From: Joelle Mith-Joseph
To: Marline Elie
October 2014

Hi Marline,

I was not going to respond to your e-mail , however when I noticed the time you sent it so early in the morning(5:02 am) I realized you must have been in great distress and unable to sleep. I also decided at this time to only cc this e-mail to the above individuals.

Marline I suspect somehow direct or indirectly your dear husband Jean Claude probably influenced you in writing this "defend Jean Claude e-mail" you sent to all of us.

Reading your e-mail provoked the feelings of reading the e-mail of an abused, brainwashed woman. Jean Claude must feel in heaven for feeling he has succeeded in alienating you from our family so that he can have "better control" over you .....this is what he always wanted...he said he would not allow you to go anywhere without him.

Marline you said you are a strong woman with a good self esteem; yes indeed this is what I always thought of you, the way we were raised, however I am not so sure anymore... you are perhaps unaware of the damages done to you recently by your dear husband.

You made the decision to marry Jean Claude, you said "he is a good man and a caring person", and that you are happy with him, you have fun with him and love him...good for you. However Jean Claude may have succeeded in fooling you but he knows he cannot fool others. What disturbs me and the rest of the family is that this "good man" assaulted your daughter, said very nasty, things to her and did not see anything wrong with it and you and him described it as an "accident". Jean Claude knew very well it was not an accident....just as his suspected abuses to you are not accidents.

Marline it may make you feel good to defend your husband, fine with me but you do know "your real husband". I do hope for your sake he is changing. I know there is a "
grandiose feeling" of having "RockMasters" as your husband as you parade in the Haitian community and likewise Jean Claude may feel good about getting an desirable woman like you that other men wanted....however life is more than that. I respect Jean Claude as your chosen husband however, after what he has done and said to the family ,he cannot without apologizing "push himself on us" and telling us he has control over you and would not let you go anywhere without him....this we cannot accept and you should not also.

Marline you and Jean Claude made several references to my past difficulties with Stan. Stan is aware of those references. Yes you are correct nobody is perfect. However, "big difference" Stan did not verbally abused or assault anyone. I was never abused verbally or physically. Stan is indeed a caring and generous individual, an excellent father to Yasmine , a good provider someone who also likes to have fun but plans for the future. Most importantly when we did realize our difficulties instead of denying them and "pretend everything was fine", we obtained professional assistance which we paid fully out of pocket. Denying a problem exist and let oneself be "brainwashed" that "everything is fine" are classic symptoms that professionals often see in relationships where verbal and physical abuses are present.

By the way, with regards to reportedly the job Jean Claude was assisting Tiffany to get; I agree with Tiffany, with her history of conflicts with Jean Claude why should she trust him with her transcript. Jean Claude should have respected her decision to refuse his assistance. If Jean Claude has such great job contacts he should use it for himself and to assist you and I know you are looking for a better job. this I am saying sincerely.

By the way Marline,
I did not open the attachment with Jean Claude's resume...I am not interested , it would not impress me at all. A resume is as good as what its owner does with it. In the psychiatric clinic where I work we have many patients with Ivy League education, graduates from Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Princeton, etc. with Law, medical and engineer degrees, worked at various high profile distinguished places and currently mentally ill and unable to work. So if one reviewed these individuals resumes , one would indeed be quite impressed.

Marline, our family all care for you, we love you, we have nothing against you and respect your decision to be with your husband, the man you said you love.. However, "
we are all concerned about you" and praying for you. I will always remain available to you if you need my assistance.