doc Dupiton follower.


All I will say to her this time is: If at your age you want to remain a naive People-Pleaser, lamenting over a marriage that you turned over to outsiders to ruin in exchange of false promises, that is your sad choice. But I hope that after reading this, your eyes and mind will open to reality, and get off this Doc Dupiton bandwagon to nowhere. And if as you blindly believe that all the damages she cause was out of some kind of love, then she will do right by you, and do  what she must do to prevent me from releasing details of incidents that she coerced you into.


Finally, remember that you too can do the right thing by helping solve these mysteries. Everything that happened was because of you, done for you, and about you. So as the centerpiece, you know as much as they know, therefore have an obligation to clear the air with me. And as far as my daughter that you referred to as a "We", sharing with me what you know, is the minimum that you owe me. Specially  as a mother yourself.



So let me repeat a few advices that I long ago told my niece Johanne, whose diapers I changed as a baby.

  1. Never mess with an uncle decades your senior, and 100 times smarter than you could ever be. And when this senior uncle offers you peace, you should jump all over it.

  2. You should never mess with a man's wife, marriage or daughter. And when you mess with all three, you crossed a fatal red line

  3. When your primary qualities are stubbornness and intransigence, you see where it gets you, and where you drag everyone

So, I hope you will do the right thing and not push this to the next level, or the Ballistic level. One that does not limit the publications to a select group of 200, but one that fires up  RockMasters Engines to full power with tens of thousands recipients globally, and a Social Media on top.





The release of the Classified Mith Archives